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Physics, Theory, and Applications of Periodic Structures in Optics II
Editor(s): Philippe Lalanne

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Volume Number: 5184
Date Published: 29 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Two-dimensional photonic crystal microlasers
Author(s): Pierre Viktorovitch; Christelle Monat; J. Mouette; Christian Seassal; Xavier Letartre; Pedro Rojo-Romeo; Marine Le Vassor d'Yerville; David Cassagne; Jean-Paul Albert; E. Jalaguier; S. Pocas; B. Aspar
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Losses in slab photonic crystals induced by fabrication tolerances
Author(s): Janusz A. Murakowski; Garrett J. Schneider; Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Shouyuan Shi; Dennis W. Prather
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Si/SiO2 multilayer: a one-dimensional photonic crystal with a polaritonic gap
Author(s): Herman Hogstrom; Andreas Rung; Carl G. Ribbing
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Dispersion engineering of photonic crystals
Author(s): Dennis W. Prather; Shouyuan Shi; Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Sterling E. McBride; Pete J. Zanzucchi; Caihua Chen; David M. Pustai; Sriram Venkataraman; Janusz A. Murakowski; Garrett J. Schneider
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Bloch wave computations in integrated optics: application to line-defect photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Christophe Sauvan; Philippe Lalanne; Jean-Claude Rodier; Jean-Paul Hugonin
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Extreme anisotropy of two-dimensional photonic crystals due to mode degeneracy and crystal symmetry
Author(s): Yaroslav A. Urzhumov; Gennady Shvets
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Replicated microstructures with optical functions in solar and display applications
Author(s): Andreas Gombert; Benedikt Blasi; Christopher Buehler; Peter Nitz; Joerg Mick; Wolfgang Hossfeld; Michael Niggemann
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Simulations of optical switching effects of a guided-mode resonant grating filter with a Kerr medium
Author(s): Akio Mizutani; Hisao Kikuta; Koichi Iwata
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Low-polarization-dependence high-efficiency WDM
Author(s): Evgeny Popov; John Hoose; Robert Frankel; C. Keast; M. Fritze; T. Y. Fan; D. Yost; S. Rabe
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Design and fabrication of guided-mode resonant grating filter with antireflection structured surface
Author(s): Hiroshi Toyota; Akio Mizutani; Hisao Kikuta; Koichi Iwata
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One-dimensional and two-dimensional periodic structures for security devices, resonant filters, and photonic crystals
Author(s): Hans Peter Herzig; Martin Salt; Werner Klaus; Christophe Weiteneder; Guido Niederer; Iwan Marki
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Blazed-binary diffractive gratings with antireflection coating for improved operation at 10.6 µm
Author(s): Mane-Si Laure Lee; Jean-Claude Rodier; Philippe Lalanne; Pierre Legagneux; Patrick Gallais; Chantal Germain; Joel Rollin
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E-beam lithography and optical near-field lithography: new prospects in fabrication of various grating structures
Author(s): Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Tina Clausnitzer
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Resonance diffraction of electromagnetic waves for close to normal incidence
Author(s): Nataliya A. Balakhonova; Alexandre V. Kats
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Interaction between photonic and polaritonic gaps studied with photonic band structure calculations
Author(s): Andreas Rung; Herman Hogstrom; Carl G. Ribbing
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Factorization of nonlinear Maxwell equations in periodic media
Author(s): Nicolas Bonod; Evgeny Popov; Michel Neviere
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Peculiarities and universalities of the double resonance diffraction on gratings for incline incidence
Author(s): Nataliya A. Balakhonova; Alexandre V. Kats
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Study of diffraction characteristics of selected types of diffraction gratings
Author(s): Ivan Richter; Pavel Fiala
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Chirping on a nonlinear finite stack
Author(s): Jesus Escobedo-Alatorre; Javier Sanchez-Mondragon; Margarita Tecpoyotl-Torres; Gabriel Martinez-Nikonoff; Edgar Alvarado-Mendez
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Optimization of resonances in photonic crystal slabs
Author(s): Robert P. Lipton; Stephen P. Shipman; Stephanos Venakides
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Blue phases as photonic crystals
Author(s): Christian Bohley; Toralf Scharf
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Partial coherence formulation of grating self-imaging with any illumination
Author(s): Shuyun Teng; Liren Liu; Jifeng Zu; Zhu Luan
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Design and fabrication of high-density holographic gratings for DWDM applications
Author(s): Yanyan Zhang; Changhe Zhou; Liren Liu; Huayi Ru
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Steady states of dissipative optical solitons in periodically multilayered fast-relaxing multilayer semiconductor laser structures
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Mauro Sanchez Sanchez
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Formation of colloidal periodic structure by two-beam interference
Author(s): Hyun-Ik Kim; Kang-Bin Im; Cha-Hwan Oh; Seok-Ho Song; Pill-Soo Kim
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