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Medical Imaging 2003: PACS and Integrated Medical Information Systems: Design and Evaluation
Editor(s): H. K. Huang; Osman M. Ratib

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Volume Number: 5033
Date Published: 19 May 2003

Table of Contents
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IHE Europe: extending the IHE initiative to the European healthcare market
Author(s): Marco Eichelberg; Eric Poiseau; Berthold B. Wein; Joerg Riesmeier
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Integrating an enterprise image distribution system into an existing electronic medical record system
Author(s): Robert M. Witt; Robert Morrow
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Experience with DICOM for the clinical specialties in the healthcare enterprise
Author(s): Peter M. Kuzmak; Ruth E. Dayhoff M.D.
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Implementation of nationwide medical image sharing system
Author(s): SeungWook Choi; Jungsuk Sim; Wonsun Ko; ChanHyung Park; Jaeha Lee; DongHyun Lim; Juhyuk Lee; Jungu Han; Jongsu Lee; HeonPyo Hong; Bongsuk Choi
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Scalable fault tolerant image communication and storage grid
Author(s): David Slik; Oliver Seiler; Tym Altman; Mike Montour; Mohammad Kermani; Walter Proseilo; David Terry; Midori Kawahara; Chris Leckie; Dale Muir
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Predicting PACS loading and performance metrics using Monte Carlo and queuing methods
Author(s): Paul G. Nagy; Michael Warnock; Damien Evans
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Application service provider (ASP) financial models for off-site PACS archiving
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Brent J. Liu; J. Michael McCoy M.D.; Dieter R. Enzmann M.D.
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Clinical experiences with an ASP model backup archive for PACS images
Author(s): Brent J. Liu; Fei Cao; Luis Documet; H. K. Huang; Jean Muldoon
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Biomedical information from a national collection of spine x-rays: film to content-based retrieval
Author(s): L. Rodney Long; Sameer Antani; Dah-Jye Lee; Daniel M. Krainak; George R. Thoma
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Content-based image retrieval for medical imagery
Author(s): Christina Pavlopoulou; Avinash C. Kak; Carla E. Brodley
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Concept-based retrieval of biomedical images
Author(s): Sennay Ghebreab; Carl Jaffe; Arnold W. M. Smeulders
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Content-based image retrieval in medical applications for picture archiving and communication systems
Author(s): Thomas Martin Lehmann; Mark Oliver Guld; Christian Thies; Benedikt Fischer; Daniel Keysers; Michael Kohnen; Henning Schubert; Berthold B. Wein
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The data model of a PACS-based DICOM radiation therapy server
Author(s): Maria Y. Y. Law; H. K. Huang; Xiaoyan Zhang; Jianguo Zhang
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An architecture for the construction of medical image databases
Author(s): Jeroniza N. Marchaukoski; Luciano Silva; Marcos S. Sunye; Olga R. P. Bellon
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Educational RIS/PACS simulator
Author(s): Zheng Zhou; Maria Y. Y. Law; H. K. Huang; Fei Cao; Brent J. Liu; Jianguo Zhang; Greg T. Mogel; Jun Zhuang
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Image matching as a diagnostic support tool
Author(s): Jon F. Nielsen; Marvin D. Nelson Jr.; Fei Cao; Lifeng Liu; H. K. Huang
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Teleradiology as a driver for regional-scale multi-organizational high-volume telehealth systems
Author(s): Kevin M. McNeill; Mark Carroll M.D.; Michael J. Holcomb M.D.; Meryll M. Frost; Pete Yonsetto; Ron Schwarz; Kai Haber M.D.
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Web-based monitoring and management system for integrated enterprise-wide imaging networks
Author(s): Keith Ma; David Slik; Alvin Lam; Won Ng
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International Internet2 connectivity for tele-imaging consultation
Author(s): Lawrence W. C. Chan; Richard Li; Kent Leung; S. K. Hau; Eric C. H. Wong; Fei Cao; Michael Z. Zho
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Wireless-PDA-controlled image workflow from PACS: the next trend in the health care enterprise?
Author(s): Stephan G. Erberich; Jorge Documet; Michael Z. Zhou; Fei Cao; Brent J. Liu; Greg T. Mogel; H. K. Huang
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Tablet PC as a mobil PACS terminal using wireless LAN
Author(s): Bo-Shen Tsao; Yu-Tai Ching; Wen-Jeng Lee; Shyh-Jye Chen; Chia-Hung Chang; Chien-Jung Chen; York Yen; Yuan-Ten Lee
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Risk information management resource (RIMR): modeling an approach to defending against military medical information assurance brain drain
Author(s): Willie E. Wright
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Digital image envelope: method and evaluation
Author(s): H. K. Huang; Fei Cao; Michael Z. Zhou; Greg T. Mogel; Brent J. Liu; Xiaoqiang Zhou
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Comprehensive security framework for the communication and storage of medical images
Author(s): David Slik; Mike Montour; Tym Altman
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Execution of a self-directed risk assessment methodology to address HIPAA data security requirements
Author(s): Johnathan Coleman
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Policy revision in health enterprise information security: P3WG final report
Author(s): Kristen Sostrom; Jeff R. Collmann
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Safe teleradiology: information assurance as project planning methodology
Author(s): Jeff R. Collmann; Adil Alaoui; Dan Nguyen M.D.; David Lindisch
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DICOM image viewers: a survey
Author(s): Steven C. Horii M.D.
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Design and performance evaluation of web-based medical image display system for PACS applications
Author(s): Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang; Yongbin Huang; Shan Tang; H. K. Huang
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Patient-oriented presentation of results of radiological procedures using DICOM-compliant DVD media
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Denise R. Aberle; Jonathan G. Goldin; David S.K. Lu M.D.; Magdalena Dahlbom; D. Ric McGill; J. Michael McCoy M.D.
