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Optical Manufacturing and Testing V
Editor(s): H. Philip Stahl

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Volume Number: 5180
Date Published: 22 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Optics needs for future space telescopes
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl
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Cooperative educational project for optical technicians utilizing amateur telescope making
Author(s): Ray Williamson
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Precessions aspheric polishing: new results from the development program
Author(s): David D. Walker; Anthony T. H. Beaucamp; Richard G. Bingham; David Brooks; Richard Freeman; Sug-Whan Kim; Andrew King; Gerry McCavana; Roger Morton; David Riley; John Simms
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Inverse topographic analysis of scratches
Author(s): Kang-Hua Chen; John C. Lambropoulos
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Optimization of polishing processes by using iTIRM for in situ monitoring of surface quality
Author(s): Mark Meeder; Thomas Mauret; Silvia M. Booij; Joseph J. M. Braat; Oliver W. Faehnle
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Grain decoration in aluminum oxynitride (ALON) from polishing on bound abrasive laps
Author(s): Leslie L. Gregg; Anne E. Marino; Jennifer C. Hayes; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Single-point diamond turning of DAST crystals
Author(s): Yoshiharu Namba; Masahiro Tsukahara; Atsuya Fushiki; Koji Suizu; Hiromasa Ito
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Finishing procedure for high-performance synchrotron optics
Author(s): Axel Schindler; Thomas Haensel; Andreas Nickel; Hans-Juergen Thomas; Heiner Lammert; Frank Siewert
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Multiple high-period-accuracy gratings fabricated by holographic exposure and ion-beam etching with nanometer depth accuracy in silicon
Author(s): Thomas J. Haensel; Axel Schindler; Brian Dissing
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Ion beam milling of optically polished CaF2 surfaces
Author(s): Dieter Flamm; Axel Schindler; Marion Berger
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Jules Verne: a new polishing technique related to FJP
Author(s): Silvia M. Booij; Oliver W. Faehnle; Mark Meeder; Torsten Wons; Joseph J. M. Braat
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Polishing robot based on FJP with in situ monitoring system
Author(s): Hedser van Brug; Michiel Dorrepaal; Ian Saunders
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New magnetically assisted finishing method: material removal with magnetorheological fluid jet
Author(s): William Kordonski; Aric B. Shorey; Arpad Sekeres
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Prediction of MRF polishing by classification of the initial error with Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Elmar Pitschke; Peter Sperber; Richard Stamp; Rolf Rascher; Lyndon Smith; Melvyn Smith; Markus Schinhaerl
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Polishing PMMA and other optical polymers with magnetorheological finishing
Author(s): Jessica E. DeGroote; Henry J. Romanofsky; Irina A. Kozhinova; John M. Schoen; Stephen D. Jacobs
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Development and manufacture of visor for helmet-mounted display
Author(s): David Henry Krevor; Gregg McNelly; John Skubon; Robert Speirs
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Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe scientific instrument metrology
Author(s): J. Allen Crane; Acey Herrera; Neil Dahya; Henry P. Sampler; Pete Mule; Mike Hill; Carlos Aviado; Dean Osgood; Alex Bereczky
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Integration and verification of the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Charles B. Atkinson; Pat Harrison; Gary Matthews; Paul Atcheson
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Kodak AMSD mirror program: overview and cryo test results
Author(s): Gary Matthews; David Barrett; James Bolton; Roger Dahl; Elise Michaels; Mark Mallette; Josh Johnson
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Optical characterization of the beryllium semi-rigid AMSD mirror assembly
Author(s): Stephen E. Kendrick; David Chaney; Robert J. Brown
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Techniques and uncertainty analysis for interferometric surface figure error measurement of spherical mirrors at 20K
Author(s): Peter N. Blake; Ronald G. Mink; David Content; Pamela Davila; Frederick David Robinson; Scott R. Antonille
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Helium cryo testing of an SLMS (silicon lightweight mirrors) athermal optical assembly
Author(s): Marc T. Jacoby; William A. Goodman; H. Philip Stahl; Andrew S. Keys; Jack C. Reily; Ron Eng; James B. Hadaway; William D. Hogue; Jeffrey R. Kegley; Richard D. Siler; Harlan J. Haight; John Tucker; Ernest R. Wright; James R. Carpenter; Jeff E. McCracken
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Interferometric measurement of the vibrational characteristics of light-weight mirrors
