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Ocean Remote Sensing and Imaging II

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Volume Number: 5155
Date Published: 5 November 2003

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Narrow-field-of-view bathymetrical lidar: theory and field test
Author(s): Viktor I. Feygels; C. Wayne Wright; Yuri I. Kopilevich; Alexey I. Surkov
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Airborne lidar system with variable-field-of-view receiver for water optical properties measurement
Author(s): Viktor I. Feygels; Yuri I. Kopilevich; Alexey I. Surkov; James K. Yungel; Michael J. Behrenfeld
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New technological developments for ocean LIDAR biomonitoring
Author(s): Alexander M. Chekalyuk; Frank E. Hoge; Robert N. Swift; James K. Yungel
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Mathematical modeling of input signals for oceanographic lidar systems
Author(s): Yuri I. Kopilevich; Viktor I. Feygels; Alexey I. Surkov
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In-flight MTF characterization for high-resolution multispectral MCM reconnaissance
Author(s): Michael James DeWeert; Carrie L. Leonard; Leon Atkinson-Derman; Eric Louchard; Michael Hearne; Andrew Sparks
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SIMBIOS program in support of ocean color missions: 1997-2003
Author(s): Giulietta S. Fargion; Bryan A. Franz; Ewa J. Kwiatkowska; Christophe M. Pietras; Sean W. Bailey; Joel Gales; Gerhard Meister; Kirk D. Knobelspiesse; Jeremy Werdell; Charles R McClain
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Comparison of laser-based and conventional calibrations of sun photometers
Author(s): Nordine Souaidia; Christophe G. Pietras; Giulietta S. Fargion; Robert A. Barnes; Robert J. Frouin; Keith Lykke; B. Carol Johnson; Steven W. Brown
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GLI early calibration results for oceanographic applications
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami; Kazuhiro Tanaka; Shigehisa Kurihara; Yoshihiko Okamura; Junichi Inoue; Jens Nieke; Ichio Asanuma; Hiroshi Yatagai; Yasushi Mitomi; Mayumi Yoshida; Riko Higuchi; Sachi Kawamoto; Kazuo Isono; Yasuhiro Senga
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Early phase evaluations of GLI vicarious calibration factors for ocean-color channels
Author(s): Mayumi Yoshida; Yasushi Mitomi; Ichio Asanuma; Hiroshi Murakami; Hajime Fukushima; Kosei Sasaoka; Dennis K. Clark; Yasuhiro Senga
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ADEOS-II/GLI ocean-color atmospheric correction: early phase result
Author(s): Hajime Fukushima; Mitsuhiro Toratani; Akihiko Tanaka; Wen-Zhong Chen; Hiroshi Murakami; Robert J. Frouin; B. Greg Mitchell; Mati Kahru
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Atmospheric correction of satellite observations of ocean color with the Navy aerosol model
Author(s): James E. Davies; Mervyn J. Lynch
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Remote sensing of chlorophyll concentration from space via principal component analysis of atmospheric effects
Author(s): Lydwine S. Gross-Colzy; Robert J. Frouin
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Optical properties of Asian dust aerosol by SeaWiFS and contemporaneous ground observation data
Author(s): Hiroshi Kobayashi; Hajime Fukushima; Toshiyuki Murayama; Yuichiro Hagihara; Sachio Ohta
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Research of real-time communication software
Author(s): Maotang Li; Jingbo Guo; Yuzhong Liu; Jiahong Li
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A spectrum matching method for estimating the inherent optical properties from remote sensing of ocean color
Author(s): Cheng-Chien Liu; Richard L. Miller
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Ocean-color inversion: a combined approach by analytical solution and neural networks
Author(s): Zhongping Lee; Juanita Sandidge; MingRui Zhang
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A probabilistic sensitivity analysis of water-leaving radiance to water constituents in coastal shallow waters
Author(s): Julio Martin Duarte; Miguel Velez-Reyes; Stefano Tarantola; Fernando Gilbes; Roy Armstrong
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Modeling ocean color
Author(s): Peter R. C. S Fearns; Mervyn J. Lynch
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Measurement and modeling of water-leaving radiance and the optical properties of marine environments typical of case 2 waters: Western Australian experiences
Author(s): Brendon K. McAtee; Mervyn J. Lynch; Alexei Kouzoubov
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Interannual variability of the early summer coccolithophore blooms in the Black Sea: impacts of climatic factors
Author(s): Tulay Cokacar; Temel Oguz; Nilgun Kubilay
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Hyperspectral remote sensing of Western Australian coastal waters
Author(s): Wojciech M. Klonowski; Mervyn J. Lynch; Peter R. C. S. Fearns; L. Clementson
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Impact of Quikscat data on numerical weather prediction
Author(s): Robert M. Atlas; Stephen C. Bloom; Joseph Ardizzone; Eugenia Brin; Joseph Terry; Tsann-Wang Yu
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High-resolution wind retrieval for SeaWinds
Author(s): David G. Long; Jeremy B Luke
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Simultaneous wind and rain measurements from SeaWinds data
Author(s): David W Draper; David G. Long
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Applications of sea ice motion and deformation derived from satellite data
Author(s): Yunhe Zhao; Antony K. Liu
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Application of optical flow and scale space methods to sea ice motion in Antarctica
Author(s): Salvador Gutierrez; David G. Long
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