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Third GR-I International Conference on New Laser Technologies and Applications
Editor(s): Alexis Carabelas; Giuseppe Baldacchini; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Dimitrios Zevgolis

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Volume Number: 5131
Date Published: 9 April 2003

Table of Contents
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Overview of laser technology
Author(s): Giuseppe Baldacchini
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Laser diodes and diode-pumped solid state laser systems: advantages, limits, and application fields
Author(s): Antoniangelo Agnesi; Annalisa Guandalini; Giancarlo C. Reali
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Lasing of Coumarin-153 incorporated in sol-gel nanocomposite organic/inorganic matrices
Author(s): Elias Stathatos; Panagiotis K. Lianos
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Laser action and infrared-to-visible upconversion processes of Nd3+ in yttrofluorite crystals
Author(s): Rolindes Balda; Ignacio Iparraguirre; Jon Azkargorta; Joaquin R. Fernandez
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Z-scan technique through beam dimension measurements
Author(s): G. Tsigaridas; M. Fakis; I. Polyzos; Peter Persephonis; V. Giannetas
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Perspectives of the FEL developments at ENEA Frascati: a glance from THz to x-ray region
Author(s): Andrea Doria
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Tabletop x-ray lasers and their applications
Author(s): Antonio Ritucci
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Study of electro-optic effects in organic chromophores by use of a waveguide geometry
Author(s): D. Anestopoulos; V. Giannetas; Peter Persephonis; G. Tsigaridas; Dimitrios Zevgolis; I. Spiliopoulos; J. Mikroyannidis; A. Ioannou
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Generation and study of high-density metal and dielectric vapor plasmas and the possibility of their use for x-ray capillary lasers
Author(s): Jozef Kaiser
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Pulsed solid state laser systems with high brightness by fiber phase conjugation
Author(s): Thomas Riesbeck; Enrico Risse; Hans Joachim Eichler
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Single-photon frequency hopping: application to quantum interferometry
Author(s): Paolo Mataloni; G. Giorgi; Francesco De Martini
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Four-wave mixing near the 4P-4S transition of a potassium atom
Author(s): M. Katharakis; N. Merlemis; Alexandros A. Serafetinides; T. Efthimiopoulos
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Anti-Stokes laser cooling in Yb3+-doped KPb2Cl5 crystal
Author(s): Joaquin R. Fernandez; A. Mendioroz; Rolindes Balda
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Wave mixing and quantum interference effect in potassium atoms
Author(s): N. Merlemis; M. Katharakis; E. Koudoumas; Tom Efthimiopoulos
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Saturation effects in degenerate four-wave mixing lineshape on FeI atomic vapors
Author(s): Luigi De Dominicis; Roberta Fantoni
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Beam quality enhancement for unconventional laser formats
Author(s): Antonio Lapucci; Marco Ciofini
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New light-beam homogenizer technology
Author(s): Paolo Di Lazzaro; Sarah Bollanti; Giuseppe Felici; Daniele Murra
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Concentration dependence of radiative and nonradiative energy transfers in rare-earth-doped laser crystals grown from a new method based on gradient concentration fiber single crystals
Author(s): Georges Boulon; L. Laversenne; C. Goutaudier; Y. Guyot; Marie-Therese Cohen-Adad
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Efficient diode-pumped Nd:KGd(WO4)2 laser grown by top nucleated floating crystal method
Author(s): Georges Boulon; G. Metrat; N. Muhlstein; Alain Brenier; Leonid Kravchik; Yehoshua Y. Kalisky
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Yb3+ sites in YAl3(BO3)4 nonlinear crystals
Author(s): M. O. Ramirez; E. Cavalli; Adolfo Speghini; J. J. Romero; Marco Bettinelli; L. E. Bausa
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Selective excitation and chemical reactions in alkali metal vapor
Author(s): V. O. Chaltykyan; G. G. Grigoryan; Yu. P. Malakyan
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Optical microcavities based on F2 color centers in lithium fluoride films: modification of spontaneous emission
Author(s): Francesca Bonfigli; Bernard Jacquier; Rosamaria Montereali; Paul Moretti; Enrico Nichelatti; M. Piccinini; Herve Rigneault; F. Somma
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Air-pollution monitoring and atmospheric parameter profiling over Athens, Greece, using a compact mobile laser remote sensing system
Author(s): Alexandros D. Papayannis; Giorgos Chourdakis; Giorgos Tsaknakis; Alexandros A. Serafetinides
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Energy transfer in a nitrogen afterglow in the presence of activated oxygen
Author(s): Efstathios Kamaratos
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Laser machining modeling and experimentation: an overview
Author(s): George Chryssolouris; George Tsoukantas; Konstantinos Salonitis; Panagiotis Stavropoulos; Stefanos Karagiannis
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Surface modifications of 2024 Al alloy by laser treatment
Author(s): Christos N. Panagopoulos; K. G. Georgarakis; Alexis Carabelas; Alexandra Manousaki
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Three-dimensional data storage in photochromic materials based on pyrylium salt by two-photon-induced photobleaching
Author(s): I. Polyzos; G. Tsigaridas; M. Fakis; V. Giannetas; Peter Persephonis; J. Mikroyannidis
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Thermodynamic modeling of pulsed-laser-induced ablation
