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Noise in Devices and Circuits

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Volume Number: 5113
Date Published: 12 May 2003

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Low-frequency noise and fluctuations in advanced CMOS devices
Author(s): Gerard Ghibaudo
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Impact of scaling down on 1/f noise in MOSFETs
Author(s): Matteo Valenza; Alain Hoffmann; Arnaud Laigle; Dominique Rigaud; Mathieu Marin
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Low-frequency noise and radiation response of buried oxides in SOI nMOS transistors
Author(s): Hao D. Xiong; Daniel M. Fleetwood; James R. Schwank
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Effects of body biasing on the low-frequency noise of NMOSFETs from a 130-nm CMOS technology
Author(s): Mathieu Marin; M. Jamal Deen; Mario de Murcia; Pierre Llinares; Jean Charles Vildeuil
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Flicker noise characterization and modeling of MOSFETs for RF IC design
Author(s): Yuhua Cheng
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Non-quasi-static (NQS) thermal noise modeling of the MOS transistor
Author(s): Alain-Serge Porret; Christian C Enz
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Compact modeling of noise for RF CMOS circuit
Author(s): Andries J. Scholten; Luuk F. Tiemeijer; Ronald van Langevelde; Ramon J. Havens; Adrie T. A. Zegers-van Duijnhoven; Randy de Kort; Vincent C. Venezia; Dirk B. M. Klaassen
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Impact of downscaling on high-frequency noise performance of bulk and SOI MOSFETs
Author(s): Gilles Dambrine; C. Raynaud; M. Vanmackelberg; Francois Danneville; Guillaume Pailloncy; Sylvie Lepilliet; Jean Pierre Raskin
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Low-frequency noise behavior of polysilicon emitter bipolar junction transistors: a review
Author(s): M. Jamal Deen; Fabien Pascal
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1/f noise in advanced bipolar technologies
Author(s): Zeynep Celik-Butler; Md Mazhar Ul Hoque; Enhai Zhao; Darby Lan; Doug Weiser; Joe Trogolo; Keith Green
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Comparison of low-frequency noise in III-V and Si/SiGe HBTs
Author(s): Fabien Pascal; Sylvie Guenard-Jarrix; Colette Delseny; Annick Penarier; Cyril Chay; M. Jamal Deen
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Effect of the interface recombination current fluctuations on 1/f noise of gated lateral bipolar transistors
Author(s): Gregory G. Romas Jr.; Md Mazhar Ul Hoque; Zeynep Celik-Butler
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An overview of low-frequency noise in advanced CMOS/SOI transistors
Author(s): Jalal Jomaah; Francis Balestra
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1/f noise and clock jitter in digital electronic systems
Author(s): Leonard Forbes; C.W. Zhang
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Phase noise metrology and modeling of microwave transistor applications to the design of state-of-the-art dielectric resonator oscillators
Author(s): Olivier Llopis; Gilles Cibiel
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Nonlinear modeling of low-to-high-frequency noise up-conversion in microwave electron devices
Author(s): Fabio Filicori; Pier Andrea Traverso; Corrado Florian
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Brief history of recombination noise in semiconductor junction devices
Author(s): Paul J Edwards
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Generation-recombination noise in GaN and GaN-based devices
Author(s): Nezih Pala; Sergey L Rumyantsev; Michael S. Shur; Michael E. Levinshtein; M. Asif Khan; Grigory S. Simin; Remis Gaska
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Computer simulation and reverse engineering of trap-assisted generation-recombination noise in advanced silicon MOSFETs
Author(s): Gijs Bosman; Fan-Chi Hou; Derek O. Martin; Juan E Sanchez
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Fast and ultrafast dissipation and fluctuations in two-dimensional channels for nitride and arsenide FETs
Author(s): Arvydas Matulionis
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Microscopic investigation of large-signal noise in semiconductor materials and devices
Author(s): Tomas Gonzalez; Susana Perez; Eugenij Starikov; Pavel Shiktorov; Viktoras Gruzinskis; Lino Reggiani; Luca Varani; Jean Claude Vaissiere
