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UV/EUV and Visible Space Instrumentation for Astronomy II

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Volume Number: 5164
Date Published: 8 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Proposed mission concept for the Astrophysical Plasmadynamic Explorer (APEX): an EUV high-resolution spectroscopic SMEX
Author(s): Michael P. Kowalski; Raymond G. Cruddace; Kent S. Wood; Daryl J. Yentis; Michael T. Wolff; J. Martin Laming; Herbert Gursky; George R. Carruthers; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; Joseph F. Kordas; Chris W. Mauche; Gilbert G. Fritz; Steve J. Varlese; Martin A. Barstow; George W. Fraser; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Barry Y. Welsh; Nancy S. Brickhouse; Andrea K. Dupree; Alex Brown; Frederick C. Bruhweiler; Andrew C. Cameron; Jay B. Holberg; Steven B. Howell; Carole Jordan; Jeffrey L. Linsky; Sarah A. Matthews; Edward M. Sion; Klaus Werner
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Status and performance of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
Author(s): James C. Green; Erik Wilkinson; Jon A. Morse
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Current status of the Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer (CHIPS) university-class explorer mission
Author(s): Mark Hurwitz
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CHIPSat spacecraft design: significant science on a low budget
Author(s): Jeffrey Janicik; Jonathan Wolff
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EUV detector of the Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
Author(s): Mario R. Marckwordt; Geoffrey A. Gaines; Jerry Edelstein; Richelieu Hemphill; Jeffrey S. Hull; Mark Hurwitz; Michael L. Lampton; Ken McKee; Timothy P. Sasseen; Michael Sholl; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Martin M. Sirk; Ellen Riddle Taylor
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Performance of the Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
Author(s): Martin M. Sirk; Geoffrey A. Gaines; E. R. Taylor; Michael Sholl; Wiliam Marchant; Richelieu Hemphill; Randy A. Kimble; Timothy Sasseen; Mario R. Marckwordt; William Donakowski
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Optics design and performance for the Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer (CHIPS)
Author(s): Michael Sholl; William Donakowski; Geoffrey A. Gaines; Michael L. Lampton; Mark Hurwitz; Martin M. Sirk; Ellen Riddle Taylor
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SNAP satellite focal plane development
Author(s): Christopher Bebek; Carl W. Akerlof; Greg Aldering; R. Amanullah; Pierre Astier; Charles Baltay; E. Barrelet; Stephane Basa; John Bercovitz; Lars Bergstrom; Gary Berstein; Manfred Bester; Ralph C. Bohlin; Alain Bonissent; Charles R. Bower; Myron Campbell; William C. Carithers; Eugene D. Commins; C. Day; Susana E. Deustua; Richard S. DiGennaro; Anne Ealet; Richard S. Ellis; William Emmett; Mikael Eriksson; D. Fouchez; Andrew Fruchter; Jean-Francois Genat; Gerson Goldhaber; Ariel Goobar; Donald E. Groom; Henry D. Heetderks; Stephen E. Holland; Dragan Huterer; William E. Johnston; Richard W. Kadel; Armin Karcher; Alex G. Kim; William F. Kolbe; Robin E. Lafever; J. I. Lamoureux; Michael L. Lampton; Oliver LeFevre; Michael E. Levi; Daniel S. Levin; Eric V. Linder; Stewart C. Loken; Roger Malina; Alain Mazure; Timothy A. McKay; Shawn P. McKee; Ramon Miquel; Nicholas Morgan; E. Mortsell; N. Mostek; Stuart Mufson; J. A. Musser; Natalie A. Roe; Peter E. Nugent; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Reynald Pain; Nicholas P. Palaio; David H. Pankow; Saul Perlmutter; Eric Prieto; David Rabinowitz; Alexandre Refregier; Jason Rhodes; Michael S. Schubnell; Michael Sholl; G. Smadja; R. Smith; George F. Smoot; Jeffrey A. Snyder; Anthony Spadafora; Andrew Szymkowiak; Gregory Tarle; Keith Taylor; A. Tilquin; Andrew D. Tomasch; D. Vincent; Henrik von der Lippe; Jean-Pierre Walder; Guobin Wang
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Calibrating SNAP
Author(s): Susana Deustua; Sahar Allam; Ralph C. Bohlin; Steven M. Kent; Michael L. Lampton; Bryan E. Laubscher; Nick Mostek; Stuart Mufson; Michael Richmond; J. Allyn Smith; Douglas Tucker
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Preliminary calibration results for the HST/cosmic origins spectrograph
Author(s): Erik Wilkinson; Stephane Beland; Cynthia S. Froning; James C. Green; Steven N. Osterman; Steven V. Penton; Thomas Delker; Dennis Ebbets; Adrian Martin; Jason McPhate; John V. Vallerga; Scott D. Friedman; George Hartig; Charles Keyes; Claus Leitherer; Kenneth Sembach; David J. Sahnow
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Overview of possible optical adapters for EUSO
Author(s): Piero Mazzinghi; Vojko Bratina; Lisa Gambicorti
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Radiation-induced phosphorescence in UV window materials
Author(s): Steve Osterman; Dennis Ebbets
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GaN photocathodes for UV detection and imaging
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Anton S. Tremsin; Adrian Martin; James Malloy; Melville P. Ulmer; Bruce Wessels
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Advances in wide-bandgap semiconductor based photocathode devices for low light level applications
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Bruce W. Wessels; Bing Han; Joel Gregie; Anton Tremsin; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Centroiding algorithms and spatial resolution of photon counting detectors with cross-strip anodes
Author(s): Anton S. Tremsin; John V. Vallerga; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Jeff S. Hull
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Results from Cs activated GaN photocathode development for MCP detector systems at NASA GSFC
Author(s): Timothy J. Norton; Bruce E. Woodgate; Joseph Stock; George Hilton; Melville P. Ulmer; Shahid Aslam; R. D. Vispute
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