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Quantum Information and Computation
Editor(s): Eric Donkor; Andrew R. Pirich; Howard E. Brandt

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Volume Number: 5105
Date Published: 4 August 2003

Table of Contents
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Path-length control in an interferometric QKD link
Author(s): Brig B. Elliott; Oleksiy Pikalo; John Schlafer; Greg Troxel
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Demonstration of secure quantum key distribution
Author(s): Fabio Antonio Bovino; Pietro Varisco; Anna Martinoli; Paolo De Nicolo; Sandra Bruzzo; Anna Maria Colla; Giuseppe Castagnoli; Giovanni Di Giuseppe; Alexander V. Sergienko
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Informed guessing of an eavesdropper's Rényi entropy
Author(s): John M. Myers; Tai Tsun Wu
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The secrecy capacity of practical quantum cryptography
Author(s): Gerald N. Gilbert; Michael Hamrick
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High-fidelity entangled-photon link for quantum key distribution testbed
Author(s): Giovanni Di Giuseppe; Alexander V. Sergienko; Bahaa E. A. Saleh; Malvin C. Teich
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Entanglement criteria: quantum and topological
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.
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Quantum entanglement swapping with spontaneous parametric down conversion
Author(s): Xiang-bin Wang; B. S. Shi; A. Tomita; Keiji Matsumoto
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Separable states and separability criteria
Author(s): Shengjun Wu; Jeeva Anandan
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Continuous quantum hidden subgroup algorithms
Author(s): Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.; Louis H. Kauffman
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Numerical simulations of a quantum algorithm for Hilbert's tenth problem
Author(s): Tien D Kieu
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Quantum simulations of physics problems
Author(s): Rolando D. Somma; Gerardo Ortiz; Emanuel H. Knill; James Gubernatis
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Universal compression of classically correlated stationary quantum sources
Author(s): Alexei Kaltchenko; En-Hui Yang
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Quantum modeling
Author(s): Darin A Goldstein
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Quantum rendering
Author(s): Marco O. Lanzagorta; Richard B. Gomez; Jeffrey K. Uhlmann
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Storing, processing, and retrieving an image using quantum mechanics
Author(s): Salvador E Venegas-Andraca; Sougato Bose
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Quantum optimization for solving nonconvex problem
Author(s): Vitaliy Alexeevich Yatsenko
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Ultrafast superconducting single-photon detectors for infrared wavelength quantum communications
Author(s): Aleksandr A. Verevkin; Aaron Pearlman; Wojtek Slysz; Jin Zhang; Roman Sobolewski; Galina Chulkova; Oleg Okunev; Pavel Kouminov; Vladimir Drakinskij; Konstantin Smirnov; Natalia Kaurova; Boris Voronov; Gregory Gol'tsman; Marc Currie
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Cavity-QED-based quantum computing
Author(s): Tiegang Di; Marlan O. Scully; Muhammad S. Zubairy
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Quantum computation with linear optics
Author(s): Michael J. Fitch; Michelle M. Donegan; Bryan Charles Jacobs; Todd B. Pittman; James D. Franson
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Paramagnetic materials and practical algorithmic cooling for NMR quantum computing
Author(s): Jose Manuel Fernandez; Tal Mor; Yossi Weinstein
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Computational synthesis of any n-qubit pure or mixed state
Author(s): Lin Song; Colin P. Williams
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Quantum memory: write, read, reset, and decoherence
Author(s): Tai Tsun Wu
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High-efficiency single photon detection via frequency up-conversion
Author(s): Aaron P. VanDevender; Paul G. Kwiat
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Quantum computations with optical waveguide modes
Author(s): Jian Fu
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Qubit decoherence and Wigner's friend
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Measures of decoherence
Author(s): Leonid Fedichkin; Arkady Fedorov; Vladimir Privman
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Quantum measurement: a bridge to classical physics
Author(s): Gerard G. Emch
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Decoherence of localized electrons in semiconductors due to acoustic phonons
Author(s): Leonid Fedichkin; Arkady Fedorov; Maxim Yanchenko
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Quantum lattice gas representation for vector solitons
Author(s): George Vahala; Linda Vahala; Jeffrey Yepez
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Entanglement sharing in the Tavis-Cummings model
Author(s): Tracey E. Tessier; Ivan H. Deutsch; Aldo P. Delgado
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Status of a multiplexed single photon on-demand source
Author(s): Alan L. Migdall; Stefania Castelletto; Michael J. Ware
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Orthogonally arranged probes for quantum nondemolition measurement
Author(s): Patrick D. Kumavor; Eric Donkor
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