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Imaging Spectrometry IX
Editor(s): Sylvia S. Shen; Paul E. Lewis

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Volume Number: 5159
Date Published: 7 January 2004

Table of Contents
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Real-time data processor for the COMPASS hyperspectral sensor system
Author(s): William E. Schaff; Anthony Copeland; Mike Steffen; Rory O'Connor; Christopher Simi; Jerry Zadnik; Ed M. Winter; Glenn Healey
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Correcting bad detectors in hyperspectral data: the effect on the processing stream
Author(s): Edwin M. Winter
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Spectral optimization studies and schemes to enhance target detection and display for a three-band staring LWIR sensor
Author(s): Rulon R. Mayer; James Waterman; Jonathon Schuler; Dean Scribner
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Improved filter for point target detection in multidimensional imagery
Author(s): Ori Raviv; Stanley R. Rotman
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Issues in segmenting hyperspectral imagery from histograms
Author(s): Jerry Silverman; Stanley R Rotman; Karen L Duseau; Charlene E. Caefer
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Clutter modeling for subsurface detection in hyperspectral imagery using Markov random fields
Author(s): Yahya M. Masalmah; Miguel Velez-Reyes; Luis O. Jimenez-Rodríguez
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Tunable snapshot imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Christopher P. Tebow; Eustace L. Dereniak; Dennis Garrood; Terry A. Dorschner; Curtis E. Volin
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Ranging-imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Brian Alan Kinder; John P. Garcia; Robert D. Habbit; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Optical correction for multiple back reflections in an automated spectroradiometric measurement system
Author(s): William C. Garland; Stuart F Biggar; Edward F Zalewski; Kurtis J. Thome
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SCUBA-2 imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): David A. Naylor; Brad G. Gom
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MTI system design and operations lessons learned
Author(s): Max L. Decker; R. Rex Kay; Brian C. Brock
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LANL MTI calibration team experience
Author(s): Steven C. Bender; William H. Atkins; William B. Clodius; Cynthia K. Little; R. Wynn Christensen
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LANL MTI science team experience
Author(s): Lee K. Balick; Christopher C Borel; Petr Chylek; William B. Clodius; Anthony B. Davis; Bradley G. Henderson; Amy E. Galbraith; Stefanie L. Lawson; Paul A. Pope; Andrew P. Rodger; James P. Theiler
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LANL experience with coregistration of MTI imagery
Author(s): Paul A. Pope; James P. Theiler; Amy E. Galbraith
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Subpixel resolution with the multispectral thermal imager (MTI)
Author(s): Prabal Nandy; Jody L. Smith; Max L. Decker
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Digital elevation extraction from multiple MTI data sets
Author(s): Jeffrey A Mercier; Robert A Schowengerdt; James C Storey; Jody L. Smith
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Naval METOC needs and hyperspectral sensing
Author(s): Philip R. Schwartz
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Modification of the ocean PHILLS hyperspectral imager for the International Space Station and the HyGEIA program
Author(s): Michael R. Corson; Jeffrey H. Bowles; Wei Chen; Curtiss O. Davis; Clinton E. Dorris; Kiera H. Gallelli; Daniel R. Korwan; Lisa A. Policastri
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Coastal land-cover mapping: a comparison of PHILLS, HyMAP, and PROBE2 airborne hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Charles M Bachmann; Timothy F Donato; Robert A Fusina; Richard Lathrop; Joseph Geib; Andrew L Russ; Joseph Burke; Michael H Bettenhausen; Jeffrey H Bowles; Gia M Lamela; W Joseph Rhea; Barry R Truitt; John H Porter
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Tafkaa atmospheric correction of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Marcos J. Montes; Bo-Cai Gao; Curtiss O. Davis
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Separability of VNIR/SWIR reflectance signatures of prepared soil samples: airborne hyperspectral vs. field measurements
Author(s): Jerrold E. Baum; Seth Orloff; Su May Hsu; Hsiao-hua Burke
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Effects of airborne particulates on remote spectrometry data collected for industrial accident response support
Author(s): Paul E. Lewis
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Rationale and methodology for generating an airborne emergency response spectral reference library
Author(s): Mark J. Thomas
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Analysis of noise in passive Fourier transform infrared measurements of some representative backgrounds as a function of meteorological conditions
Author(s): Alan C. Samuels; Dennis Flanigan; Avishai Ben-David
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Biocompound detection through fluorescence excitation-emission matrix analysis
Author(s): David R. Twede; Lee C. Sanders; Michael L. Wagner
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Noise estimation for remote sensing image data analysis
Author(s): Qian Du
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Longwave hyperspectral imaging spectrometer design and implementation
Author(s): Harold Miller Jr.; Karen E. Yokoyama; Kent Rasmussen; Tom Engler; Jim Rupert; Bruce Flegal; Peter J. Jarecke
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NGST longwave hyperspectral imaging spectrometer system characterization and calibration
Author(s): Karen E Yokoyama; Harold Miller Jr.; Ted Hedman; Sveinn Thordarson; Miguel Figueroa; John Shepanski; Peter J. Jarecke; Steven Lai
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Mini-SMIFTS: an uncooled LWIR hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Paul G. Lucey; Brett B. Wilcox
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System design of the CRISM (compact reconnaissance imaging spectrometer for Mars) hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Peter R. Silverglate; Dennis E. Fort
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A new stationary imaging interferometer: first results
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Andrea Casini; Francesco Castagnoli; Paolo Marcoionni; Ivan Pippi; Maria Sgavetti
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Refinement and generalization of the extension method of covariance matrix inversion by regularization for spectral filtering optimization
Author(s): David R. Twede; Andreas F. Hayden
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Initialization and convergence of the stochastic mixing model
Author(s): Michael T. Eismann; Russell C. Hardie
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Performance analysis of improved methodology for incorporation of spatial/spectral variability in synthetic hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Neil W. Scanlan; John R. Schott; Scott D. Brown
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New directions in the development of the ORASIS algorithm
Author(s): Jeffrey Bowles; Wei Chen; David Gillis
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Revisiting the target-constrained interference-minimized filter (TCIMF)
Author(s): Chein-I Chang; Hsuan Ren; Mingkai Hsueh; Qian Du; Francis M. D’Amico; James O. Jensen
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A least-squares approach to fully constrained linear spectral mixture analysis using linear inequality constraints
Author(s): Zhibin Sun; Chein-I Chang; Hsuan Ren; Francis M. D’Amico; James O. Jensen
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Recent results from AHI: an LWIR hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Paul G. Lucey; Tim Williams; Michael Winter
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Calibration of the University of Hawaii's airborne hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Michael E. Winter; Paul G. Lucey; Tim Williams; Mark Wood
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Hyperspectral imaging for astronomy and space surveillance
Author(s): E. Keith Hege; Dan O'Connell; William Johnson; Shridhar Basty; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Flight experience of the Compact High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (CHRIS)
Author(s): Mike A. Cutter; Lisa S. Johns; Dan R. Lobb; Tom Llewellyn Williams; J. J. Settle
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