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Fifth Seminar on Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics
Editor(s): Anatoly M. Filachev

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Volume Number: 5025
Date Published: 1 April 2003

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Three-dimensional numeric calculation of electrostatic field with universal algorithm of surface-charge singularities treatment based on the Fichera's method
Author(s): Dmitrii E. Greenfield; Mikhail A. Monastyrskii
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Matching and correcting electric mirrors in electron optics
Author(s): Yury K. Golikov; Nadejda K. Krasnova; K. V. Solovjev; D. V. Grigorjev; A. D. Lubchich
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Calculation of electrostatic mirrors free of spherical and chromatic aberrations
Author(s): S. B. Bimurzaev; G. S. Serikbaeva; E. M. Yakushev
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Simulation of klystron-type electron devices
Author(s): A. V. Tregubov; V. F. Tregubov
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Complex of codes for computer-aided design of electron guns with grid control
Author(s): A. I. Petrosyan; V. D. Juravleva; V. V. Penzyakov; V. I. Rogovin
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On-line distance learning system to study theory of magnetic lenses electron optics
Author(s): I. V. Melnik; A. O. Luntovsky
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Computer simulation of influence of residual gas on formation of intensive electronic beams in plasma sources of the charged particles
Author(s): O. N. Petrovich
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Electron gun model for technological and microscopical applications
Author(s): O. D. Potapkin
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Simulation of the electron-optical system of the MIS-I electron-beam multicharged ion
Author(s): V. G. Abdul'manov; P. D. Voblyi; A. V. Utkin; V. P. Tomilov; Yu. N. Yudin; O. Yu. Maslennikov; P. V. Nevskii; V. P. Rybachek; V. K. Fedyaev
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Device for controlling a charged particle beam structure
Author(s): A. N. Kozlov; V. D. Smolyaninov; A. P. Eremin; Anatoly M. Filachev
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PEEM/LEEM resolution
Author(s): O. D. Potapkin; A. S. Belanov
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Control of spatial information of electron beam waves in electron beam computers and electron microscopes
Author(s): Boris N. Vasichev
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Anode modulator of electron-beam sources of multicharged ions
Author(s): V. G. Abdul'manov
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Intense electron beam in electron cooling method
Author(s): I. Meshkov; A. Smirnov; E. Syresin
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Formation of an intense electron beam in guns with a small-diameter cathode
Author(s): V. Antropov; A. Ivanov; V. Kobets; Yu. Korotaev; I. Meshkov; A. Petrov; I. Seleznev; A. Sidorin; A. Smirnov; E. Syresin; G. Trubnikov; S. Yakovenko
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Relativistic electron beam injector synthesis on basis of geometrized space-charge-flow equations
Author(s): Pavel I. Akimov; Valerij A. Syrovoy; Anna B. Bogoslovskaya
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Using magnetron-injection guns for beam-plasma microwave tubes
Author(s): M. A. Zavjalov; Valerij A. Syrovoy; V. N. Manuilov; E. A. Solujanova
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Problems of account of electron-optical systems beam-plasma devices of microwave
Author(s): Pavel I. Akimov
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Interactions of fast helium ions with an emitter of radioisotope source of electric current
Author(s): V. M. Balebanov; N. S. Erokhin; L. A. Mikhailovskaya; S. S. Moiseev; N. N. Zol'nikova
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Orthogonal-projection method for solving equations of diffusion of minority charge carriers generated by the electron beam in semiconductors
Author(s): A. A. Belov; N. D. Egupov; A. A. Samokhvalov; M. A. Stepovich; M. M. Tchaikovsky
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Particularities of IR-radiation absorbing in fine polyimide structures and microbolometer detector on their base
Author(s): A. A. Zhukov; A. E. Zdobnikov; S. N. Klemin; Victor V. Tarasov; L. A. Filatov; Yu. S. Chetverov
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Representations of wave electron optics for description of the process of electron interaction with crystal lattice field: deriving an analytical description of dynamic multiwave electron diffraction on crystal lattice by using Kirchhoff's diffraction integral
Author(s): T. A. Grishina; Boris N. Vasichev; O. D. Potapkin
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Collective electron oscillations in ceramic systems
Author(s): A. M. Savchenko; M. A. Savchenko; D. V. Kreopalov
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