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Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models, and Effects III

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Volume Number: 5156
Date Published: 4 November 2003

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Understanding the factors that affect surface UV radiation
Author(s): James B. Kerr
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Comparison of data for ozone amounts and UV doses obtained from simultaneous measurements with various standard UV instruments
Author(s): Arne Dahlback; Hans A. Eide; Britt Ann K. Hoiskar; Robert O. Olsen; Frank J. Schmidlin; Si-Chee Tsay; Knut H. Stamnes
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Estimating UV index climatology over North America
Author(s): Vitali E. Fioletov; James B. Kerr; L. J. Bruce McArthur; David I. Wardle; Tom W. Mathews; Michael G. Kimlin; Richard S. Meltzer; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Jay R. Herman
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Behavior of solar ultraviolet irradiance at high southern latitudes over a decadal timescale
Author(s): John E Frederick; Yixiang Liao
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UV index forecastability issues
Author(s): Craig S. Long; Alvin J. Miller
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Goddard UV aerosol absorption closure experiment (2002-03)
Author(s): Nickolay A. Krotkov; Pawan K. Bhartia; Jay R. Herman; James R. Slusser; Gwendolyn R. Scott; Gordon Labow; Alexander P. Vasilkov; Tom Eck; Oleg Dubovik; Brent Holben
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Seasonal variation of UV radiation in the ocean under clear and cloudy conditions
Author(s): Ziauddin Ahmad; Jay R. Herman; Alexander P. Vasilkov; Maria Tzortziou; B. Gregory Mitchell; Mati Kahru
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Shortwave clear-sky diffuse irradiance in the 300- to 1100-nm range: comparison of models with UV-VIS-NIR and broadband radiometer measurements at the Southern Great Plains ARM site in September/October 2001
Author(s): Joseph J. Michalsky; Piotr W. Kiedron; Qi-Long Min; Lee C. Harrison
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U.S. EPA Brewer spectrophotometer network and the USDA UVB monitoring and research program: data comparison from co-located instruments
Author(s): Michael G. Kimlin; James R. Slusser; Kathryn A. Schallhorn; Richard S. Meltzer
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Long-term stability of UV multifilter rotating shadowband radiometers
Author(s): George T. Janson; James R. Slusser
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Ground-based ultraviolet radiation measurements in Trondheim
Author(s): Berit Kjeldstad; Trond Morten Thorseth
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Operational mesoscale modeling of PAR, UV, and global radiation
Author(s): Tomas Landelius; Weine Josefsson; Thomas Carlund
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First performance results of two novel spectroradiometers developed for fast scanning of solar spectra UV irradiance
Author(s): Uwe Feister; Anton K. Kaifel; Rolf-Dieter Grewe; Jasmine Kaptur; Oliver Reutter; Michael Wohlfart; Klaus Gericke
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Transfer of UV irradiance calibration to our field spectroradiometers: current performance and operational experience at Table Mountain, Colorado
Author(s): Lee C. Harrison; Mark Beauharnois; Jerry L. Berndt; Piotr W. Kiedron; Patrick Disterhoft
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GOME-2: the calibration results of the first flight model
Author(s): Joerg Callies; Enrico Corpaccioli; Michael Eisinger; Alain Lefebvre; Rose Munro; Abelardo Perez-Albinana; Barbara Ricciarelli; Demetrio Labate; Annalisa Capanni; Rubes Veratti; Gerard Otter; Martin Eschen; Pepijn Kenter; Luud van Riel
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Daylight visible/NIR whole-sky imagers for cloud and radiance monitoring in support of UV research programs
Author(s): Janet E. Shields; Richard W. Johnson; Monette E. Karr; Art R. Burden; Justin G. Baker
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Real-time UV and column ozone from multichannel UV radiometers deployed in the National Science Foundation's UV monitoring network
Author(s): Germar Bernhard; Charles Rocky Booth; James C. Ehramjian
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Observations of UV doses and ozone amounts near New York City using NILU-UV instruments
Author(s): Hans A. Eide; Arne Dahlback; Knut H. Stamnes; Frank J. Schmidlin; Robert O. Olsen; Si-Chee Tsay; Jakob J. Stamnes
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Extending the dynamic range of polysulphone for measuring UV exposures
Author(s): Alfio V Parisi; Michael G. Kimlin
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Techniques for assessing human UV exposures
Author(s): Michael G. Kimlin
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Defining the probabilities of solar UV event exposures for plant effects research
Author(s): Richard H. Grant; James R. Slusser
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Simulation of increasing UV radiation as a consequence of ozone depletion
Author(s): Susana B. Diaz; Carolina Camilion; Karine Lacoste; Julio Escobar; Serge Demers; Sonia M. Flores Gianesella; Suzanne Roy
