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Focal Plane Arrays for Space Telescopes

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Volume Number: 5167
Date Published: 12 January 2004

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Charge-coupled CMOS and hybrid detector arrays
Author(s): James R. Janesick
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Future focal plane technology challenges for NASA's Origins missions
Author(s): James B. Breckinridge
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NASA's Structure and Evolution of the Universe focal plane directions
Author(s): P. Christopher Schwartz
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The 2002 SEEWG FPA roadmap
Author(s): Thomas J. Grycewicz; Terrence S. Lomheim; Paul W. Marshall; Paul LeVan
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Development of the CCDs for the ESA GAIA cornerstone mission
Author(s): Andrew D. Holland; Michael A.C. Perryman; Cyril Vetel; Roy Steward; Ian B. Hutchinson; Richard M. Ambrosi; David Ryan Smith; Steve Bowring; David J. Burt; Tim Eaton; David G. Morris; Peter Poole; Robert Davancens; Anouk Laborie; Pierre Pouny; Frederic Safa; Igor Zayer; Alexander D.T. Short
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Fully depleted back-illuminated p-channel CCD development
Author(s): Christopher J. Bebek; John H. Bercovitz; Donald E. Groom; Stephen E. Holland; Richard W. Kadel; Armin Karcher; William F. Kolbe; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Nick P. Palaio; V. Prasad; Bojan T. Turko; Guobin Wang
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HiRISE focal plane for use on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Author(s): David A. Dorn; William Meiers; Jon Burkepile; Ed D. Freymiller; Alan W. Delamere; Alfred S. McEwen; Peter Maggs; Peter J. Pool; Iain Wallace
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Technology of large focal planes of CCDs
Author(s): Paul R. Jorden; David G. Morris; Peter J. Pool
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Hybrid CMOS focal plane array with extended UV and NIR response for space applications
Author(s): Yibin Bai; Steve G. Bernd; Joseph R. Hosack; Mark C. Farris; John T. Montroy; Jagmohan Bajaj
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Advanced charge injection devices for space instruments
Author(s): Kyle B. Miller; Kathryn L. Doughty
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Hardening CMOS imagers: radhard-by-design or radhard-by-foundry
Author(s): Bedabrata Pain; Bruce R. Hancock; Thomas J. Cunningham; Suresh Seshadri; Chao Sun; Pavani Pedadda; Christopher J. Wrigley; Robert C. Stirbl
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Noise sources and noise suppression in CMOS imagers
Author(s): Bedabrata Pain; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bruce R. Hancock
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Hybrid imaging: a quantum leap in scientific imaging
Author(s): Gene Atlas; Mark Vogel Wadsworth
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Subelectron readout noise focal plane arrays for space imaging
Author(s): Gene Atlas; Mark Wadsworth
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Large-format 0.85- to 2.5-um HgCdTe detector arrays for low-background applications
Author(s): Peter J. Love; Alan W. Hoffman; David J. Gulbransen; Mark P. Murray; Ken J. Ando; Neil J. Therrien; Joseph P. Rosbeck; Roger S. Holcombe
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James Webb Space Telescope: characterization of flight candidate NIR InSb arrays
Author(s): Craig W. McMurtry; William J. Forrest; Andrew C. Moore; Judith L. Pipher
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Advanced planar LWIR and VLWIR HgCdTe focal plane arrays
Author(s): Muren Chu; Ray H.K. Gurgenian; Shoghig Mesropian; Sevag Terterian; Latika Becker; D. Walsh; S. A. Kokoroski; Mark A. Goodnough; Brett D. Rosner
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Selection of the infrared detectors for Wide Field Camera 3 on the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Massimo Robberto; Massimo Stiavelli; Sylvia M. Baggett; Bryan Hilbert; John W. MacKenty; Randy A. Kimble; Robert J. Hill; David A. Cottingham; Gregory Delo; Scott D. Johnson; Wayne Landsman; Eliot M. Malumuth; Elizabeth J. Polidan; Anne Marie Russell; Augustyn Waczynski; Edward Wassell; Yiting Wen; Allan K. Haas; John T. Montroy; Eric C. Piquette; Kadri Vural; Craig A. Cabelli; Donald N. B. Hall
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Development of a 1Kx1K GaAs QWIP far IR imaging array
Author(s): Murzy Jhabvala; K. Choi; Arnold C. Goldberg; Anh T. La; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Orion II: the second-generation readout multiplexer for the largest infrared hybrid focal plane
Author(s): Kenneth Michael Merrill; Albert M. Fowler; William Ball; Arne Henden; Fred J. Vrba; Craig R. McCreight
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Interpixel capacitance in nondestructive focal plane arrays
Author(s): Andrew C. Moore; Zoran Ninkov; William J. Forrest
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Carrier Plus: a sensor payload for Living With a Star space environment testbed (LWS/SET)
Author(s): Cheryl J. Marshall; Steven C. Moss; Regan E. Howard; Kenneth A. LaBel; Thomas J. Grycewicz; Janet L. Barth; Dana Brewer
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Radiation environment performance of JWST prototype FPAs
Author(s): Mark E. McKelvey; Kimberly A. Ennico; Roy R. Johnson; Paul W. Marshall; Robert E. McMurray Jr.; Craig R. McCreight; Jim C. Pickel; Robert A. Reed
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Inflight performance of the Advanced Camera for Surveys
Author(s): Mark Clampin; Marco Sirianni; George F. Hartig; Holland C. Ford; Garth D. Illingworth; William Burmester; Andre R. Martel; Adam Riess; Ronald J. Schrein; Pamela C. Sullivan
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Radiation effects in WFC3 IR detectors
Author(s): Scott D. Johnson; Augustyn Waczynski; Paul W. Marshall; Elizabeth J. Polidan; Cheryl J. Marshall; Robert A. Reed; Randy A. Kimble; Gregory Delo; David Schlossberg; Anne Marie Russell; Terry Beck; Yiting Wen; John Yagelowich; Robert J. Hill; Edward Wassell; Edward S. Cheng
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Hot pixel behavior in WFC3 CCD detectors irradiated under operational conditions
Author(s): Elizabeth J. Polidan; Augustyn Waczynski; Paul W. Marshall; Scott D. Johnson; Cheryl J. Marshall; Robert A. Reed; Randy A. Kimble; Gregory Delo; David Schlossberg; Anne Marie Russell; Terry Beck; Yiting Wen; John Yagelowich; Robert J. Hill; Edward Wassell
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Independent testing of JWST detector prototypes
Author(s): Donald Frank Figer; Bernard J. Rauscher; Michael W. Regan; Ernie Morse; Jesus Balleza; Louis Bergeron; H. S. Stockman
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Modeling the effects of proton damage to CCDs on astrometric measurement precision
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland
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Characterization of Rockwell Scientific LWIR HgCdTe detector arrays
Author(s): Candice M. Bacon; Craig W. McMurtry; Judith L. Pipher; William J. Forrest; James D. Garnett; Donald Lee; Dennis D. Edwall
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Performance tests of a DIVA-CCD: before and after proton irradiation
Author(s): Klaus Reif; Henning Poschmann; Karl-Heinz Marien; Philipp Mueller
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Megapixel detector arrays: visible to 28 µm
Author(s): Alan W. Hoffman; Peter J. Love; Joseph P. Rosbeck
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