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Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets
Editor(s): Daniel R. Coulter

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Volume Number: 5170
Date Published: 19 November 2003

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Terrestrial Planet Finder coronagraph
Author(s): Virginia G. Ford; Anthony B. Hull; Stuart B. Shaklan; Marie B. Levine; Mary L. White; Andrew E. Lowman; Eri J. Cohen
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Optical requirements for a Terrestrial Planet Finder optical coronagraph primary mirror
Author(s): Stephen E. Kendrick; Roger Linfield; Dennis Ebbets
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Optimizing coronagraph designs to minimize their contrast sensitivity to low-order optical aberrations
Author(s): Joseph J. Green; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Demonstration of extreme wavefront sensing performance on the TPF high-contrast imaging testbed
Author(s): Joseph J. Green; Scott A. Basinger; David Cohen; Albert F. Niessner; David C. Redding; Stuart B. Shaklan; John T. Trauger
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New pupil masks for high-contrast imaging
Author(s): Robert J. Vanderbei; N. Jeremy Kasdin; David N. Spergel; Marc Kuchner
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Using notch filter masks for high-contrast imaging of extra solar planets
Author(s): John H. Debes; Jian Ge; Marc Kuchner; Michael Rogosky
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Evolving exosolar planet detection methods with lab experiments and integrated modeling: I. Modeling
Author(s): Michael D. Lieber; Steve Kilston; Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J. Vanderbei; Michael G. Littman
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TPF interferometer performance requirements
Author(s): Martin Charley Noecker; Oliver P. Lay; Brent Ware; Serge Dubovitsky
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Modeling polarization effects in nulling interferometers
Author(s): Nicholas M. Elias II
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TPF interferometer planet detection algorithms
Author(s): Nicholas M. Elias II; M. Charles Noecker
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Adaptive nulling: a new enabling technology for interferometric exoplanet detection
Author(s): Oliver P. Lay; Muthu Jeganathan; Robert Peters
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Cold interferometric nulling demonstration in space (CINDIS)
Author(s): Martin Charley Noecker; Roger Linfield; Dan Miller; David Osterman; Steven Kilston; Mike Lieber; Bill Babb; Andrew Cavender; Jack Jacobs
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Photometric masking methods and predicted performances for the CoRoT exoplanetary mission
Author(s): Antoine Llebaria; P. Guterman; Marc Ollivier
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Optical and mechanical design of a straylight rejection baffle for CoRoT
Author(s): Jean-Yves Plesseria; Emmanuel Mazy; Jean-Marc Defise; Pierre Rochus; Els Lemmens; Davy Vrancken
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Focal plane design for ESA's Eddington planet-finding mission
Author(s): David H. Lumb; Fabio Favata
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All-sky radial velocity surveys using a multi-object fixed-delay interferometer
Author(s): Suvrath Mahadevan; Jian Ge; Julian C. van Eyken; Curtis DeWitt; Stuart B. Shaklan
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Extrasolar planet science with the Antarctic planet interferometer
Author(s): James P. Lloyd; Benjamin F. Lane; Mark R. Swain; John W.V. Storey; Tony Travouillon; Wesley A. Traub; Christopher K. Walker
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Planet detection in visible light with a single aperture telescope and nulling coronagraph
Author(s): B. Martin Levine; Michael Shao; Duncan T. Liu; James K. Wallace; Benjamin F. Lane
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Experimental results from the optical planet detector interferometer
Author(s): J. Kent Wallace; Mike Shao; Benjamin F. Lane; Bruce M. Levine; F. Loya; Alireza Azizi; Buck Holmes; F. Aguayo; J. Negron; G. Sanchez; Robert O. Gappinger
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Design and fabrication of a coherent array of single-mode optical fibers for the nulling coronagraph
Author(s): Duncan T. Liu; Bruce Martine Levine; Michael Shao
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Liquid crystal intensity modulator for simulating planetary transits
Author(s): Greg Kopp
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Amplitude and phase control of pupil coronagraph for exoplanet detection using spatial light modulators
Author(s): Laurent Pueyo; Michael G. Littman; Michael Carr; N. Jeremy Kasdin; David N. Spergel; Robert J. Vanderbei
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First planet confirmation with the exoplanet tracker
Author(s): Julian C. van Eyken; Jian C. Ge; Suvrath Mahadevan; Curtis DeWitt; Deqing Ren
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Imaging terrestrial planets with a free-flying occulter and space telescope: an optical simulation
Author(s): Alfred B. Schultz; Richard G. Lyon; Mark Kochte; Dorothy A. Fraquelli; Frederick Bruhweiler; Ian J. E. Jordan; Kenneth G. Carpenter; Michael A. DiSanti; Cherie Miskey; Melodi Rodrigue; M. Sami Fadali; Dennis Skelton; Helen M. Hart; Kwang-Ping Cheng
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Extreme adaptive optics planet imager: XAOPI
Author(s): Bruce A. Macintosh; James Graham; Lisa Poyneer; Gary Sommargren; Julia Wilhelmsen; Don Gavel; Steve Jones; Paul Kalas; James P. Lloyd; Russ Makidon; Scot Olivier; Dave Palmer; Jennifer Patience; Marshall Perrin; Scott Severson; Andrew Sheinis; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Mitch Troy; J. Kent Wallace
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Adaptive optics echelle spectrograph for radial velocity studies
Author(s): Robert O. Reynolds; Jian Ge; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Jill Bechtold
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System design and technology development for the Terrestrial Planet Finder infrared interferometer
Author(s): Gary H. Blackwood; Eugene Serabyn; Serge Dubovitsky; MiMi Aung; Steven M. Gunter; Curt Henry
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Mid-infrared nuller for Terrestrial Planet Finder: design, progress, and results
Author(s): Stefan R. Martin; Robert O. Gappinger; Frank M. Loya; Bertrand P. Mennesson; Samuel L. Crawford; Eugene Serabyn
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Novel method of high-accuracy wavefront-phase and amplitude correction for coronagraphy
Author(s): Charles W. Bowers; Bruce E. Woodgate; Richard G. Lyon
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