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Sixth International Conference on Material Science and Material Properties for Infrared Optoelectronics
Editor(s): Fiodor F. Sizov; Johanna V. Gumenjuk-Sichevska; Sergey A. Kostyukevych

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Volume Number: 5065
Date Published: 14 April 2003

Table of Contents
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Computational optoelectromechanics and its application to MEMS VCSELs
Author(s): Sergey Edward Lyshevski
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Spatially nanostructured silicon for optical applications
Author(s): Dmitri I. Kovalev; Joachim Diener; Nicolai Kuenzner; Egon Gross; Gennadi Polisski; Frederick Koch; Viktor Yu. Timoshenko; Minoru Fujii
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Competition of infrared detector technologies
Author(s): Antoni Rogalski
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IR photodetectors based on MBE-grown MCT layers
Author(s): Vladimir V. Vasilyev; Victor N. Ovsyuk; Yuri G. Sidorov
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One-dimensional photonic crystal as a many-positional adder functioning on closed electromagnetic modes
Author(s): Eugene Ya. Glushko; Svetlana L. Legusha
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IRFPA real-time nonuniformity correction using the FPGA technology
Author(s): Lingbin Kong; Xinjian Yi; Dianhong Wang; Dunfan Ye; Sihai Chen
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Multifunctional controlled IR-emitting element
Author(s): Konstantin Yu. Guga; Alexej G. Kollyukh; Anatoli I. Liptuga; Vasiliy A. Morozhenko; Anatoliy V. Prokhorovich; Evgenie F. Venger
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Model of control of glow discharge electron gun current for microelectronics production applications
Author(s): S. V. Denbnovetsky; V. I. Melnyk; I. V. Melnyk; B. A. Tugay
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Features of thermal radiation of semitransparent objects
Author(s): Alexej G. Kollyukh; Anatoli J. Liptuga; Vasiliy A. Morozhenko; N. B. Shishkina
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Photogalvanic currents in quantum well structures induced by infrared radiation
Author(s): Sergey D. Ganichev
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Electromagnetic field structure and quenching in one-dimensional photonic crystals
Author(s): Eugene Ya. Glushko; Svetlana L. Legusha; Anvar A. Zakhidov
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Quartz as artificial pyroactive material
Author(s): V. F. Kosorotov; Ivan V. Blonsky; Ludmila V. Shchedrina; L. V. Levash
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Nonelastic electron scattering in HgTe
Author(s): O. P. Malyk
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Substrate influence on infrared absorption by clusters of small spheres
Author(s): Victor V. Gozhenko; Leonid G. Grechko; N. G. Shkoda; Keith W. Whites
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Threshold characteristics of p-Si-PtSi barriers with highly-doped surface nanolayer
Author(s): Sergey N. Nesmelov; Aleksander V. Voitsekhovskii; Andrej P. Kokhanenko
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Influence of doping methods on electro-physical properties of CdTe:Mn crystals
Author(s): E. S. Nikonyuk; Z. I. Zakharuk; Ilary M. Rarenko; M. I. Kuchma; I. M. Yurijchuk
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IR photodetectors on CdSb, In4Se3, In4Te3-epitaxial barrier structures
Author(s): B. M. Gritsyuk; O. V. Galochkin; A. I. Rarenko; V. N. Strebezhev
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Electrical properties of HgMnTe Schottky diodes
Author(s): Leonid A. Kosyachenko; Sergey E. Ostapov; Andrey V. Markov; Ilary M. Rarenko; Valery M. Sklyarchuk; Ye. F. Sklyarchuk
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Study of HgCdMnZnTe main-band parameters
Author(s): Sergey E. Ostapov
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Electrical and optical properties of indium antimonide doped by cadmium and tellurium
Author(s): Alexander V. Brodovoi; P. V. Pleskatch; S. G. Bunchuk; Oleg S. Zinets; V. A. Brodovoi
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Interplay of phase transformation temperatures and Dingle temperatures in narrow-gap semiconductors
Author(s): Alexander I. Dmitriev; M. V. Radchenko; George V. Lashkarev; P. E. Butorin
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Electronic activity of dislocations and point defects of deformation origin in Hg1-xCdxTe
Author(s): S. G. Gassan-Zade; G. A. Shepelskii; S. V. Staryi; M. V. Strikha
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Influence of the electrochemical process of the macroporous silicon fabrication on surface local chemical states
Author(s): Oleq O. Lytvynenko; Lyudmila A. Karachevtseva; Elza A. Malovichko; O. I. Stronska; M. I. Karas
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Prototype infrared optical sensor and solar cell made of B-FeSi2 thin film
Author(s): Shinan Wang; Naotaka Otogawa; Yasuhiko Fukuzawa; Honglie Shen; Hisao Tanoue; Takeshi Kojima; Yasuhiko Nakayama; Yunosuke Makita
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Photonic 2D crystals built from nanotubes, nanochannels, and nanowires: review of progress in synthesis, properties, and promising applications
Author(s): Vladimir V. Pokropivny
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Defect structure and diffusion of defects in narrow-gap Hg1-xCdxTe crystals
Author(s): V. V. Bogoboyashchyy
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Formation of low-density InAs/InP(001) quantum dot arrays
Author(s): Yuri I. Mazur; Heiko Kissel; Haeyeon Yang; Gregory J. Salamo; Min Xiao
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Status of molecular beam epitaxy of CdxHg1-xTe
Author(s): A. P. Antsiferov; L. D. Burdina; Vasily S. Varavin; A. K. Gutakovsky; Sergey A. Dvoretsky; V. A. Kartashev; Nikolay N. Mikhailov; D. N. Pridachin; V. G. Remesnik; S. V. Rykhlitskii; I. V. Sabinina; Yuri G. Sidorov; E. V. Spesivtsev; V. P. Titov; V. A. Shvets; M. V. Yakushev; Alexander L. Aseev
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Formation of InAs quantum dots in an aluminium oxide matrix by lateral selective wet oxidation
Author(s): D. A. Tenne; O. R. Bajutova; A. K. Bakarov; Aleksandr I. Toropov; A. Milekhin; V. A. Haisler; Dietrich R. T. Zahn; A. K. Gutakovsky
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Chemical etching of CdTe and CdxHg1-xTe in the H2O2-HJ-tartaric acid solutions
Author(s): Z. F. Tomashik; O. R. Gumenyuk; V. N. Tomashik
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Chemical dissolution of gallium antimonide in HNO3-HCl-CH3COOH solutions
Author(s): O. S. Chernyuk; V. N. Tomashik; V. I. Grytsiv; Z. F. Tomashik; V. M. Kashpor
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Schottky photodiode arrays on the basis of n-Pb1-xSnxTe1-ySey epitaxial layers, lattice-matched with {100}KCl substrates
Author(s): O. N. Tsarenko; A. I. Tkachuk; S. I. Ryabets
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SiOx thin films as material for uncooled microbolometer
Author(s): K. Michailovskaya; Ivan Z. Indutnyy; Peter E. Shepeliavy
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