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Inclusion of an ultraviolet radiation transfer component in an urban forest effects model for predicting tree influences on potential below-canopy exposure to UVB radiation
Author(s): Gordon M. Heisler; Richard H. Grant; David J. Nowak; Wei Gao; Daniel E. Crane; Jeffrey T. Walton
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Effect of epicuticular wax on UV scattering of sorghum leaves and canopies
Author(s): Cheryl I Bawhey; Richard H. Grant
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Assessing the ecological impact of the Antarctic ozone hole using multisensor satellite data
Author(s): Dan Lubin; Kevin Arrigo; Osmund Holm-Hansen
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UV dosimetry in Antarctica (Baia Terranova): analysis of data from polysulphone films and GUV 511 radiometer
Author(s): Gianni Francesco Mariutti; Emanuela Bortolin; Alessandro Polichetti; Andrea Anav; Giuseppe Rocco Casale; Massimo Di Menno; Claudio Rafanelli
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Interactive effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide and ultraviolet-B radiation on cotton growth and physiology
Author(s): K. Raja Reddy; S. Koti; Duli Zhao; Vijaya Gopal Kakani; Wei Gao
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Effect of increased UV-B on weeds and big worms in a farmland ecological system
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; Chuanhai Wang; Wei Xiao; Ronggang Zhang
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Penetration of UV-A, UV-B, blue, and red light into leaf tissues of pecan measured by a fiber optic microprobe system
Author(s): Yadong Qi; Shuju Bai; Thomas C Vogelmann; Gordon M. Heisler
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Mesoscale distributions of UV spectral irradiance obtained by merging satellite remote sensing and ground-based measurements
Author(s): Melanie A. Wetzel; James R. Slusser
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Solar radiation monitoring network of Tokai University, Japan
Author(s): Shu Takeshita; Masako Sasaki
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Comparison of total column ozone measurements obtained from a global UV spectroradiometer with those from a Dobson spectrophotometer at Melbourne Australia
Author(s): Don J. Anderson
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A model for the assessment of UV penetration into ocean waters from space-based measurements and full radiative transfer calculations
Author(s): Alexander P. Vasilkov; Jay R. Herman; Ziauddin Ahmad; B. Gregory Mitchell; Mati Kahru
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Deriving aerosol parameters from absolute UV sky radiance measurements using a Brewer double spectrometer
Author(s): Alexander M. Cede; Gordon Labow; Matthew G. Kowalewski; Nickolay A. Krotkov; Oleg Dubovik
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Measurement of spectral UV aerosol optical depth and aerosol chemical composition at Kwangju, South Korea
Author(s): Jeong Eun Kim; Seong Y. Ryu; Kwon Ho Lee; Zhuanshi He; Young Joon Kim
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Measuring UV radiation on inclined surfaces
Author(s): Andreas Oppenrieder; Peter Hoeppe; Peter Koepke; Jochen Reuder; Meinhard Seefeldner; Dieter Rabus
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UV spectral radiometer on filter-model basis (UV-SPRAFIMO)
Author(s): Anton K. Kaifel; Jasmine Kaptur; Oliver Reutter; Michael Wohlfart; Harry Schwander; Peter Koepke; K. Dehne; Uwe Feister; Rolf-Dieter Grewe; Michael Koehl; Franz Brucker
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Temperature dependence of Brewer UV measurements at Rome station
Author(s): Anna Maria Siani; Giuseppe Benevento; Giuseppe Rocco Casale
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Results from a new multichannel moderate-bandwidth filter instrument for UV and visible irradiance measurements
Author(s): Britt Ann K. Hoiskar; Kare Edvardsen; Arve Kylling; Arne Dahlback; Mario Blumthaler; T. Danielsen; R. Haugen
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UV solar irradiance with cloudiness at high latitudes; a comparison between radiometer GUV 511 and model’s output
Author(s): Claudio Rafanelli; Andrea Anav; Ivo Di Menno; Massimo Di Menno; Giuseppe Rocco Casale
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Initial impacts of altered UVB radiation on plant growth and decomposition in shortgrass steppe
Author(s): Jennifer Y. King; Daniel G. Milchunas; Arvin R. Mosier; John C. Moore; Meghan H. Quirk; Jack A. Morgan; James R. Slusser
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Impact of enhanced ultraviolet-B irradiance on maize yield formation and structure: a field evaluation
Author(s): Wei Gao; Youfei Zheng; James R. Slusser; Yuhong He; Ronggang Zhang
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Comparison of UV synthetic spectra with broadband and spectral irradiances
Author(s): James R. Slusser; Dennis Bigelow; Wei Gao; Gwendolyn R. Scott; Becky Olson
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Fast simulation tool for UV radiation and diagnosis of measured UV spectra
Author(s): Ola Engelsen; Arve Kylling
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