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Smart Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems II
Editor(s): Tribikram Kundu

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Volume Number: 5047
Date Published: 1 August 2003

Table of Contents
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Acoustic emission waveforms in composite laminates under low velocity impact
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Frank Shih; Sauvik Banerjee
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Lamb wave propagation and scattering in layered composite plates
Author(s): Sourav Banerjee; Pradipta Banerji; Frank Berning; Klaus Eberle
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Guided-wave interaction with complex delaminations: application to damage detection in composite structures
Author(s): Philippe Guy; Yves Jayet; Laurent Goujon
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Strategic sensor locations of FPR bridge decks
Author(s): Hwai-Chung Wu; Kraig Warnemuende; An Yan; Bin Mu
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Ultrasonic lamb waves in a thin plate
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Sauvik Banerjee; William H. Prosser
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Detection of cracks at rivet holes in thin plates using Lamb-wave scanning
Author(s): Roberto A. Osegueda; Vladik Kreinovich; Soheil Nazarian; Enrique Roldan
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A new unique electrostatic imager for nondestructive evaluation of printed circuit boards
Author(s): George Zentai; Larry D. Partain; Cesar Proano; Syuji Yamaoka
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Polymer subtrates for dry-coupled ultrasonic transducers
Author(s): Igor N. Komsky
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Detailed imager evaluation and unique applications of a new 20cmx25-cm size mercuric iodide thick film x-ray detector
Author(s): George Zentai; Larry D. Partain; Raisa Pavlyuchkova; Cesar Proano; Gary F. Virshup; Barry N. Breen; Alexander I. Vilensky; Ofer Dagan; E. Meerson; M. Schieber; Haim Gilboa; Jerry A. Thomas
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Health monitoring system for future reusable launcher: from operational aspects to mission risk management impacts
Author(s): Luc F. P. Renson
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Comparative study of neural network damage detection from a statistical set of electro-mechanical impedance spectra
Author(s): Victor Giurgiutiu; Claudia V. Kropas-Hughes
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Active wireless temperature sensors for aerospace thermal protection systems
Author(s): Frank S. Milos; K.S.G. Karunaratne
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Simulation of an electromagnetic health monitoring concept for composite materials: comparison with experimental data
Author(s): Michel B. Lemistre; Dominique Placko; Nicolas Liebeaux
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Statistical and Dempster-Shafer techniques in testing structural integrity of aerospace structures
Author(s): Roberto A. Osegueda; Seetharami R. Seelam; Bharat Mulupuru; Vladik Kreinovich
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Hybrid tactile probe for damage detection and material recognition
Author(s): Nicolo Savalli; Salvatore Baglio; Giovanni Muscato; Michel B. Lemistre; Daniel L. Balageas
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Automated detection of fatigue cracks on the faying surface within high load transfer bolted speciments
Author(s): Gregory Wheatley; Jeffrey R. Kollgaard
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Ultrasonic field computation in the presence of a scatterer of finite dimension
Author(s): Dominique Placko; Tribikram Kundu; Rais Ahmad
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A three-dimensional transmission line matrix model for ultrasonic imaging
Author(s): Razvan Ciocan; Nathan Ida; Eugenia Ciocan
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Joint degradation assessment in an extended structure using chaotic attractor property analysis
Author(s): Michael D. Todd; Jeannette R. Wait; Jonathan M. Nichols; Stephen T. Trickey
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Damage detection in structures from vibration and wave propagation data
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Fabrizio Ricci; Steve Gibson; Sauvik Banerjee
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Lag superposition method for structural analysis through ambient vibration
Author(s): Zach Liang; George C. Lee
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0-3 cement-based piezoelectric ceramic composites
Author(s): Zongjin Li; Biqin Dong
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Elements of an integrated health monitoring framework
Author(s): Michael Fraser; Ahmed Elgamal; Joel Pascal Conte; Sami Masri; Tony Fountain; Amarnath Gupta; Mohan Trivedi; Magda El Zarki
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A simple approach to the localization of flaws in large diameter steel cables
Author(s): Andrea Bergamini; Rouven Christen
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A real-time structural parametric identification system based on fiber optic sensing and neural network algorithms
Author(s): Zhishen Wu; Bin Xu
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Damage estimation method using committee of neural networks
Author(s): Chung Bang Yun; Jong Won Lee; Jae Dong Kim; Kyung Won Min
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A flexible micromachined optical sensor for simultaneous measurement of pressure and shear force distribution on foot
Author(s): Wei-Chih Wang; Reynold R. Panergo; Christopher M. Galvanin; William Ledoux; Bruce Sangeorzan; Per G. Reinhall
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Pressure and temperature distribution in biological tissues by focused ultrasound
Author(s): Ajit K. Mal; Feng Feng; Michael Kabo; Jeffrey Wang; Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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High-frequency ultrasonic imaging of thickly sliced specimens
Author(s): Chiaki Miyasaka; Bernhard R. Tittmann; Premindra Anthony N. Chandraratna
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Development of a microfabricated scanning endoscope using SU-8-based optical waveguide
Author(s): Wei-Chih Wang; Reynold R. Panergo; Per G. Reinhall
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Imaging in turbid media by modified filtered back projection method using data from Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Ashwani Aggarwal; Ram M. Vasu
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Damage detection using wavelets
Author(s): Stephanie A. Wimmer; Virginia G. DeGiorgi
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Weld line degradation assessment using chaotic attractor property analysis
Author(s): Mark E. Seaver; Jonathan M. Nichols; Stephen T. Trickey; Michael D. Todd
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Excitation considerations for attractor property analysis in vibration-based damage detection
Author(s): Stephen T. Trickey; Michael D. Todd; Mark E. Seaver; Jonathan M. Nichols
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In vivo results using photothermal tomography for imaging cutaneous blood vessels
Author(s): Bernard Choi; Boris Majaron; Gracie Vargas; Byungjo Jung; Oliver F. Stumpp; Nicole M. Kang; Kristen M. Kelly; Ashley J. Welch; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.
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Spectral staining of tumor tissue by fiber optic FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Reiner Salzer; Gerald Steiner; Angelique Kano; Tom Richter; Ralf Bergmann; Heike Rodig; Bernd Johannsen; Jens Kobelke
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Comparative studies on cervical and colonic malignancies using FTIR microspectroscopy
Author(s): Shaul Mordechai; Shlomo Mark; A. Podshyvalov; Keren Kantarovich; Y. Bernshtain; Ahmad Salman; Vitaly Erukhimovitch; Hugo Guterman; Jed Goldstein; Shmuel Argov; R. Jagannathan
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Data processing and analysis of benign, premalignant, and malignant changes in skin tissue samples using FT-IR microspectroscopy
Author(s): Natalja Skrebova M.D.; Katsuo Aizawa; Yukihiro Ozaki; Seiji Arase
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The real-time health monitoring system of a large structure based on nondestructive testing
Author(s): Man-Yong Choi; Kyung-Koo Kang; Jong-Woo Kim; Hae-Yon Park
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Neural-network-based modeling of structural parametric evaluation with dynamic responses in time domain
Author(s): Bin Xu; Zhishen Wu; Koichi Yokoyama
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Optical biosensor array based on natural ion channels
Author(s): Cordelia A. Zimmerer; Hans-Georg Braun; Marco Kitsche; Gerald Steiner; Steffen Friedrich; Reiner Salzer
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