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12th International Workshop on Lidar Multiple Scattering Experiments
Editor(s): Christian Werner; Ulrich G. Oppel; Tom Rother

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Volume Number: 5059
Date Published: 3 April 2003

Table of Contents
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Monte Carlo: an application to modeling remote sensing of vegetation - coherent and incoherent models
Author(s): Piero Bruscaglioni; P. Poggi; Giovanni Macelloni; Simonetta Paloscia
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Exponential tails in lidar returns from dense clouds: a theoretical proof and the dependence on physical parameters
Author(s): Igor N. Polonsky; Anthony B. Davis
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Diffusion of the lidar beam seen from the receiver
Author(s): Ulrich G. Oppel; Martin Wengenmayer
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Extinction of 4.6-µm laser radiation from experimental and theoretical studies of the physical properties of clouds
Author(s): Min Rong Liu; Kin Seng Lai; W. J. Xie
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Scattering from a long helix
Author(s): Ioseph Gurwich; Moshe M. Kleiman; Nir Shiloah
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Multiple scattering and the shape of the sky including molecules and aerosol particles (spherical and nonspherical)
Author(s): Ariel Cohen
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Light scattering in thermomechanical pulp (TMP) and talc measured with a time-of-flight (TOF) lidar
Author(s): Juha Saarela; Matti Toermaenen; Risto A. Myllylae
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Mueller matrices for randomly oriented ice crystal particles in the geometric optics approximation
Author(s): Igor A. Grishin; Anatoli G. Borovoi; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Application of the separation of variables method to plane wave scattering on non-axisymmetric particles
Author(s): Karsten Schmidt; Jochen Wauer; Tom Rother
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Virtual lab for light scattering and radiative transfer analysis
Author(s): Tom Rother; Thilo Ernst; Jochen Wauer; Franz Schreier; Ute Boettger; Karsten Schmidt
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New modules in the virtual backscatter lidar instrument
Author(s): Juergen Streicher; Ines Leike; Christian Werner
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An approximate equation for multiple scattering of spaceborne lidar returns and its application for the retrieval of extinction and depolarization
Author(s): Svetlana V. Samoilova
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A cloud retrieval algorithm for SCIAMACHY
Author(s): Alexander A. Kokhanovsky; Wolfgang von Hoyningen-Huene; Vladimir V. Rozanov; Eleonora P. Zege; Heinrich Bovensmann; John P. Burrows
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Accounting for multiple scattering in retrievals from space lidar
Author(s): David M. Winker
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The Kaul-Samokhvalov-Balin-Samoilova approximation for spaceborne lidar returns
Author(s): Florian Voigtkaunder; Guenter Czerwinski
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Analytical modeling of Raman lidar return from clouds and ocean including multiple scattering
Author(s): Eleonora P. Zege; Aleksey V. Malinka
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Rain-snow discrimination with a biaxial lidar ceilometer
Author(s): Christoph Muenkel
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Measurements of falling snow using a laser rangefinder
Author(s): Juergen Streicher; Christian Werner; R. Simmet
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Experimental research of stratocumulus cloudiness above the city of Tomsk with changeable-field-of-view lidar
Author(s): Victor V. Veretennikov; Alexander I. Abramotchkin; Serge A. Abramotchkin
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Analytical and computer modeling of oceanic lidar performance
Author(s): Eleonora P. Zege; Iosif L. Katsev; Alexander S. Prikhach; Geoff D. Ludbrook; Piero Bruscaglioni
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Raman lidar multiple scattering
Author(s): Martin Wengenmayer; Andrew Y.S. Cheng; Peter Voulger; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Lidar system for depolarization ratio measurements: development and preliminary results
Author(s): P. Diomede; M. Dell Aglio; G. Pisani; Olga De Pascale
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