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Targets and Backgrounds IX: Characterization and Representation

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Volume Number: 5075
Date Published: 5 September 2003

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RenderView: physics-based multi- and hyperspectral rendering using measured background panoramics
Author(s): Denise M. Talcott; Wade W. Brown; David J. Thomas
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An exploration of vehicle-terrain interaction in IR synthetic scenes
Author(s): Teresa G. Gonda; David M. Less; David R. Filbee; Erik S. Polsen; Timothy Edwards
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Obscurant representation for realistic IR simulation
Author(s): Patrick Gozard; Alain Le Goff; Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger; Antoine Boudet
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Low-resolution signature modeling of a main battle tank
Author(s): Mark A. Richardson; John A. Coath
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Active control of infrared signature: system implementation in a ground vehicle
Author(s): Johan Westin; Orjan Olsson; Lars Pettersson; Peter Lindwall; Anders Grop
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ShipIR model validation using NATO SIMVEX experiment results
Author(s): Doug S. Fraedrich; Espen Stark; Lars Trygve Heen; Craig Miller
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ShipIR model validation using spectral measurement results from the NATO SIMVEX trial
Author(s): Erik Brendhagen; Lars Trygve Heen
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Sea surface simulation for testing of multiband imaging sensors
Author(s): Frederic Schwenger; Endre Repasi
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Accurate scene modeling using synthetic imagery
Author(s): Andrew W. Haynes; Marilyn A. Gilmore; David R. Filbee; Colin A. Stroud
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Application of custom tools and algorithms to the development of terrain and target models
Author(s): Aaron Wilkosz; Bryan L. Williams; Steve Motz
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Portable source initiative for distribution of cross-platform compatible multispectral databases
Author(s): William Kent Nichols
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Advances in wide-area hyperspectral image simulation
Author(s): Emmett J. Ientilucci; Scott D. Brown
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Hyperspectral analysis of IR data from a background scene
Author(s): Paer Nilsson; Claes Nelsson
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Acoustic simulation in realistic 3D virtual scenes
Author(s): Patrick Gozard; Alain Le Goff; Pierre Naz; Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger
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A system for collecting data on observer preferences in the field using personal data assistants
Author(s): John G. Bennett; James Crile
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Use of the nformational difference as a target conspicuity measure
Author(s): Dan Sheffer; Avia Kafri; Asher Voskoboinik; Pe'erly Setter; Joel Norman
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Cost-effective and promising approach for camouflage assessment of MUSTAFA targets in motion imagery
Author(s): Floris M. Gretzmacher; Georg S. Ruppert
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Comparison of human and algorithmic target detection in passive infrared imagery
Author(s): Bruce A. Weber; Meredith Hutchinson
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Study of laser reflection of infrared cameras with germanium optics
Author(s): Patrio Chiu; Ishiang Shih; S. Shi; Philips Laou
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UV-visible sensors based on polymorphous silicon
Author(s): Cyril S. Guedj; Pere Roca i Cabarrocas; Nicolas Massoni; Norbert Moussy; Damien Morel; Svetoslav Tchakarov; Yvan Bonnassieux
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Detonation discrimination techniques using a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer system and a near-infrared focal plane array
Author(s): Anthony N. Dills; Kevin Gross; Glen P. Perram
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Phenomenology of exploding ordnance using spectrally and temporally resolved infrared emissions
Author(s): Kevin C. Gross; Anthony M. Dills; Glen P. Perram; Ronald F. Tuttle
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Development of an EO sensor validation case for a missile tracker system
Author(s): Duncan Hickman; Philip G. Whitehead; Christopher Dent; Moira I. Smith; Mark Bernhardt
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Methodology of real-time simulation to support field testing of dual-mode smart munitions sensors
Author(s): Jerrell R. Ballard Jr.; Hollis H. Bennett Jr.; Bruce M. Sabol
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Measurements of polarization properties of camouflaged objects and of the denial of surfaces covered with cenospheres
Author(s): Goran Forssell; Eva Hedborg-Karlsson
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SIRUS spectral signature analysis code
Author(s): Gary J. Bishop; Mike J. Caola; Rachel Mary Geatches; Nick C. Roberts
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Electro-optical missile plume detection
Author(s): Filip P. Neele; Ric M.A. Schleijpen
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Analytic improvements to the atmospheric turbulence optical transfer function
Author(s): David H. Tofsted
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Advanced software products for atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): Kuilian Tang; Cheryl Tibaudo; John W. Schroeder
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Continued development and integration of scene projection technologies in the AEDC space simulation chambers
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry III; Winfried H. Goethert; William T. Bertrand; Dustin H. Crider
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High-resolution ground target infrared signature modeling for combat target identification training
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders
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A multispectral terrain database development process to support legacy mission simulation environments
Author(s): James M. Zeh; Dan Caudill; Bret Givens; Rob Subr; Brian Miller; Eric Lester; Karl Spuhl
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Factors affecting signature propagation through intense forward-scattering atmospheres
Author(s): Robert A. Sutherland; Joseph R. Montoya; Bryan R. Usevitch
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Narrow-band signature propagation through obscuring atmospheres
Author(s): Joseph R. Montoya; Robert A. Sutherland
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Research on the united expression of MRTD and MDTD for thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Kecong Ai; Liwei Zhou; Guilin Zeng; Yanxi Liang; Xudong Li
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Simulation for detection of anomalous scatters under inhomogeneous canopy by using the Mueller matrix solution of the pulse radiative transfer
Author(s): Ya-Qiu Jin; Fei Chen
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ATR-based camouflage effectiveness evaluation of MUSTAFA targets
Author(s): Markus Mueller; Norbert Heinze; Dieter Clement
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A new algorithm for global forest fire detection using multispectral images
Author(s): Ying Li; Anthony Vodacek; Robert L. Kremens; Ambrose E. Ononye
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