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Confocal, Multiphoton, and Nonlinear Microscopic Imaging
Editor(s): Tony Wilson

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Volume Number: 5139
Date Published: 9 October 2003

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Multiphoton imaging using a Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier
Author(s): Patrick Theer; Mazahir T. Hasan; Winfried T. Denk
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Compensation of temporal and spatial dispersion for multiphoton acousto-optic laser-scanning microscopy
Author(s): Vijay Iyer; Peter Saggau
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Fluorescence enhancement near metallic nanoparticles under two photon excitation
Author(s): Sandrine Leveque-Fort; Emmanuel Fort; Eric Le Moal; Jean Pierre Lacharme; Christian Ricolleau; Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart
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New two-photon excitation chromophores for cellular imaging
Author(s): Laura D'Alfonso; Giuseppe Chirico; Maddalena Collini; Giancarlo Baldini; Alberto Diaspro; Paola Ramoino; Alessandro Abbotto; Luca Beverina; Giorgio A. Pagani
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A novel diode-pumped tunable system for multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Nelly Deguil; Eric Mottay; Francois Salin; Daniel Choquet
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Multiphoton microscopy at an excitation wavelength of 1.26 µm
Author(s): Karsten Plamann; Gilbert Boyer; Denis Chemla
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Multiphoton imaging in the detection of malignancy in the oesophagus
Author(s): Catherine A. Kendall; Karen McCloskey; Nicholas Stone; Hugh Barr; Douglas Greenhalgh
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Ultrasensitivity, speed, and resolution: optimizing low-light microscopy with the back-illuminated electron-multiplying CCD
Author(s): Colin G. Coates; Donal J. Denvir; Noel G. McHale; Keith D. Thornbury; Mark A. Hollywood
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Three-dimensional imaging and quantification of complex vascular networks
Author(s): Paul R. Barber; Simon M. Ameer-Beg; Borivoj Vojnovic; Richard J. Hodgkiss; Gillian M. Tozer; John Wilson; Vivien E. Prise
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Confocal microscopy in transmitted light
Author(s): Hans-Ulrich Dodt; Klaus Becker
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Use of acceptor fluorescence for determining FRET lifetimes
Author(s): Michael K Hughes; Simon M. Ameer-Beg; Marion Peter; Tony Ng
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Confocal microscopy: an experimental set up for biomolecule structure investigation based on dynamical fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Amanda Oldani; Maddalena Collini; Giuseppe Chirico; Laura D'Alfonso; Giancarlo Baldini; Filomena Mazzei; Flavia Barone; Luciano Cellai; Cesare Giordano; Marziale Milani; Antonio Pasinetti
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Photo-induced flip-flop of membrane markers monitored by SHG microscopy
Author(s): Thomas Pons; Jerome Mertz
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Second harmonic generation imaging in muscle fibers
Author(s): Martin Both; Martin Vogel; Rainer H.A. Fink; Dietmar Uttenweiler
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Chiral chromophores for second harmonic microscopy
Author(s): Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein; Thierry Boulesteix; Emmanuel Beaurepaire; Martin-Pierre Sauviat
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CARS microscopy with dark field excitation
Author(s): Christoph Heinrich; Stefan Bernet; Monika Ritsch-Marte
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GRISM-based probe for spectrally encoded confocal microscopy
Author(s): Costas Pitris; Brett E Bouma; Milen Shishkov; Caroline Boudoux; Guillermo J Tearney
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Advances in multispectral confocal imaging
Author(s): Volker Seyfried; Holger Birk; Rafael Storz; Heinrich Ulrich
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) of membrane markers in living cells
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Michael Wagner; Martina Kretzschmar; Wolfgang S.L. Strauss; Reinhard Sailer
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Time-resolved microspectrofluorometry and fluorescence lifetime imaging using ps-pulsed diode lasers in laser scanning microscopes
Author(s): Angelika Rueck; Frank Dolp; Claudia Scalfi-Happ; Rudolf W. Steiner; Michael Beil
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Time-resolved multifocal multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Sandrine Leveque-Fort; J. Penon; Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart; Gerard Roger; Patrick Georges
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Imaging protein-protein interactions by multiphoton FLIM
Author(s): Simon M. Ameer-Beg; Natasha Edme; Marion Peter; Paul R. Barber; Tony Ng; Borivoj Vojnovic
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Analysis of the 3D structure og agglutinated erythrocyte using CellScan and confocal microscopy: characterization by FLIM-FRET
Author(s): Bibiana D. Riquelme; Dominique Dumas; Juana Valverde de Rasia; Rodolfo J. Rasia; Jean Francois Stoltz
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Comparison of human colorectal normal tissue with cancerous tissue autofluorescence image by optical sectioning with a confocal laser-scanning microscope
Author(s): Sheng Fu; Teck-Chee Chia; Leong Chuan Kwek; Cheong Hoong Diong; Choong Leong Tang; Francis Seow Choen; Shankar Muthu Krishnan
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Speckle-microscopy for blood flow measurements in the smallest microvessel
Author(s): Sergey S. Ulyanov; Yulia Alexandzovna Ganilova
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Time-resolved multiphoton imaging of the interaction between the PKC and the NFkappaB cell signalling pathways
Author(s): Penny E. Morton; Tony Ng; Sarah A. Roberts; Borivoj Vojnovic; Simon M. Ameer-Beg
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Novel efficient and stable heteroaromatic two-photon absorbing dyes
Author(s): Alessandro Abbotto; Luca Beverina; Giorgio A. Pagani; Maddalena Collini; Giuseppe Chirico; Laura D'Alfonso; Giancarlo Baldini
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Simultaneous (almost) imaging of intracellular Ca2+ and Na+ in sea-urchin oocyte by using a tunable liquid crystal filter
Author(s): Joao M. Cascalheira; Sushil Kumar Mendiratta; M. Conceicao Costa
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Linked-fluorophore FRET calibration and FRET studies of the cyclin-CDK switch in mammalian cells
Author(s): Alexander Domin; Rowan Hooper; Uwe Rauch; A. Catherine Lindon; Clemens Kaminski
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Development of a low-cost SOM laboratory prototype with line illumination: evaluation of deconvolution techniques on its axial resolution
Author(s): Milton P. Macedo; Antonio J. Barata; Ana G. Fernandes; Carlos M.B.A. Correia
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