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Smart Structures and Materials 2003: Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies
Editor(s): Eric H. Anderson

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Volume Number: 5054
Date Published: 14 August 2003

Table of Contents
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Development of moving spars for active aeroelastic structures
Author(s): Michael Amprikidis; Jonathan E. Cooper
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Design and application of compliant mechanisms for morphing aircraft structures
Author(s): Sridhar Kota; Joel A. Hetrick; Russell Osborn; Donald Paul; Edmund Pendleton; Peter Flick; Carl Tilmann
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High-frequency jet nozzle actuators for noise reduction
Author(s): Christopher L. Davis; Frederick T. Calkins; George W. Butler
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Design of diaphragm actuator based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composite
Author(s): Yuanchang Liang; Minoru Taya; Yasuo Kuga
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Measurements and performance prediction of an adaptive wing micro air vehicle
Author(s): Sergey V. Shkarayev; Wayne C. Jouse; William R. Null; Matthew G. Wagner
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Vibro-Acoustic Launch protection Experiment at the Air Force Research Laboratory
Author(s): Benjamin Kyle Henderson; Steven A. Lane; Charlotte M. Gerhart; Robert E. Richard
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Application of smart material-hydraulic actuators
Author(s): Eric H. Anderson; Gregory L. Bales; Edward V. White
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Compact hybrid actuator device (CHAD) for ultracompact navigation, guidance, and control
Author(s): Leslie A. Momoda; Donald Croft; Gregory Paul Carman; Daniel D. Shin
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Design and testing of piezoelectric-hydraulic actuators
Author(s): Jason E. Lindler; Eric H. Anderson; Mark E. Regelbrugge
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Nanometer resolution actuator with multimillimeter range and power-off hold
Author(s): Galen David Powers; Qin Xu; John C. Fasick; James A. Smith
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Miniature actuator using thin-film shape-memory alloy
Author(s): Daniel D. Shin; Kotekar Panduranga Mohanchandra; Dong Gun Lee; Gregory Paul Carman
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Design of spring actuators made of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy and composites
Author(s): Taishi Wada; Ryan Cheng Chun Lee; Simon Hsiu Hung Chen; Masahiro Kusaka; Minoru Taya
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Development of the fuel-powered compact SMA actuator: second generation actuator
Author(s): Hyoung Y. Jun; Richard D. Allen; Dimitris C. Lagoudas; Othon K. Rediniotis
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Thermoelectric SMA actuator: preliminary prototype testing
Author(s): Mughees M. Khan; Dimitris C. Lagoudas; Othon K. Rediniotis
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Design of torque actuators based on ferromagnetic shape memory alloy composites
Author(s): Minoru Taya; Taishi Wada; Masahiro Kusaka; Ryan C. C. Lee
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Overview of demonstrator program of Japanese Smart Materials and Structure System project
Author(s): Naoyuki Tajima; Tateo Sakurai; Mikio Sasajima; Nobuo Takeda; Teruo Kishi
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Overview of damage detection and damage suppression demonstrator and strain distribution measurement using distributed BOTDR sensors
Author(s): Takashi Yari; Kanehiro Nagai; Takayuki Shimizu; Nobuo Takeda
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Impact damage detection system using small-diameter optical fiber sensors wavily embedded in CFRP laminate structures
Author(s): Hiroaki Tsutsui; Akio Kawamata; Junichi Kimoto; Akira Isoe; Yasuo Hirose; Tomio Sanda; Nobuo Takeda
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Damage suppression system using embedded SMA (shape memory alloy) foils in CFRP laminate structures
Author(s): Toshimichi Ogisu; Masakazu Shimanuki; Satoshi Kiyoshima; Junji Takaki; Nobuo Takeda
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Smart manufacturing of low-cost integrated panel by resin transfer molding
Author(s): Ikuo Okumura; Kenjiro Yamagishi; Takashi Ito; Shintaro Kitade; Yasuhiro Shigegaki
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Noise and vibration reduction technology in aircraft internal cabin
Author(s): Kosaku Takahashi; Hirotaka Monzen; Toshihiro Yamaoka; Koji Kusumoto; Kazuhiro Bansaku; Junichi Kimoto; Akira Isoe; Yasuo Hirose; Tomio Sanda; Yuji Matsuzaki
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Monitoring the integrity of filament-wound structures using built-in sensor networks
Author(s): Mark Lin; Amrita Kumar; Xinlin Qing; Shawn J. Beard; Samuel S. Russell; James L. Walker; Thomas K. Delay
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Second-generation fiber grating traffic monitoring systems on the I-84 freeway
Author(s): Marley Kunzler; Eric Udd; Tad Taylor; Wesley Kunzler
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Fiber optic structural monitoring system of concrete beam retrofitted by composite patches
Author(s): Ki-Soo Kim; Chul Chung; Hwa-Joog Kim
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High-speed weigh-in-motion measurement with Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Ki-Soo Kim; Seong-Kyu Cho; Byung-Woo Bae
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Actively controlled thin-shell space optics
Author(s): Keith K. Denoyer; Eric M. Flint; John A. Main; Jason E. Lindler
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Control challenges for extremely large telescopes
Author(s): Douglas G. MacMartin
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Compact lightweight six-axis point-and-hold positioning system
Author(s): Jonathan L. Hall; Greg W. Pettit; Jason E. Lindler; Eric H. Anderson; Eric M. Flint
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Hybrid struts with smart piezoactuators for high-dynamic parallel kinematics
Author(s): Reimund Neugebauer; Welf-Guntram Drossel; Hans-Juergen Roscher
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Application of amplified piezoelectric actuators to the construction of gas valves
Author(s): Philippe Bouchilloux; Ronan Le Letty; Nicolas Lhermet; G. Patient; Frank Claeyssen; M. Lang
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Latching valve control using ferromagnetic shape memory alloy actuators
Author(s): Andries J. du Plessis; Alexander W. Jessiman; Gert J. Muller; Marthinus C. van Schoor
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Temperature-dependent skyhook control of HMMWV suspension using a fail-safe magnetorheological damper
Author(s): Yanming Liu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Umit Dogruer; Moon-Su Yeo; Enver Sinan Karakas; Alan Fuchs
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Multiplate magnetorheological fluid limited slip differential clutch
Author(s): Barkan M. Kavlicoglu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Alan Fuchs; George Korol
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Enhanced-performance active fiber composites
Author(s): Richard L. Gentilman; Kelley McNeal; Gerald E. Schmidt; Alessandro E. Pizzochero; George A. Rossetti Jr.
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Thin-layer magnetostrictive composite films for turbomachinery fan blade damping
Author(s): Wade J. Pulliam; Donggun Lee; Gregory Paul Carman; Geoffrey P. McKnight
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Self-healing structural composites with electromagnetic functionality
Author(s): Thomas A. Plaisted; Alireza Vakil Amirkhizi; Diego Arbelaez; Syrus C. Nemat-Nasser; Sia Nemat-Nasser
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Vibration reduction on automotive shafts using piezoceramics
Author(s): Holger Kunze; Mathias Riedel; Knut Schmidt; Emanuele Bianchini
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Electrical and mechanical field interactions of piezoelectric systems: foundation of smart-structure-based piezoelectric sensors and actuators, piezotransformers, and free-fall sensors
Author(s): Chih Kung Lee; Yu Hsiang Hsu; Wendy Wen-Hsin Hsiao; Jeremy W. J. Wu
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