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International Symposium on Photonic Glass (ISPG 2002)
Editor(s): Congshan Zhu

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Volume Number: 5061
Date Published: 16 July 2003

Table of Contents
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From optical glass to photonic glass
Author(s): Fuxi Gan
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The role of glass in photonics
Author(s): Sumio Sakka
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Photo-induced phenomena in chalcogenide glasses: subgap photon effects
Author(s): Keiji Tanaka
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Thin films for optics and photonics through nanoparticle technology
Author(s): Helmut K. Schmidt; P. W. Oliveira; M. Mennig
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Integrated optical amplifiers based on rare-earth-doped oxide glasses
Author(s): Giancarlo C. Righini; Massimo Brenci; Guaktiero Nunzi Conti; Stefano Pelli; Maurizio Ferrari; Marco Bettinelli; Adolfo Speghini; Baojiu Chen
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Novel amplifier glasses for broad-band WDM telecommunication
Author(s): Setsuhisa Tanabe
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Formation of optical coupling structure between silica glass waveguides and molten tellurite glass droplet
Author(s): S. Todoroki; A. Nukui; S. Inoue
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Novel photonics polymer and its application in IT
Author(s): Yasuhiro Koike
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Spectral properties of erbium-doped HMO glasses for 1.5-µm-broadband amplification
Author(s): Takayuki Okada; Syuji Matsumoto; Tokuro Nanba; Yoshinori Miura
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Spectroscopic properties of Ho3+-doped chalcogenide glasses for 1.6-µm (u-band) fiber optic amplifiers
Author(s): Tae Hoon Lee; Jong Heo; Bong Je Park; Yong Gyu Choi; Kyong Hon Kim
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Photo-induced anisotropy and related phenomena in glass irradiated with ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Peter G. Kazansky; J. Mills; E. Bricchi; H. Inouye; Jianrong Qiu; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Space-selective microscopic modifications of glass structure by a femtosecond laser
Author(s): Jianrong Qiu; Kiyotaka Miura; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Micro- and nanomachining of transparent dielectrics by two short interfered laser pulses
Author(s): Masahiro Hirano; Ken-ichi Kawamura; Hideo Hosono
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Glass modification techniques for photonic devices
Author(s): Matthias Brinkmann; Ulrich Fotheringham; Joseph S. Hayden; Yoshio Okano
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Laser-based technology for micro-optics and photonics components fabrication
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko
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Formation of gratings and two-dimensional photonic structures by laser-induced nanocrystallization
Author(s): Takumi Fujiwara; Ryoh Ogawa; Yasuhiko Benino; Takayuki Komatsu; Junji Nishii
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Poling-induced structural change and second-harmonic generation in tellurite glasses
Author(s): Katsuhisa Tanaka
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Dependence of femtosecond laser irradiation and heat treatment on gold nanoparticle precipitation in silicate glass
Author(s): Huidan Zeng; Jianrong Qiu; Xiongwei Jiang; Shiliang Qu; Congshan Zhu; Fuxi Gan
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Space-selective precipitation of silver nanoparticles in AG2O-doped silicate glass by irradiation of femtosecond laser
Author(s): Xiongwei Jiang; Huidan Zeng; Congshan Zhu; Jianrong Qiu
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Study on laser-induced darkening in Nd-doped laser glasses
Author(s): Qinling Zhou; Liying Liu; Lei Xu; Wencheng Wang; Congshan Zhu; Fuxi Gan
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Highly nonlinear chalcogenide glasses for all-optical switching
Author(s): J. M. Harbold; F. O. Ilday; Frank W. Wise; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Bruce G. Aitken
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Photoluminescence and NLO study of porous silicon and nanoparticle silicon in SIO2 matrix
Author(s): Huimin Liu; L. F. Fonseca; A. Mahfoud; O. Resto; S. Z. Weisz
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Coloration and decoloration of glasses by photo-irradiation and heat treatment for easily recycled glass products
Author(s): Kohei Kadono; T. Akai; M. Yamashita; J. Sheng; S. Chen; Z. Yao; N. Itakura; T. Yamate; Y. Utagawa; Y. Matsumoto; T. Yazawa
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Persistent spectral hole burning in rare-earth-ion-doped glasses
Author(s): Masayuki Nogami
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Upconversion of glass ceramics and its application
Author(s): Yoji Kawamoto; H. Uchino; J. Qiu; K. Miyauchi; N. Tokura; Y. Kitai; D. Shibata; Hidekazu Hashima; Akio Konishi; Y. Tanigami
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New theory of transient and steady state nucleation in glass
