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Bioengineered and Bioinspired Systems

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Volume Number: 5119
Date Published: 18 April 2003

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OCTAVE: a bioinspired visuo-motor control system for the guidance of micro-air-vehicles
Author(s): Franck Ruffier; Nicolas Franceschini
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Programmable retinal dynamics in a CMOS mixed-signal array processor chip
Author(s): Ricardo A. Carmona; Francisco Jose Jimenez-Garrido; Rafael Dominguez-Castro; Servando Espejo; Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
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CMOS analog implementation of a simplified spinal cord neural model
Author(s): Gines Domenech-Asensi; Ramon Ruiz-Merino; Hans Hauer; Jose Angel Diaz-Madrid
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Current-mode implementation of processing modules in ART-based neural networks
Author(s): Jose-Alejandro Lopez-Alcantud; Hans Hauer; Jose-Angel Diaz-Madrid; Ramon Ruiz-Merino
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Corti's organ physiology-based cochlear model: a microelectronic prosthetic implant
Author(s): Francisco Rios; Raquel Fernandez-Ramos; Jorge Romero-Sanchez; Jose Francisco Martin
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Interactive light-powered lab-on-a-chip: simultaneous actuation of microstructures by optical manipulation
Author(s): Peter John Rodrigo; Rene Lynge Eriksen; Vincent Ricardo Daria; Jesper Gluckstad
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Methylation oligonucleotide microarray: a novel tool to analyze methylation patterns
Author(s): Peng Hou; Meiju Ji; Nongyao He; Zuhong Lu
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Single vegetal cell handling and fixing in a microfluidic device
Author(s): Matthieu Ja Denoual; Aoki Koh; Agnes Mita-Tixier; Hiroyuki Fujita
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An integrated software solution for real-time PCR analysis based on microfluidic biochip
Author(s): Qinghui Wang; Haiqing Gong
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Method for liquid analysis by means of recording the dynamics of phase transitions during drop drying
Author(s): Tatiana A. Yakhno; Vladimir G. Yakhno; Anatoly G. Sanin; Olga A. Sanina; Artem S. Pelyushenko
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Optical biosensing transducer based on silicon waveguide structure coated with polyelectrolyte nano layers
Author(s): Saharudin Haron; Alexey V. Nabok; Asim Kumar Ray
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Noise reduction in high-specificity sensor based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Alfonso M. Escuela; Jorge Monagas; Jose Ramon Sendra
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VLSI multichannel track-and-hold potentiostat
Author(s): Roman Genov; Milutin Stanacevic; Mihir Naware; Gert Cauwenberghs; Nitish Thakor
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Dual-mode acoustic wave biosensors microarrays
Author(s): Gregory W Auner; Gina Shreve; Hao Ying; Golam Newaz; Chantelle Hughes; Jianzeng Xu
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Integrated optical silicon IC compatible nanodevices for biosensing applications
Author(s): Laura M. Lechuga; Borja Sepulveda; Andreu Llobera; Ana Calle; Carlos Manuel Dominguez
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Porous–Si based bioreactors for glucose monitoring
Author(s): Manuela Fichera; Sebania Libertino; Giuseppe D'Arrigo
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Moisture infrared sensor for medical applications
Author(s): Eric Monacelli; Yasser Alayli; Frederic Lofaso
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Wireless patient monitoring on shoe for the assessment of foot dysfunction: an overview
Author(s): Jose K Abraham; Ashwin K Whitchurch; Vijay K Varadan; Karunakaran Sarukesi
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Hand veins segmentation and matching under adverse conditions
Author(s): Sebastian Lopez; Albano Gonzalez
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Test of a processing algorithm for NIR-laser-diode-based pulse oximetry
Author(s): Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva; Juan Pedro Silveira; Maria Luisa Dotor
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Pigmented skin lesions by VIS-NIR reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Monica Cordo Chinea; Jose Ramon Sendra; Sonnia M. Lopez Silva; Agustin Viera Ramirez M.D.
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Investigation into the future of RFID in biomedical applications
Author(s): Lucas Ricciardi; Inke Pitz; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Vijay Varadan; Derek Abbott
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Smart surface properties
Author(s): Piotr Staszczuk; Dariusz Sternik
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Micro-circulation of skin blood: optical monitoring by advanced photoplethysmography techniques
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Renars Erts; Uldis Rubins
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Smart drug delivery system based on pyrotechnical actuation
Author(s): Manel Puig-Vidal; Jaime Lopez; Pere Miribel; Josep Samitier-Marti; Carole Rossi; Axel Berthold
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Manipulation tools for biological applications using microrobots with nano-range accuracy
Author(s): Josep Samitier-Marti; Manel Puig-Vidal; Jaime Lopez; Pere Miribel; Jose Maria Lopez-Villegas; Ramon Casanella; Cristina Madrid; Antonio Juarez
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CNNs for sinusoidal signal recognition in hearing rehabilitation
Author(s): Leonarda Carnimeo; Antonio Giaquinto
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Signals voice biofeedback for speech fluency disorders
Author(s): Jose Francisco Martin; Raquel Fernandez-Ramos; Jorge Romero-Sanchez; Francisco Rios
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Pattern detection by CNN in epilepsy: recent results
Author(s): Christian Niederhofer; Philipp Fischer; Ronald Tetzlaff
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Natural learning of neural networks by reconfiguration
Author(s): Lambert Spaanenburg; R. Alberts; Cornelis H. Slump; B. J. vanderZwaag
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Toward a computational approach for collision avoidance with real-world scenes
Author(s): Matthias S. Keil; Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez
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Multichannel spatio-temporal topographic processing for visual search and navigation
Author(s): Istvan Szatmari; David Balya; Gergely Timar; Csaba Rekeczky; Tamas Roska
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Model for reflectance perception in vision
Author(s): Vladimir Brajovic
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Novel theory on mach-bands and gradient formation in early vision
Author(s): Matthias S. Keil; Gabriel Cristobal; Heiko Neumann
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Documents from malicious terminals
Author(s): Istvan Zsolt Berta; Istvan Vajda
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Inverted repeats: computer analysis of microorganism genome and imaging of cruciform structure in DNA by atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Alex Limansky; Olga Yu Limanskaya
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