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Characteristic potential method of noise calculation in semiconductor devices: calculation of 1/f noise in MOS transistors in the ohmic region
Author(s): Sung-min Hong; Yong-Seok Kim; Hong Shick Min; Young June Park
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General models for 1/f noise
Author(s): Roy M. Howard; Lahiru A. Raffel
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Noise analysis of an 0.8-V ultralow-power CMOS operational amplifier
Author(s): Chuang Zhang; Ashok Srivastava; Pratul Ajmera
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III-V HEMTs: low-noise devices for high-frequency applications
Author(s): Javier Mateos
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Study of low-frequency noise in GaN-on-Si films obtained by laser-assisted debonding
Author(s): C. P. Chan; P. K. Lai; Benny Hung-Pun Leung; T. M. Yue; Charles C Surya
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Low-frequency drain noise in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Si substrate
Author(s): Nathalie Malbert; Nathalie Labat; Arnaud Curutchet; Andre Touboul; Christophe Gaquiere; Auxens Minko
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Low-frequency noise measurements: applications, methodologies and instrumentation
Author(s): Carmine Ciofi; Bruno Neri
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Noise and charge transport in polymer thin film structures
Author(s): Ognian Marinov; M. Jamal Deen; J. Yu; G. Vamvounis; Steven Holdcroft; W. Woods
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Difference in dependence of 1/f and RTS noise on current in quantum-dot light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Lode J.K. Vandamme; Alexander V. Belyakov; Mikhail Yu. Perov; Arkady V. Yakimov
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High-frequency noise in FDSOI MOSFETs: a Monte Carlo investigation
Author(s): Raul Rengel; Javier Mateos; Daniel Pardo; Tomas Gonzalez; Maria Jesus Martin; Gilles Dambrine; Francois Danneville; Jean-Pierre Raskin
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Shot noise reduction in the AlGaAs/GaAs- and InGaP/GaAs-based HBTs
Author(s): Paulius Sakalas; Michael Schroeter; Peter Zampardi; Herbert Zirath
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Low-frequency noise in porous Si LED
Author(s): Bela Szentpali; Peter Gottwald; Tibor Mohacsy; Kund Molnar; Istvan Barsony
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1/f noise in passive components under time-varying bias
Author(s): Giuseppe Martini
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Kink-effect-related noise in InAlAs/InGaAs short-channel HEMTs
Author(s): Beatriz G. Vasallo; Javier Mateos; Daniel Pardo; Tomas Gonzalez
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Model of flicker noise effects on phase noise in oscillators
Author(s): Francesco Centurelli; Alessandro Ercolani; Pasquale Tommasino; Alessandro Trifiletti
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A theory for Hooge's equation based on temperature fluctuations
Author(s): Leonard Forbes
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Linear time-variant noise-generating systems
Author(s): Michael H.W. Hoffmann
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Accurate modeling of noise parameters in subquarter-micrometer gate FETs using physical simulators
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour
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Determination of the influence of device structure and alloy composition on the noise behavior of hetero-FETs
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour; Ossama Abo-Elnor
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LF noise in cross Hall effect devices: geometrical study
Author(s): Jacek Przybytek; Vincent Mosser; Youcef Haddab
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Physical model for low-frequency noise in avalanche breakdown of PN junctions
Author(s): Ognian Marinov; M. Jamal Deen
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Discussion on standard 1/f noise models in software packages: SPICE, HSPICE and BSIM3v3--comparison to MOSFET noise data on commercial c025
Author(s): Matteo Valenza; Alain Hoffmann; Frederic Martinez; A. Laigle; Joseph Rhayem; R. Gillon; Marnix Tack
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Principles and applications of coherent random noise radar technology
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Xiaojian Xu
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