Author(s): James E. Millerd; Mark Schmucker; John B. Hayes; Ron Eng; John Lassiter; H. Philip Stahl; Ted Rogers; James B. Hadaway; Joseph Geary
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Metrology results and lessons learned from the Univ. of Arizona NGST mirror system demonstrator
Author(s): Dave Baiocchi; James H. Burge; Brian Cuerden
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Dynamic MEMS measuring interferometric microscope
Author(s): Erik Novak; Michael Schurig
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Self-calibration technique for transmitted wavefront measurements
Author(s): Brent C. Bergner; Angela Davies
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Self-calibration for microrefractive lens measurements
Author(s): Neil Gardner; Timothy Randolph; Angela Davies
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Null test measurement of high-numerical-aperture cylindrical microlenses in transmitted light
Author(s): Juergen Lamprecht; Norbert Lindlein; Johannes Schwider
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Traceable radius of curvature measurements on a micro-interferometer
Author(s): Devendra Karodkar; Neil Gardner; Brent C. Bergner; Angela Davies
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Precise free spectral range measurement of telecom etalons
Author(s): Ray Williamson; Chuck Terpstra
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Microscope objective production: on the way from the micrometer scale to the nanometer scale
Author(s): Thomas Sure; Joachim Heil; Joachim Wesner
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Ultra-fast MTF Test for High-Volume production of CMOS Imaging Cameras
Author(s): Michael Dahl; Josef Heinisch; Stefan Krey; Stefan M.B. Bäumer; Johan Lurquin; Linghua Chen
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Non-null interferometer for measurement of aspheric transmitted wavefronts
Author(s): Robert O. Gappinger; John E. Greivenkamp
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Characterization of aspherical surface that has high numerical aperture by using a computer-generated hologram
Author(s): Junwon Lee; Artur Olzak; Chen Liang; Michael R. Descour
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Important considerations when using the Shack-Hartmann method for testing highly aspheric optics
Author(s): Daniel G. Smith; Eric Goodwin; John E. Greivenkamp
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Interferometric testing of soft contact lenses
Author(s): Gregory A. Williby; Daniel G. Smith; Richard B. Brumfield; John E. Greivenkamp
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Characterization of symmetric aberrations in aspheric surfaces using noncontact profilometry
Author(s): Joseph F. Ellison; Steven VanKerkhove
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Calibration of high-speed optical profiler
Author(s): Joanna Schmit; Michael Krell; Erik Novak
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Algorithm with optimum noise suppression for surface profiling by white-light interferometry
Author(s): Akira Hirabayashi; Yoji Nakayama; Hidemitsu Ogawa; Katsuichi Kitagawa
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Submicroradian error sources in pencil beam interferometry
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Shinan Qian
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Recent developments of multi-aperture overlap-scanning technique
Author(s): Mingyi Chen; Hongwei Guo; Yingjie Yu; Haitao He
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Three-dimensional bulk index inhomogeneity measurement using computed tomography
Author(s): Brian L. Stamper; James H. Burge; William J. Dallas
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Measurement of surface figure and optical thickness variation of a thin parallel plate in wavelength-scanned interferometry with minimized laser tuning range
Author(s): Kenichi Hibino; Jan Burke; Bozenko F. Oreb
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Regression analysis for wavefront fitting with Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Bo Qi; Hongbin Chen; Jiaguang Ma; Nengli Dong
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Fourier analysis of the sampling characteristics of the phase-shifting algorithm
Author(s): Hongwei Guo; Mingyi Chen
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Revisiting the Hartmann test
Author(s): Benjamin A. Wells; John Myrick
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On-machine measurement with an LTP (long trace profiler)
Author(s): Sei Moriyasu; Peter Z. Takacs; Jun-ichi Kato; Weimin Lin; Yutaka Yamagata; Hitoshi Ohmori
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Shape measurement of complex objects using connection techniques based on overlapping areas
Author(s): Haitao He; Mingyi Chen; Hongwei Guo
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Lateral shearing interferometer using phase-shifting technique without moving element
Author(s): Jae Bong Song; Yoon Woo Lee; In Won Lee; Jung Hoon Lee
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