Author(s): Sebastiano Tosto
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Photo-dissociated HgBr2 for mode-locking excimer lasers
Author(s): D. Zigos; Tom Efthimiopoulos; G. Kourouklis
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Adhesion strength measurements of excimer-laser-treated PTFE surfaces using liquid photoreagents
Author(s): Bela Hopp; Tomi Smausz; Norbert Kresz; Ferenc Ignacz
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Generation of third-harmonic radiation of IR picosecond lasers for ultrafast pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Andrei V. Rode; Eugene G. Gamaly; Olivier P. Uteza; V. Kolev; M. Lederer; Barry Luther-Davies
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Laser-induced backside wet etching of fused silica: absorption coefficient dependence
Author(s): Csaba Vass; Bela Hopp; Tomi Smausz
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Fluorescent polymer optical fibers (FPOF) for new applications
Author(s): Karl-Friedrich Klein; Hans Poisel; Demetrios Kalymnios
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Trends in polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Hans Poisel; Olaf Ziemann; Karl-Friedrich Klein
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Development of an inline active fiber detector (ILAFID)
Author(s): Georgios Papastergiou; Ilias Koukouvinos; S. Arabatzoglou; A. Sigalas; A. Orfanoudakis
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Overview of 3D laser materials processing concepts
Author(s): George Tsoukantas; Konstantinos Salonitis; Panagiotis Stavropoulos; George Chryssolouris
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Single-mode laser diode at absolute predetermined wavelength via intracavity Er3+-doped material absorption
Author(s): Francois E. Auzel
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Detection of environmental parameters of the atmosphere using laser radiation and telecommunication techniques
Author(s): Stefanos Tsitomeneas; A. Brekoulakis; Constantin Carabatos-Nedelec
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ENEA lidar fluorosensor mobile apparatus for oceanographic continous monitoring
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Luigi De Dominicis; Roberta Fantoni; D. Ferrante; L. Fiorani; Ivano Menicucci; Antonio Palucci
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Development of a high-resolution laser radar for 3D imaging in artwork cataloging
Author(s): Andrea Bordone; Mario Ferri De Collibus; Roberta Fantoni; Giorgio G. Fornetti; Marianna Guarneri; Claudio Poggi; Roberto Ricci
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Study of LED response in optical telecommunication networks using DPWM access technique
Author(s): S. Louvros; Stavros A. Kotsopoulos; Dimitrios Zevgolis
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CW laser use in biomedical research and practice
Author(s): D. P. Matthopoulos
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Nd:YAG laser welding: an overview
Author(s): Stefanos Karagiannis; George Chryssolouris
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Lidar apparatus for mesospheric daytime atomic sodium layer
Author(s): Alessandro Cacciani; A. Capodiferro; C. Contento; V. Cuzzola; Luigi De Dominicis; L. Fiorani; F. Fogliani; Antonio Palucci
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Influence of experimental conditions on the determination of nonlinear optical parameters of a medium using the Z-scan technique
Author(s): P. Aloukos; Stelios Couris
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Influence of particulate size on the formation of polytetrafluoroethylene thin films during pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Tomi Smausz; Bela Hopp; Norbert Kresz; Csaba Vass
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Investigation of second-order hyperpolarizability of some organic compounds
Author(s): H. Tajalli; P. Zirak; S. Ahmadi
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Two-photon and excited-state absorption of pyrylium dyes studied through the Z-scan technique
Author(s): M. Fakis; G. Tsigaridas; I. Polyzos; V. Giannetas; Peter Persephonis; I. Spiliopoulos; J. Mikroyannidis
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Considerations about self-filtering unstable resonators
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Daniele Murra; Cheng En Zheng
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Detection of ethylene traces by photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Antonella Lai; Luigi De Dominicis; Roberta Fantoni; Gianfranco Giubileo; D. Piccinelli; Dan C. Dumitras
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High-resolution and high-efficiency coloration of lithium fluoride by soft x-ray irradiation
Author(s): Giuseppe Baldacchini; Francesca Bonfigli; Francesco Flora; Rosamaria M. Montereali; Daniele Murra; Nicola Lisi; Enrico Nichelatti; Tatiana A. Pikuz; Anatoly Ya. Faenov; Tania Limongi; Libero Palladino; Lucia Reale
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Laser-scanning endoscope with enhanced attributes
Author(s): Nikiforos G. Theofanous; G. Markus; Christian D. Depeursinge; D. Maroulis; Panagiotis G. Papageorgas; Hansjoerg Albrecht; Ulrich Hofmann; Arianna Menciassi
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Q-switched Er:YAG radiation transmission through medical sapphire fibers
Author(s): Eirini I. Papagiakoumou; Dimitris N. Papadopoulos; Alexandros A. Serafetinides
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Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of higher fullerenes
Author(s): E. Koudoumas; Stelios Couris
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Partially conjugated poly(phenylenevinylene) as a blue-emitting laser medium: the suppression of stimulated emission due to chain aggregates
Author(s): M. Fakis; I. Polyzos; G. Tsigaridas; V. Giannetas; Peter Persephonis; I. Spiliopoulos; J. Mikroyannidis
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