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Ecosystems' Dynamics, Agricultural Remote Sensing and Modeling, and Site-Specific Agriculture
Editor(s): Wei Gao; David R. Shaw

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Volume Number: 5153
Date Published: 22 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Challenges in atmospheric correction of satellite imagery
Author(s): Knut H. Stamnes; Wei Li; Hans Arthur Eide; Jakob J. Stamnes
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Remote sensing and implications for variable-rate application using agricultural aircraft
Author(s): Steven J. Thomson; Lowrey A. Smith; Jeffrey D. Ray; Paul V. Zimba
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Extraction of rice planting area in Zhejiang Province using MODIS and NOAA/AVHRR
Author(s): Jingfeng Huang; Qian Cheng; Renchao Wang
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Concurrent measurements of directional reflectance and temperature of a wintertime coniferous forest from space
Author(s): Bradley G. Henderson; Lee K. Balick; Andrew P. Rodger; Paul A. Pope
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Multiresolution approach to wildlife habitat modeling using remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): Mark D. Smith; Loren W. Burger Jr.
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Remote sensing and modeling the dynamics of soil moisture and vegetative cover of arid and semiarid areas
Author(s): Xiwu Zhan; Wei Gao; Jiaguo Qi; Paul R. Houser; James R. Slusser; Xiaoling Pan; Zhiqiang Gao; Yingjun Ma
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Remote sensing in dryland cotton: relation to yield potential and soil properties
Author(s): John J. Read; Javed Iqbal; John A. Thomasson; Jeffrey L. Willers; Johnie N. Jenkins
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Responses of net primary productivity (NPP) in Xinjiang to climate changes from 1981-2000
Author(s): Wei Gao; Zhiqiang Gao; Xiaoling Pan; James R. Slusser; Mingkui Cao; Jiaguo Qi; Jie Zhang; Xiwu Zhan; Yingjun Ma
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Precision agriculture: new developments and needs in remote sensing and technologies
Author(s): Pierre C. Robert
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Corn hyperspectra and their red edge characteristics
Author(s): Xiuzhen Wang; Jingfeng Huang; Yanlin Tang; Fumin Wang
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Crop traceability and remote sensing in tree fruit
Author(s): Eileen M. Perry; Richard Rupp; Joan Davenport; Juliano Leal; Francis J. Pierce; Urs Schulthess
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Determining growth and yield limiting factors in potato from canopy spectral reflectance
Author(s): Dong Wang; Carl J. Rosen
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Land use investigation with remote sensing based on spectral character analysis in Poyang Lake region, China
Author(s): Shu-e Huang; Baosheng Wang; Huaiqing Wang
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Remote-sensing and weather information in cotton yield prediction
Author(s): John A. Thomasson; James R Wooten; Swapna Gogineni; Ruixiu Sui; Bulli M Kolla
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Bi-spectral infrared forest fire detection and analysis using classification techniques
Author(s): Jose Manuel Aranda; Juan Melendez; Antonio Jose de Castro; Fernando Lopez
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Study of a GIS-supported remote sensing method and a model for monitoring soil moisture at depth
Author(s): Huailiang Chen; Xiangde Xu; Chunhui Zou
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Synergy of optical and radar remote sensing in agricultural applications
Author(s): Jiaguo Qi; Cuizhen Wang; Yoshio Inoue; Renduo Zhang; Wei Gao
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Response of sand-dust weather to climate change in Xinjiang, China
Author(s): Qing He; Qing Yang; Chunqiong Yuan; Xiaoling Pan; Hongjun Li
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Estimating pigment contents of crop leaves using hyperspectral data
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Jingfeng Huang; Renchao Wang; Fumin Wang
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The study on the change law of hyperspectral data and pigments for rice in mature process
Author(s): Jingfeng Huang; Yanlin Tang; Renchao Wang
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Hyperspectral vegetation indices and their relationships with rice agronomics variables
Author(s): Jingfeng Huang; Fumin Wang; Xiuzhen Wang; Yanlin Tang; Renchao Wang
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Water-saving techniques in Chinese agriculture: water-saving irrigation and straw mulching for winter wheat
Author(s): Guoqiang Zhao; Zixi Zhu; Youfei Zheng; Wensong Fang
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Spatial validation of cotton simulation model in relation to soils and multispectral imagery
Author(s): Javed Iqbal; Frank D. Whisler; John J. Read; John A. Thomasson; Ishtiaq Ali; Johnie N. Jenkins; Dorgelis Villarroel
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Climate change in the western Tianshan Mountains and oasis climate effect in the irrigated areas
Author(s): Qing Yang; Qing He; Wenshou Wei; Xiaoling Pan
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Study on characteristics of climate changes and potential productivity for five crops in Jiangxi winter growing season
Author(s): Li Wei; Youfei Zheng
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RS- and GIS-based decision support system for flood prevention in Xinjiang arid area
Author(s): Zhihui Liu; Junying Ma; Xiwu Zhan; Lingrui Liu; Hongjuan Wang
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Spatial variability of soils in vegetation zone of Fukang oasis
Author(s): Guanghui Lu; Qingdong Shi; Xiaoling Pan; Weiqing Li; Xiwu Zhan; Shunli Chang
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Progress report of research on eco-environmental evolution, control, and adjustment for arid land in Western China
Author(s): Xiaoling Pan; Wei Gao; Yingjun Ma; Jie Zhang; Qifeng Lu; Guanghui Lu; Weiqing Li; Qingdong Shi
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An analysis of advantages and restrictive factors of Xinjiang in China Western Development Project
Author(s): Anniwaer Amuti
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Preliminary simulation study on regional climate change in Xinjiang, China
Author(s): Chunqiong Yuan; Qingyu Guo; Hongbing Xie; Xiaoling Pan; Subai Anabiek
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Estimating cotton growth and developmental parameters through remote sensing
Author(s): K. Raja Reddy; Duli Zhao; Vijaya Gopal Kakani; John J. Read; K. Sailaja
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Sensitivity analysis of response of land cover change to climate change from 1992 to 2000 across Xinjiang
Author(s): Shunli Chang; Qingdong Shi; Xiaoling Pan; Guanghui Lu; Suling Zhao; Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao
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Landscape heterogeneity and net primary productivity (NPP) of mountain-oasis-desert ecosystems in western China
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Xiaoling Pan; Zhiqiang Gao; Wei Gao; Suling Zhao; Qingdong Shi; Guanghui Lu
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