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Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, and Neural Networks
Editor(s): Anthony J. Bell; Mladen V. Wickerhauser; Harold H. Szu

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Volume Number: 5102
Date Published: 1 April 2003

Table of Contents
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Sparse separation: principles and tricks
Author(s): Barak A. Pearlmutter; Vamsi K. Potluru
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Blind inversion in nonlinear space-variant imaging by using Cauchy machine
Author(s): Ivica Kopriva; Harold H. Szu
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Postprocessing technique for Lagrangian artificial neural network approach to hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Qian Du; Harold H. Szu; Hsuan Ren
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Using independent component analysis to separate signals in climate data
Author(s): Imola K. Fodor; Chandrika Kamath
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Denoising using higher-order statistics
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis; Sunghee Kim
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Interferometric side-scan sonar signal denoised by wavelets
Author(s): Christophe R.B. Sintes; Michel Legris; Basel Solaiman
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Wavelet image processing applied to hyperspectral images for foliage penetration
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Live biometric authenticity check
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; Charles C. Hsu; Clifford Szu; Shoujue Wang
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Review of digital fingerprint acquisition systems and wavelet compression
Author(s): Thomas Hopper
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Use of MRAN adaptive neural network for control of a flexible system
Author(s): Steven C. Rogers
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Training data requirement for a neural network to predict aerodynamic coefficients
Author(s): Rajkumar Thirumalainambi; Jorge Bardina
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G-fuzzy ART: a geometrical fuzzy ART neural network architecture
Author(s): Issam J. Dagher
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Transform preprocessing for neural networks for object recognition and localization with sonar
Author(s): Billur Barshan; Birsel Ayrulu
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Progress in blind separation of magnetoencephalographic data
Author(s): Barak A. Pearlmutter; Santiago Jaramillo
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Real-time monitoring of the human alertness level
Author(s): Robin Alvarez; Francisco del Pozo; Elena Hernando; Eduardo Gomez; Antonio Jimenez
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Determination of human EEG alpha entrainment ERD/ERS using the continuous complex wavelet transform
Author(s): David B Chorlian; Bernice Porjesz; Henri Begleiter
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Model-free functional MRI analysis using transformation-based methods
Author(s): Thomas Dan Otto; Anke Meyer-Baese; Monica Hurdal; DeWitt Sunmers; Axel Wismuller; Dorothee Auer
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Similarity analysis of voice signals using wavelets with dynamic time warping
Author(s): Rahman Tashakkori; Courtney Bowers
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Analysis of phase modulation caused by target motion in SAR images
Author(s): Trygve Sparr; Bard Krane
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Application of radon transforms and time-frequency representations to ISAR imagery
Author(s): Phillippe Steeghs; Sjoerd J. Gelsema
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ISAR image distortion due to small perturbed motion and restoration of distorted images by time-frequency analysis
Author(s): Silvester K. Wong; Grant Duff; Edward Riseborough
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Coherence in over-the-horizon radar
Author(s): Benjamin T. Root
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The effect of nonuniform motion on the Doppler spectrum of scattered continuous-wave waveforms
Author(s): John E. Gray; Stephen R. Addison
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Micro-Doppler effect of micromotion dynamics: a review
Author(s): Victor C. Chen
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Aerial target recognition using MRA, GVF snakes, and polygon approximation
Author(s): Zhen Zhong Lu; Taiyi Zhang; Jian Xu
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Chaotic neural network for learnable associative memory recall
Author(s): Charles C. Hsu; Harold H. Szu
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Image compression using parameterized wavelets with feedback
Author(s): James M. Hereford; David W. Roach; Ryan Pigford
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Numerical analysis of chaotic and fractal properties for complex systems with nonlinear feedback
Author(s): Victor F. Dailyudenko
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Empirical mode decomposition of some nonstationary signals
Author(s): David H. Hughes
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Gene expression signature discovery with independent component analysis
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; David A Portnoy
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Rectification of nonlinearity in pre-amplifier and A/D converter of biomedical instruments
Author(s): Jun Yang; Seong-Bin Yim; Ivica Kopriva; Harold H. Szu
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Moving target detection and imaging based on time-frequency transform
Author(s): Zhenzhong Lu; Taiyi Zhang
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Independent component analysis (ICA) and self-organizing map (SOM) approach to multidetection system for network intruders
Author(s): Abdi M. Abdi; Harold H. Szu
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Analysis of characteristic parameters in nonideal shock wave data: wavelet thresholds
Author(s): Qiang Xu; Cong Jin
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Low-voltage analog front-end processor design for ISFET-based sensor and H+ sensing applications
Author(s): Wen-Yaw Chung; Chung-Huang Yang; Kang-Chu Peng; M. H. Yeh
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Real-time video codec using reversible wavelets
Author(s): Gen Dow Huang; David J. Chiang; Yi-En Huang; Allen Cheng
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Dimension reduction and multiscaling law through source extraction
Author(s): Enrico Capobianco
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Units of video compression
Author(s): Ming-Kai Hsu; Charles C. Hsu; Harold H. Szu; Ting N. Lee
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