Author(s): Rikuo Ota; Takashi Wakasugi; Katsuhisa Tanaka
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Effect of high pressure on crystallization of Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glass
Author(s): Tomohiro Nagakane; Akihiko Sakamoto; Naoyuki Kitamura; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Photophysical properties and microstructural probe of photoactive organics in hybrid organic-inorganic optical solids
Author(s): Guodong Qian; Zhiyu Wang; Minquan Wang
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Dynamical Faraday rotation properties of highly Tb2O3-concentrated borate glasses
Author(s): Tomokatsu Hayakawa; Masayuki Nogami
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Photostimulated long-lasting phosphorescence in rare-earth-doped glasses
Author(s): Jianrong Qiu; Xiongwei Jiang; Congshan Zhu; Guodong Qian; Minquan Wang; Jinhai Si; Kazuyuki Hirao
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Effect of Yb3+ concentration on upconversion emission of Er3+-doped tellurite glass
Author(s): Jianhu Yang; Shixun Dai; Nengli Dai; Lili Hu; Zhonghong Jiang
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Upconversion phenomenon in Tm3+-doped tellurite glass
Author(s): Shixun Dai; Jianhu Yang; Lei Wen; Lili Hu; Zhonghong Jiang
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Compositional dependence of the spectroscopic properties of Yb3+ in silica-based glass for double-cladding fiber (DCF)
Author(s): Nengli Dai; Jianhu Yang; Shixun Dai; Lili Hu
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Nonlinear response properties of femtosecond-laser-induced microstructures containing gold nanoparticles inside silicate glass
Author(s): Shiliang Qu; Yachen Gao; Xiongwei Jiang; Huidan Zeng; Jianrong Qiu; Congshan Zhu
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Nonlinear absorption and optical limiting properties in sol-gel solidified gold nanorods
Author(s): Shiliang Qu; Huidan Zeng; Chongjun Zhao; Shiyou Fu; Tianyou Peng; Xiongwei Jiang; Congshan Zhu; Jianrong Qiu
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Photoluminescence properties of Tb3+-doped heavy scintillating germanate glasses
Author(s): Guorong Chen; S. Baccaro; A. Cecilia; Shan Wang; Jiaxiang Nie; Yonghui Zhang; Yongjuan Du
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Experimental study on photonic bandgap extension in heterostructural photonic crystals
Author(s): Qinghai Song; Liying Liu; Wencheng Wang; Lei Xu
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Optical, luminescent, and stability properties of phodamine-B-doped TEOS-GPTMS gel glasses
Author(s): Zhiyu Wang
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Influence of the ratio of oxygen to argon on the structure and properties of CuSc1-xMgxO2 thin films prepared by rf sputtering
Author(s): Qingnan Zhao; Xiujian Zhao; A. W. Sleight
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Preparation and electrical and optical properties of CuScO2: Mg (4.5%) films in quartz by rf sputtering
Author(s): Qingnan Zhao; Xiujian Zhao; A. W. Sleight; Jun Li
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Study of silver film inside a silica capillary
Author(s): Xiaoxia Liu; Jianjun Han; Xiujian Zhao
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A method for UV trimming /4 phase-shifted DFB YB-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Jialing Chen; Bai Chen; Liping Liang; Qiquan Qiao; Wei Fan; Zunqi Lin
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Characterization of rare-earth organic-complex-doped PMMA
Author(s): Yu-bin Lee; Jian-Rong Qiu; Zuo-guang Zhang; Qiang Hao
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Structure and nonlinear optical performance of TeO2-Nb2O5-ZnO glass
Author(s): Jian Lin; Wenhai Huang; Zhengrong Shun
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Luminescence behavior of Eu (TTFA)3-doped B2O3-SiO2 film prepared by sol-gel process
Author(s): Xianping Fan; Huawen Yao; Zhiyu Wang; Minquan Wang
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Infrared fiber sensors for applications in chemistry and biology
Author(s): Bruno Bureau; Catherine Boussard-Pledel; David Le Coq; Julie Keirsse; Karine Michel; Thierry Jouan; Jacques Lucas
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Investigation on the fluorescence properties of Er-doped sol-gel silica glasses
Author(s): Yigang Li; Liying Liu; Zhanjia Hou; Lei Xu; Wencheng Wang
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Synthesis and characterization of polymer-CDS nanocomposites
Author(s): Jianxi Yao; Gaoling Zhao; Gaorong Han
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Novel solid state dye laser gain medium with sandwich structure
Author(s): Zhiyu Wang; Guodong Qian; Xianping Fan; Zhanglian Hong; Minquan Wang
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Preparation of metallic-dielectric spheres used to fabricate photonic crystals with electroless plating method
Author(s): Mingwei Zhu; Minquan Wang; Guodong Qian; Zhiyu Wang; Xianping Fan; Zhanglian Hong; Lei Huang; Guoping Ling
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Emission properties of heavy metal oxide glasses doped with rare-earths
Author(s): Jong Heo
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