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Optical Diagnostic Methods for Inorganic Materials III
Editor(s): Leonard M. Hanssen

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Volume Number: 5192
Date Published: 14 November 2003

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Development of birefringence measurement with double rotating polarization components
Author(s): Norihiro Umeda; Satoshi Tanaka; Atsuo Takayanagi; Yukitoshi Otani; Hiroyuki Kohwa
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The Exicor DUV birefringence measurement system and its application to measuring lithography-grade CaF2 lens blanks
Author(s): Baoliang Wang; C. Owen Griffiths; Rick R. Rockwell; Jennifer List; Doug Mark
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All-optical acousto-optic method for determination of photo-elastic constants of optical materials
Author(s): Robert J. Filkins; Gary J. Saulnier; Pankaj K. Das
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The design of the new NPL reference spectrofluorimeter
Author(s): Michael J. Shaw; Peter J. Clarke; Timothy A. Burnitt
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Laser-based spectrometry at NPL
Author(s): Eric Usadi; Laura Crane
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Precise in-situ transmission measurement system at 157 nm
Author(s): Seiji Takeuchi; Yasuhiro Kishikawa; Minoru Yoshii; Akiyoshi Suzuki
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The experimental assessment of the effects of non-Lambertian surfaces on integrating sphere measurements in the mid-IR
Author(s): Michael Koehl; Konstantin Forcht
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Analytical evaluation and correction of port loss error in integrating sphere reflectometers
Author(s): Alexander V. Prokhorov; Sergey N. Mekhontsev; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Correction for angular spread in HDR determination of IR optical constants
Author(s): H. M. Graham; Harris G. Carter Jr.
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Light trapping in translucent samples and its effect on the hemispherical transmittance obtained by an integrating sphere
Author(s): Jacob C. Jonsson; Arne Roos; Geoffrey B. Smith
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Specular baffle for improved infrared integrating sphere performance
Author(s): Leonard M. Hanssen; Alexander V. Prokhorov; Vladimir B. Khromchenko
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Recent progress at NPL in the development of mid-infrared spectrometric measurements
Author(s): Frank J. J. Clarke; Christopher J. Chunnilall; Leon J. Rogers
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Goniometric realization of reflectance scales at NPL
Author(s): Christopher J. Chunnilall; Michael J. Shaw
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Physics-based polarimetric BRDF models
Author(s): Donald Dean Duncan; Daniel V. Hahn; Michael E. Thomas
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Algorithmic model of microfacet BRDF for Monte Carlo calculation of optical radiation transfer
Author(s): Alexander V. Prokhorov; Leonard M. Hanssen
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Analysis and representation of BSDF and BRDF measurements
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; David W. Blodgett; Daniel V. Hahn
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The prediction of lifetime failure of thermal barrier coatings using piezospectroscopic techniques
Author(s): Christopher J. Chunnilall; James P. Banks; Guofeng Chen; Jessica Y. Cheung; Stuart R. J. Saunders
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A hand-held polarized-light camera for the detection of skin cancer borders
Author(s): Jessica C. Ramella-Roman; Kenneth Lee M.D.; Steven L. Jacques
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