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Astronomical Adaptive Optics Systems and Applications

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Volume Number: 5169
Date Published: 24 December 2003

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Characterization of adaptive optics at Keck Observatory
Author(s): Marcos A. van Dam; Bruce A. Macintosh
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Astronomical observations with the UnISIS adaptive optics system
Author(s): Laird A. Thompson; Scott W. Teare; Yaoheng Xiong; Robert Gruendl
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First light of the 6.5-m MMT adaptive optics system
Author(s): Francois P. Wildi; Guido Brusa; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Laird Miller Close; Armando Riccardi
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MMT adaptive secondary: first AO closed-loop results
Author(s): Guido Brusa; Armando Riccardi; Francois P. Wildi; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Hubert M. Martin; Richard Allen; Donald L. Fisher; Douglas L. Miller; Roberto Biasi; Daniele Gallieni; Fabio Zocchi
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Closed-loop results of a compact high-speed adaptive optics system with H-infinity control
Author(s): Benjamin West Frazier; Robert K. Tyson; Jacqueline Ackman; Mark Smith
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Wavefront sensing from spatial filtering at the focal plane
Author(s): Richard Michael Clare; Richard G Lane
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Use of the LIGA process for the production of pyramid wavefront sensors for adaptive optics in astronomy
Author(s): Mauro Ghigo; Emiliano Diolaiti; Frederic Perennes; Roberto Ragazzoni
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Performance analysis of Mach-Zehnder interferometer for detection of wavefront discontinuities
Author(s): Natalia Yaitskova
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Cophasing of segmented mirrors using the pyramid sensor
Author(s): Simone Esposito; Enrico Pinna; Andrea Tozzi; Paolo Stefanini; Nicholas Devaney
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Lessons learned from the first adaptive secondary mirror
Author(s): Michael Lloyd-Hart; Guido Brusa; Francois P. Wildi; Douglas L. Miller; Donald L. Fisher; Armando Riccardi
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Design and operation of an integrated wavefront corrector (IWC)
Author(s): Benjamin West Frazier; Jeff Cavaco; Mark Smith; Zaffir Chaudhry
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Experimental approach to the characterization of a micromachined continuous-membrane deformable mirror
Author(s): Sophie P Laut; Dirk-Uwe Bartsch; William R Freeman
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Characterization and operation of a liquid crystal adaptive optics phoropter
Author(s): Abdul Ahad Sami Awwal; Brian J. Bauman; Donald T. Gavel; Scot S. Olivier; Steve Jones; Dennis A. Silva; Joseph L. Hardy; Thomas B. Barnes; John S. Werner
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Rapid refocusing system for the Euro50 telescope aimed at removing the perspective elongation of laser beacons
Author(s): Jacques M. Beckers; Mette Owner-Petersen; Torben Andersen
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Development of the first-light AO system for the large binocular telescope
Author(s): Simone Esposito; Andrea Tozzi; Alfio Puglisi; Luca Fini; Paolo Stefanini; Piero Salinari; Daniele Gallieni; Jesper Storm
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Adaptive secondary mirrors for the large binocular telescope
Author(s): Armando Riccardi; Guido Brusa; Piero Salinari; Simone Busoni; Oliver Lardiere; Piero Ranfagni; Daniele Gallieni; Roberto Biasi; Mario Andrighettoni; Steve Miller; Paolo Mantegazza
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Sky coverage and Strehl ratio uniformity in layer-oriented MCAO systems
Author(s): Carmelo Arcidiacono; Emiliano Diolaiti; Roberto Ragazzoni; Andrea Baruffolo; Angela Brindisi; Jacopo Farinato; Elise Vernet-Viard
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Layer-oriented MCAO projects and experiments: an update
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Roberto Soci; Carmelo Arcidiacono; Andrea Baruffolo; Harald Baumeister; Raffaella Bisson; Hermann Bohnhardt; Angela Brindisi; Julien Coyne; Emiliano Diolaiti; Jacopo Farinato; Wolfgang Gassler; Tom Herbst; Matteo Lombini; Gianluigi Meneghini; Lars Mohr; Ralf-Rainer Rohloff; Elise Vernet-Viard; Robert Weiss; Marco Xompero; Wenli Xu
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Wavefront control for extreme adaptive optics
Author(s): Lisa A. Poyneer; Bruce A. Macintosh
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Sparse minimum-variance open-loop reconstructors for extreme adaptive optics: order N multigrid versus preordered Cholesky factorization
Author(s): Luc Gilles
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Simulations of closed-loop wavefront reconstruction for multiconjugate adaptive optics on giant telescopes
Author(s): Brent L. Ellerbroek; Curtis R. Vogel
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Parallelized simulation code for multiconjugate adaptive optics
Author(s): Aron J. Ahmadia; Brent L. Ellerbroek
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Design and expected performance of an MCAO system for the Giant Magellan Telescope
Author(s): N. Mark Milton; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Andrew Cheng; James A. Georges III; James Roger P. Angel
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Simulations of a long-baseline interferometer with adaptive optics
Author(s): Chueh Ting; Michael K. Giles; David Voelz
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Dual conjugate adaptive optics testbed: progress report
Author(s): Brian Wallace; Colin Bradley; Harvey Richardson; Jeff Kennedy; Onur Keskin; Peter Hampton; David Robertson; Laurent Jolissaint; Aaron Hilton
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MCAO in the lab
Author(s): Christopher D. Saunter III; Maud Langlois; Colin N. Dunlop; Gordon D Love
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Stochastic optimal phase retrieval algorithm for high-contrast imaging
Author(s): Amir Give'on; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J Vanderbei; David N Spergel; Michael G. Littman; Pini Gurfil
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Feasible optimal deformable mirror shaping algorithm for high-contrast imaging
Author(s): Amir Give'on; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J Vanderbei; David N Spergel; Michael G Littman; Pini Gurfil
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Development of ultrahigh-precision x-ray optics
Author(s): Shunji Kitamoto; Haruko Takano; Harue Saitoh; Norimasa Yamamoto; Takayoshi Kohmura; Kazuharu Suga; Hiroyuki Sekiguchi; Yohei Ohkawa; Jun'ichi Kanai; Shigeto Chiba
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Speckles in a highly corrected adaptive optics system
Author(s): Eric E. Bloemhof
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Phase contrast techniques for wavefront sensing and calibration in adaptive optics
Author(s): Eric E Bloemhof; J. Kent Wallace
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Adaptive optics control system development
Author(s): Peter Hampton; Jean-Pierre Veran; Colin Bradley; Aaron Hilton; Pan Agathoklis
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Field tests of dynamic refocus of Rayleigh laser beacons
Author(s): James A. Georges III; Thomas E. Stalcup; James Roger P. Angel; Proteep Mallik
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Scale-sensitive (multiscale) deconvolution of astronomical interferometric images
Author(s): Sanjay Bhatnagar; T. J. Cornwell
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Stellar coronagraphs for telescopes with arbitrary pupils
Author(s): Johanan L. Codona
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Sky demonstration of potential for ground-layer adaptive optics correction
Author(s): Christoph J. Baranec; Michael Lloyd-Hart; Johanan L. Codona; N. Mark Milton
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