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Preliminary clinical evaluation of a multisite telemammography system in a screening mammography environment
Author(s): J. Ken Leader; Luisa P. Wallace M.D.; Christiane M. Hakim M.D.; Todd M. Hertzberg M.D.; Lara A. Hardesty M.D.; Jules H. Sumkin M.D.; Cathy Cohen; Colleen Sneddon; Shirley Lindeman; Deborah Craig; John M. Drescher
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Pathology tickler: an HL7 monitoring system to provide clinical feedback
Author(s): Pattanasak Mongkolwat; Elizabeth Davis; Pankit Bhalodia; Harinder Singh; David S. Channin M.D.
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Multigeneration data migration from legacy systems
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Brent J. Liu; Hwa T. Kho; Wenchao Tao; Cun Wang; J. Michael McCoy M.D.
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Bavarian mammography recertification program: experiences with a workstation prototype for softcopy reading
Author(s): Jorg Riesmeier; Marco Eichelberg; Joachim Kieschke; Hans-Peter Hellemann; Birgit Gruschka-Hellemann; Roman Sokiranski; Axel Munte; Wilfried Thoben; Peter F. Jensch
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Multimedia platform for authoring and presentation of clinical rounds in cardiology
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Vivekanand Allada M.D.; Magdalena Dahlbom; Lorelle Lapstra
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Developing and theoretically justifying innovative organizational practices in health information assurance
Author(s): Jeff R. Collmann
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MineScan: non-image data monitoring and mining from imaging modalities
Author(s): Shayan M. Zaidi; Dov Huff; Pankit Bhalodia; Pattanasak Mongkolwat; David S. Channin M.D.
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iScout: an intelligent scout for navigating large image sets
Author(s): Adam C. Weathermon; Robert N. Rohling
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Managing multiple medical image file formats and conventions
Author(s): Scott C. Neu; Daniel J. Valentino; Keith R. Ouellette; Arthur W. Toga
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Training-aided system in senology: methodologies and techniques
Author(s): Souad Demigha; Colette Rolland
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Lossless watermarking scheme for enhancing security of medical data in PACS
Author(s): Xiaotao Guo; Tian-ge Zhuang
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Multi-site telemammography system: preliminary assessment of technical and operational issues
Author(s): John M. Drescher; Glenn S. Maitz; Christopher Traylor; J. Ken Leader; Ronald J. Clearfield M.D.; Ratan Shah M.D.; Marie A. Ganott M.D.; Francine Pugliese; Dian Duffner; Janet Lockhart; David Gur
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PACS archive server database structure enabling flexible queries
Author(s): Sam Zhongmin Shen; Martin Joel Yaffe; Zhongming Chen; Gordon E. Mawdsley
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Block-based conditional entropy coding for medical image compression
Author(s): Sriperumbudur Vangeepuram Bharath Kumar; Nithin Nagaraj; Sudipta Mukhopadhyay; Xiaofeng Xu
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Region of interest and windowing-based progressive medical image delivery using JPEG 2000
Author(s): Nithin Nagaraj; Sudipta Mukhopadhyay; Frederick W. Wheeler; Ricardo S. Avila
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Developing security architecture for both in-house healthcare information systems and electronic patient record
Author(s): Jianguo Zhang; Xiaomeng Chen; Jun Zhuang; Jianrong Jiang; Xiaoyan Zhang; Dongqing Wu; H. K. Huang
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DBMap: a TreeMap-based framework for data navigation and visualization of brain research registry
Author(s): Ming Zhang; Hong Zhang; Donny Tjandra; Stephen T. C. Wong
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Innovation of PACS for computer-aided diagnosis with functions to assist comparative reading for lung cancer based on multi-helical CT images
Author(s): Hitoshi Sato; Noboru Niki; Kiyoshi Mori; Kenji Eguchi; Masahiro Kaneko; Noriyuki Moriyama; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Hideo Masuda; Suguru Machida; Michizou Sasagawa
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Development of effective compression for CT series
Author(s): Jaehoon Lee; Hee-Joung Kim; Hyung-Sik Yoo
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Framework for the development of the clinical image access service using Java
Author(s): Ramon Alfredo Moreno; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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The IRMA code for unique classification of medical images
Author(s): Thomas Martin Lehmann; Henning Schubert; Daniel Keysers; Michael Kohnen; Berthold B. Wein
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Web survey data collection and retrieval to plan teleradiology implementation
Author(s): Adil Alaoui; Jeff R. Collmann; Jeffrey A. Johnson; David Lindisch; Dan Nguyen M.D.; Seong Ki Mun
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Image database for digital hand atlas
Author(s): Fei Cao; H. K. Huang; Ewa Pietka; Vicente Gilsanz; Partha S. Dey; Arkadiusz Gertych; Sywia Pospiech-Kurkowska
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New ergonomic and functional design of digital conferencing rooms in a clinical environment
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; Carlos L. Amato; D. Ric McGill; Brent J. Liu; Joseph A. Balbona; J. Michael McCoy M.D.
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Three-dimensional visualization of medical images over the Internet
Author(s): Sunghyun Kim; Samuel Moon-Ho Song
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Multimodality medical image database for temporal lobe epilepsy
Author(s): Mohammad-Reza Siadat; Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh; Farshad A. Fotouhi; Kost Elisevich
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Complete continuous-availability PACS archive server solution
Author(s): Zheng Zhou; Fei Cao; Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang; Jianguo Zhang; X. Zhang; Greg T. Mogel
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