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Mathematics of Data/Image Coding, Compression, and Encryption VI, with Applications
Editor(s): Mark S. Schmalz

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Volume Number: 5208
Date Published: 28 January 2004

Table of Contents
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Natural language insensitive short textual string compression
Author(s): Cornel Constantinescu; Jennifer Q. Trelewicz; Ronald B. Arps
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Techniques for region coding in object-based image compression
Author(s): Mark S. Schmalz
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Boundary representation techniques for object-based image compression
Author(s): Mark S. Schmalz; Gerhard X. Ritter
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Meitei coding for subband image compression
Author(s): Yumnam Kirani Singh
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Standards-compatible compression for automated image recognition in sensor networks and surveillance systems
Author(s): Mo Chen; Mark L. Fowler; Shuqun Zhang
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Non-MSE data compression for emitter location for radar pulse trains
Author(s): Mo Chen; Mark L. Fowler
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Digital watermarking of 3D meshes
Author(s): Mauro Barni; Franco Bartolini; Vito Cappellini; Massimiliano Corsini; Andrea Garzelli
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RLE accelerated volume splatting algorithm
Author(s): Jiawan Zhang; Zhigang Sun; Jizhou Sun
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Novel digital watermarking method based on DWT and DCT
Author(s): Hanqiang Cao; Guangxi Zhu; Hongyan Zhao; Xutao Li; Kaining Wu
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Use of hybrid method in wavelets base selection for signal compression
Author(s): Kalle Saastamoinen; Jouni Sampo
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A family of M-band wavelets with non-zero centered vanishing moments
Author(s): Jouni Sampo
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Adaptivity with near-orthogonality constraint for high compression rates in lifting scheme framework
Author(s): Tadeusz Sliwa; Yvon Voisin; Alain Diou
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Advanced methods for onboard lossless compression of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Andrea Bertoli; Cinzia Lastri; Franco Lotti; Enrico Magli; Gabriella Olmo; Barbara Penna
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Higher-dimensional wavelet transforms for hyperspectral data compression and feature recognition
Author(s): James F. Scholl; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Tradeoff between radiometric and spectral distortion in lossy compression of hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Cinzia Lastri; Leonardo Santurri; Massimo Selva
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A scalar quantization method for noisy CMOS imager data
Author(s): Brent McCleary
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Watermark detection rate and outliers
Author(s): Hyoung Joong Kim; Taehoon Kim; In Kwon Yeo
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Stereo image watermarking scheme based on discrete wavelet transform and adaptive disparity estimation
Author(s): Dong Choon Hwang; Kyung Hoon Bae; Eun-Soo Kim
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A new video coder powered with second-generation wavelets
Author(s): Sebastien Brangoulo; Patrick Gioia; Nathalie Laurent; Jerome Fournier
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An improved second-generation digital image watermarking scheme
Author(s): Zhen Ji; Lai Jiang; Jing Jin; Jihong Zhang
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Recovery of 3D human posture from double views
Author(s): Yi Sun; Meihua Li; Yinghao He
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Object/image relations and vision metrics: I.
Author(s): Peter F. Stiller
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