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Current Research on Holography and Interferometric Methods for Measurement of Object Properties: 2000-2002
Editor(s): Yuri N. Zakharov

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Volume Number: 5134
Date Published: 26 September 2003

Table of Contents
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Holographic nondestructive testing for ortopedical stomatology and dental implantology
Author(s): Victor A. Vorobyev; Nataly N. Soboleva; Oleg B. Vitrik; Yana I. Vitrik; Michel E. Guserv; Murat F. Bukayev; Igor V. Alexeenko; Elena V. Kuzmina; Alexander N. Malov; Serge V. Antonyuk; Yury N. Vigovsky; Vasily V. Levit; Nataly V. Qutyakova; Sergey N. Malov
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Determination of all stress tensor components on object surfaces using a holographic interferometer
Author(s): Evgen Petrovich Udalov; Andrei Oliynik
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The influence of pulse duration and phase instabilities on the quality of stroboscopic holograms
Author(s): Vadim S. Gurevich; Mikhail E. Gusev; Igor V. Alexeenko
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The applying of stroboscopic holographic interferometry to frequency-bounded vibrational investigations
Author(s): Igor V. Alexeenko; Mikhail E. Gusev; G. Pedrini; Hans J. Tiziani
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Mode shape separation in stroboscopic and double-pulse hologram vibration analysis
Author(s): Mikhail E. Gusev; Igor V. Alexeenko; G. Pedrini; Hans J. Tiziani
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Laser interference methods with focused probing beams for thickness measurements
Author(s): Dmitry V. Lyakin; Vladimir P. Ryabukho; Mikhail I. Lobachev; Irina F. Minenkova; Sergei S. Ulyanov
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A new in situ method for testing the optical thickness of removed transparent elements
Author(s): Iliya Emeliyanovich Kozhevatov; Evgeny A. Rudenchik; Nikolai P. Cheragin; Elena H. Kulikova
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Low-coherence interferometry with multimode optical fibers
Author(s): Vadim V. Ivanov; M. A. Novikov; Vadim A. Markelov; A. D. Tertyshnik
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Differential low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Vadim V. Ivanov; Vadim A. Markelov; Sergei S. Ustavshikov
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Dynamic processing of spectral interference fringes based on the stochastic phase locked loop method
Author(s): Igor P. Gurov; Vladimir Chugunov
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Synthesis of approximate algebraic and neural-like methods for the solution of the tomography problem
Author(s): Yuri N. Kulchin; Elena V. Denisova; Igor V. Denisov
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Subtraction of image by spatial filtration of area was restored twice registered scaled specklogram
Author(s): Sergey N. Malov
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The cross-correlation testing of a crystallographic structure of thin films
Author(s): Lubov V. Feshchenko; Valeriy S. Feshchenko; Leonid D. Pislaruk; Edward A. Senokosov; Alexander N. Malov; Sergey N. Pidgursky
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Nonparaxial Talbot effect
Author(s): Valeriy S. Feshchenko; Olesya A. Rogodjnikova; Alexander N. Malov; Yury N. Vigovsky
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Axial intensity increase of light passing through multimode fiber by two-stage correlation method
Author(s): Leonid K. Yarovoi; Alexander V. Gnatovskiy; Natalia V. Medved
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Optimal discriminating multispectral target detection and optical correlation target tracking
Author(s): Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Gajendra Savant; Paul Shnitser; Michael Piliavin; Sergey Sandomirsky; Anatoly A. Vasiliev; David P. Casasent
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Real-time machine vision system for non-contact measurements of the masses of free-falling hot glass drops
Author(s): Vladimir G. Meledin; Grigory V. Bakakin; Igor V. Naumov; Vladimir A. Pavlov; Vadim V. Sotnikov
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Two-dimensional nanoscale patterning of fused silica, polyimide, and diamond films by interferential pulsed laser modification
Author(s): Yu. K. Verevkin; N. G. Bronnikova; V. V. Korolikhin; Yu. Yu. Guschina; V. N. Petryakov; D. O. Filatov; N. M. Bityurin
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Thermogalvanic laser recording and reading data storage device
Author(s): Alexander M. Gorovoi; Alexander N. Malov
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Nontraditional dichromated gelatin recording media synthesis technologies for holography
Author(s): Alexander N. Malov; Nadya O. Reinhand; Yury N. Vigovsky; Igor V. Bogdan; Yu. Vladimir Molocilo; Alexei A. Petrov
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Red sensitized self-developed dichromated gelatin layer synthesis for holography
Author(s): Anna G. Konop; Sergey P. Konop; Alexander N. Malov; Yury N. Vigovsky; Igor V. Bogdan; Sergey N. Malov; Nadya O. Reinhand
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Aperture synthesis for hologram protection against optical copying
Author(s): Yury N. Vigovsky; Nataly Yu. Vigovskaya; Alexander N. Malov
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Volumetric image creation with the help of interferometric structures
Author(s): Yuri N. Zakharov; Evsey I. Yakubovich; Pavel A. Khandokhin
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