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Advanced Optical Devices, Technologies, and Medical Applications
Editor(s): Janis Spigulis; Janis Teteris; Maris Ozolinsh; Andrejs Lusis

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Volume Number: 5123
Date Published: 8 August 2003

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Ultrafast superconducting single-photon optical detectors
Author(s): Roman Sobolewski; J. Zhang; W. Slysz; A. Pearlman; A. Verevkin; A. Lipatov; O. Okunev; G. Chulkova; A. Korneev; K. Smirnov; P. Kouminov; B. Voronov; N. Kaurova; V. Drakinsky; G. N. Goltsman
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Modal dispersion structure of coupled magneto-optical waveguides with respect to photonic bandgap localization
Author(s): Dzmitry Shyroki
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Benchtop characteristics of PLZT-based electro-optic switches
Author(s): V. N. Alekseev; E. Klotins
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YAG:Nd scanning laser with intracavity PLZT-based spatio-temporal light modulator
Author(s): V. N. Alekseev; V. N. Kotylev; V. I. Liber
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Optical sensor based on the surface plasmon resonance phenomenon in a thin gold film
Author(s): Kateryna V. Kostyukevych; Yuri M. Shirshov
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Optical pressure sensor based on the side-emitting optical fiber
Author(s): Martins Stagitis; Janis Spigulis
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Direct laser writing of conductive patterns in advanced ceramic materials
Author(s): Edmunds Tamanis; Guntis Liberts; Liga Berzina
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Light scattering in paper measured with a time-of-flight lidar
Author(s): Juha Saarela; Risto A. Myllyla
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Use of AlN ceramics in ultraviolet radiation dosimetry
Author(s): L. Trinkler; Baiba Berzina; M. Benabdesselam
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Advanced light sources for atomic absorption analysis
Author(s): G. Revalde; A. Skudra; J. Silinsh; Z. Gavare; A. Ganeyev; S. Sholupov
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Iodine and bromine resonance lamps in atmospheric research
Author(s): Edgars Smalins; Uldis Gross; Peter Spietz; Arnolds Ubelis
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Ultrafast photoresponse and fabrication of freestanding LT-GaAs photoconductive devices
Author(s): Xuemei Zheng; S. Wu; R. Adam; M. Mikulics; A. Foerster; J. Schelten; M. Siegel; P. Kordos; Roman Sobolewski
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Novel lasing materials based on CdSe crystals doped with Cr
Author(s): V. Kasiyan; Z. Dashevsky; R. Shneck; S. Rotman
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Low-frequency noise and quality prediction of MQW buried-heterostructure DFB lasers
Author(s): Sandra Pralgauskaite; J. Matukas; V. Palenskis; G. Letal; R. Mallard; S. Smetona
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Electric-field-induced suppression of thermal lensing in ferrofluids
Author(s): Guntis Liberts; Yurii Mitrofanov; Andrejs Cebers
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Hologram recording in azobenzene oligomers
Author(s): Andris O. Ozols; Valdis Kampars; Mara Reinfelde; Valdis Kokars
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Holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor thin films
Author(s): Janis Teteris
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Holographic gratings in hybrid sol-gel films
Author(s): R. Raschella; I.-G. Marino; P. P. Lottici; D. Bersani; A. Lorenzi; A. Montenero
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Amorphous As-S-Se films for holographic recording
Author(s): Mara J. Reinfelde; Janis Teteris; Ilona Kuzmina
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Theoretical and experimental studies of light diffraction anisotropy by holograms in a-As-S-Se films
Author(s): Andris O. Ozols; Mara Reinfelde
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Relief holographic recording in amorphous As-S-Se
Author(s): Ilona Kuzmina; Janis Teteris; Mara Reinfelde
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All-optical bidirectional cross-connector with photorefractive double phase conjugation and control beam
Author(s): Satoshi Honma; Atsushi Okamoto
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Photorefractive nondestructive memory with Kitty-type conjugator
Author(s): Hisatoshi Funakoshi; Atsushi Okamoto
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Dynamic dropout data restoring technique in all-optical fault tolerant holographic memory
Author(s): Mitsuru Toishi; Atsushi Okamoto; Kunihiro Sato
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All-optical interconnection with wiring maintenance technique by integrated full-linear resonator
Author(s): Tokinobu Mitasaki; Atsushi Okamoto; Satoshi Honma
