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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts
Editor(s): Howard A. MacEwen

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Volume Number: 5166
Date Published: 30 January 2004

Table of Contents
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Space telescopes after the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Steven V. W. Beckwith
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Astronomical search for origins: Are we alone?
Author(s): James B. Breckinridge
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Options for post-JWST space telescopes
Author(s): Harley A. Thronson Jr.
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Fully active telescope
Author(s): Mark A. Ealey
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Implications of structural design requirements for selection of future space telescope architectures
Author(s): Lee D. Peterson; Jason D. Hinkle
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Separation of functions as an approach to development of large space telescope mirrors
Author(s): Howard A. MacEwen
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Optimized active lightweight space mirrors
Author(s): Dave Baiocchi; James H. Burge
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Performance of flexure-hinged substrate-nanolaminate deformable mirror through modeling and simulation
Author(s): Sarma N. Gullapalli; Robert Flood
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Electromagnetics and orbital mechanics of a Sun occulting screen
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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Dynamics of an electromagnetically flown formation of spacecraft within the Earth's magnetic field
Author(s): Samuel Adam Schweighart; Raymond J. Sedwick
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SNAP telescope: an update
Author(s): Michael L. Lampton; Michael J. Sholl; Michael H. Krim; R. Besuner; Carl W. Akerlof; Greg Aldering; R. Amanullah; Pierre Astier; Charles Baltay; E. Barrelet; Stephane Basa; Christopher Bebek; John Bercovitz; Lars Bergstrom; Gary Berstein; Manfred Bester; Ralph C. Bohlin; Alain Bonissent; Charles R. Bower; Myron Campbell; William C. Carithers Jr.; Eugene D. Commins; C. Day; Susana E. Deustua; Richard S. DiGennaro; Anne Ealet; Richard S. Ellis; William Emmett; Mikael Eriksson; D. Fouchez; Andrew Fruchter; Jean-Francois Genat; Gerson Goldhaber; Ariel Goobar; Donald E. Groom; Henry D. Heetderks; Stephen E. Holland; Dragan Huterer; William E. Johnston; Richard W. Kadel; Armin Karcher; Alex G. Kim; William F. Kolbe; Robin E. Lafever; J. I. Lamoureux; Oliver LeFevre; Michael E. Levi; Daniel S. Levin; Eric V. Linder; Stewart C. Loken; Roger Malina; Alain Mazure; Timothy A. McKay; Shawn P. McKee; Ramon Miquel; Nicholas Morgan; E. Mortsell; Nick Mostek; Stuart Mufson; J. A. Musser; Peter E. Nugent; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Reynald Pain; Nick P. Palaio; David H. Pankow; Saul Perlmutter; Eric Prieto; David Rabinowitz; Alexandre Refregier; Jason Rhodes; Natalie A. Roe; Michael S. Schubnell; G. Smadja; R. Smith; George F. Smoot; Jeffrey A. Snyder; Anthony Spadafora; Andrew Szymkowiak; Gregory Tarle; Keith Taylor; A. Tilquin; Andrew D. Tomasch; D. Vincent; Henrik von der Lippe; Jean-Pierre Walder; Guobin Wang
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Design and test of a 2m x 4m DART system in the RF
Author(s): Jason Tolomeo; Jay Loane; Domenick J. Tenerelli; Eugene W. Cross Jr.; William W. Sable; Tom Decker; Kin Chan; Tom Nelson; Bill Joseph; Connor Windes; Doug Kokawa; Alex Kamis; Mark Dragovan; Jennifer A. Dooley
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A wide-field reflector for the detection of high-energy cosmic rays from space
Author(s): Vojko Bratina; Piero Mazzinghi; Bruno Tiribilli
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Delft testbed interferometer: a homothetic mapping test setup
Author(s): Hedser van Brug; Bastiaan Oostdijck; Teun van den Dool; Peter Giesen; Wim Gielesen
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Twenty-meter space telescope based on diffractive Fresnel lens
Author(s): James T. Early; Roderick Hyde; Richard L. Baron
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Adaptive tertiary mirror for segmented mirror control
Author(s): Thomas R. Price; Mark A. Ealey
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Highly adaptive integrated meniscus primary mirrors
Author(s): Mark A. Ealey; John A. Wellman
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High-density deformable mirrors to enable coronagraphic planet detection
Author(s): Mark A. Ealey; John T. Trauger
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Novel photomechanical actuators
Author(s): Joseph M. Ritter; James A. Brozik; Luke Emmert; Mike Fallbach; Rodney Bradford; Donald J. Leo; Ken E. Meissner
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Design, test, and evaluation of an electrostatically figured membrane mirror
Author(s): James D. Moore Jr.; Brian Patrick; Paul A. Gierow; Edward Troy
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Large mirror actuators in the 21st century
Author(s): Maureen L. Mulvihill; Mark A. Ealey
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Novel optical phenomena with photonic crystals
Author(s): Chiyan Luo; Steven G. Johnson; Marin Soljacic; John D. Joannopoulos; John B. Pendry
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Telescope resolution using negative refractive index materials
Author(s): Jack L. May; Tony Jennetti
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Designing ultrastrong materials for space applications
Author(s): Nicholas A. Kotov; Arif A. Mamedov; Maurizio Prato; Dirk M. Guldi; James P. Wicksted; Andreas Hirsch
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Multicomponent composites and their application in replica mirrors for lightweight space-based optics
Author(s): Stephen D. Vining; Patrick J. Hood
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Application of a large space-based diffractive optical element telescope to the Terrestrial Planet-Finder mission: design and tolerance issues
Author(s): Daniel J. Hoppe; Richard L. Baron; Thomas A. Cwik
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Holographic telescope design for wide-field imaging of O VI 1032, 1038 Å
Author(s): Nathaniel J. Cunningham; Erik Wilkinson
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Active shape control of gossamer apertures
Author(s): Hari Kishore Duvvuru; Christopher H.M. Jenkins
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Analysis of a membrane-modified perimeter-truss mesh antenna
Author(s): NM Awlad Hossain; Christopher H. Jenkins; Lisa R. Hill
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Shape memory alloy film for deployment and control of membrane apertures
Author(s): Lisa R. Hill; Greg Carman; Dong-Gun Lee; Brian Patrick
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Conceptual design of an autonomously assembled space telescope (AAST)
Author(s): Santanu Basu
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