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Fault tolerant all-optical router with photorefractive all-optical switch
Author(s): Toshiya Kaino; Atsushi Okamoto; Satoshi Honma
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Processes of manufacturing hologram diffraction gratings based on As-S-Se layers
Author(s): Sergey A. Kostyukevych; Peter E. Shepeljavi; Peter F. Romanenko; Nadya L. Moskalenko; Piotr M. Tomchuk
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Electrochromic materials and their applications in foil-based devices
Author(s): Andris Azens; E. Avendano; C. G. Granqvist
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Performance problems of electrochromic coatings
Author(s): Andrejs R. Lusis; Janis Kleperis; Evalds Pentjuss
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Microstructure, optical, and electrochromic properties of sol-gel nanoporous tungsten oxide films
Author(s): Yahia Djaoued; P. V. Ashrit; S. Badilescu; R. Bruning
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Iridium L3-edge and oxygen K-edge x-ray absorption spectroscopy of nanocrystalline iridium oxide thin films
Author(s): A. Kuzmin; R. Kalendarev; J. Purans; D. Pailharey
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Properties of ITO transparent electrode thin films on different substrates
Author(s): Janis Kleperis; Andrejs R. Lusis
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Fast infrared detectors based on nonuniform semiconductors
Author(s): Steponas P. Asmontas; J. Gradauskas; D. Seliuta; A. Suziedelis; G. Valusis; E. Sirmulis
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Progress in GaN-based materials and optical devices
Author(s): Ivars Melngailis
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Bloch oscillations in GaAs/AlGaAs superlattice: study for emitter design
Author(s): Gintaras Valusis
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Influence of free carrier heating on IR light detection in narrow-gap semiconductors
Author(s): Steponas P. Asmontas; J. Gradauskas; D. Seliuta; A. Suziedelis; E. Sirmulis; V. V. Tetyorkin; A. Urbelis; G. Valusis
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Metallic and semiconducting nanowires: properties and architectures
Author(s): Donats Erts; Hakan Olin; Justin D. Holmes
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Scanning probe microscopy of nanocrystalline iridium oxide thin films
Author(s): Daniel Pailharey; D. Tonneau; A. Houel; A. Kuzmin; R. Kalendarev; J. Purans
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Three-dimensional subsurface imaging with laser ablation/AFM
Author(s): Ilmar Kink; R. Lohmus; M. Adamovich; R. Jaaniso; K. Saal; M. Lobjakas; A. Lohmus
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Diffuse optical tomography: an emerging biomedical imaging modality
Author(s): Andreas H. Hielscher; Gassan S. Abdoulaev; Alexander D. Klose; Avraham Y. Bluestone; U. Netz; J. Beuthan; Joseph Lasker
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The potential of spectral imaging in the noninvasive diagnostics of tissue cancers and precancers
Author(s): Costas J. Balas
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Integrated system for interstitial photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Stefan Andersson-Engels; Niels Bendsoe; Thomas Johansson; Sara Palsson; Marcelo Soto Thompson; Unne Stenram; Katarina Svanberg; Sune Svanberg
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A portable device for optical assessment of the cardiovascular condition
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Maris Ozols; Renars Erts; Karlis Prieditis
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Skin blood flow changes during local arm heating: comparison between the laser-Doppler and frequency-corrected thermal clearance measurement
Author(s): Rein Raamat; Boris Kudimov
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Optoelectronic stereoscopic device for diagnostics, treatment, and developing of binocular vision
Author(s): Larisa Pautova; Victor A. Elkhov; Yuri N. Ovechkis
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Stereovision studies by disbalanced images
Author(s): Gunta Papelba; Inara Cipane; Maris Ozolinsh
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Stereoacuity determination at changing contrast of colored stereostimuli
Author(s): Gunta Papelba; Maris Ozolinsh; Jelena Petrova; Inara Cipane
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Selective filters for improvement of color discrimination
Author(s): I. Supe; V. Grabovskis
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Additional usage possibilities for the computerized Hess screen
Author(s): Aiga Svede; Janis Dzenis
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Computerized device for critical flicker fusion frequency determination
Author(s): Diana Racene
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Positional representation of visual data
Author(s): Aleksandr V. Bushma; George A. Sukach
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