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Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection XI

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Volume Number: 5011
Date Published: 22 May 2003

Table of Contents
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Accurate surface reconstruction of large 3D objects from range data
Author(s): Xiaokun Li; Lei He; Bryan Everding; Chia Yung Han; William G. Wee
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Distributed image processing system for the monitoring of hot steel wire
Author(s): Paul O'Leary; Michael Weiss; Arnulf Schiller
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Identification of white contaminants and their removal from wool fibers
Author(s): Liwei Zhang; Abbas A. Dehghani; Zhenwei Su; Tim King; Barry Greenwood
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Vision system for auto-detection of cashmere pigmented fibers
Author(s): Zhenwei Su; Abbas A. Dehghani; Liwei Zhang; Tim King; Barry Greenwood
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Primary detection of hardwood log defects using laser surface scanning
Author(s): Edward Thomas; Liya Thomas; Lamine Mili; Roger W. Ehrich; A. Lynn Abbott; Clifford Shaffer
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Tunnel profile measurement by vision metrology toward application to NATM
Author(s): Susumu Hattori; Keiichi Akimoto; Tetsu Ono; Satoru Miura
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Calibration verification of a mining machine using image processing
Author(s): Ronald Ofner; Gerhard Rath; Paul O'Leary
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Relief reconstruction of rough-textured surface through image analysis
Author(s): Anis Benslimane; Jacques Brochard; Vincent Legeay; Min-Tan Do
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Shape description and analysis of range data for milled steel blocks
Author(s): Franz Pernkopf; Paul O'Leary
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Machine vision technique for measuring glass container thickness
Author(s): Ralph M. Ford; Jeffrey A. Mercier
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Computer-vision-based gob inspection system for monitoring and control in the glass industry
Author(s): Eskarne Laizola; Antonio Ramon Jimenez; Fernando Morgado; Mar Calvache; Fernando Seco
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Development of a strain analyzer system for sheet metal stamped parts based on an optical 3D digitizer
Author(s): Eusebio Carasusan; Fernando Canal
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Automated serial number recognition system
Author(s): Hui Wang; Xudong Bao; Limin Luo; Guoqiang Lv
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Hybrid machine vision method for autonomous guided vehicles
Author(s): Jian Lu; Kyoko Hamajima; Koji Ishihara
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Three color selective stereo gradient method for fast topography recognition of metallic surfaces
Author(s): Markus Adameck; Michael Hossfeld; Manfred Eich
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Using a high-speed camera to discriminate projective lines with an adverse illumination
Author(s): Tadeusz Sliwa; Yvon Voisin; Alan Diou
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Classification of painting cracks for content-based analysis
Author(s): Fazly Salleh Abas; Kirk Martinez
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Estimating cross-section semiconductor structure by comparing top-down SEM images
Author(s): Jeffery R. Price; Philip R. Bingham; Kenneth W. Tobin Jr.; Thomas P. Karnowski
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Effect of acquisition system features on algorithm performance
Author(s): Vidya Venkatachalam; Richard M. Wasserman; Hiroyuki Yoshida; Hidemitsu Asano; Yasuhiro Takahama
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Content-based segmentation of patterned wafer for automatic threshold determination
Author(s): Pierrick Bourgeat; Fabrice Meriaudeau; Patrick Gorria; Kenneth W. Tobin Jr.
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Fine structure measurement in the SEM cross section of LSI using the Canny edge detector
Author(s): Yoshihiro Midoh; Katsuyoshi Miura; Koji Nakamae; Hiromu Fujioka
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Comprehensive investigation of subpixel edge detection schemes in metrology
Author(s): Vidya Venkatachalam; Richard M. Wasserman
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Automated image registration in semiconductor industry: a case study in the direct-to-digital holography inspection system
Author(s): X. Long Dai; Martin A. Hunt
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NIR spectrophotometric system based on a conventional CCD camera
Author(s): Meritxell Vilaseca; Jaume Pujol; Montserrat Arjona
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Real-time multispectral high-temperature measurement: application to control in the industry
Author(s): Fabrice Meriaudeau; Anne-Claire Legrand; Patrick Gorria
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Ornamental stone finished product aesthetic inspection and characterization through a digital spectrophotometric approach
Author(s): Giuseppe Bonifazi; Stefano Marinelli
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Dynamic classification of fringe patterns in holographic interferometry by optical wavelet filtering
Author(s): Frank Kallmeyer; Sven Krueger; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Hartmut Gruber; Daniel Kayser
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Determination of speckle fringe orientation map by image sequence and removing the speckle noise from speckle fringe patterns
Author(s): Qifeng Yu; Xiangyi Sun; Sihua Fu
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Skeletonization based on the symmetric point pairs sequence and its application
Author(s): XiaoJun Li; YiXin Zhang
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Estimation of electron beam profile from SEM image by using wavelet multiresolution analysis
Author(s): Masaki Chikahisa; Koji Nakamae; Hiromu Fujioka
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Temperature mapping in heat treatment processes with a standard color-video camera by means of image processing
Author(s): Gerald Zauner; Daniel Heim; Gunther Hendorfer; Kurt Niel
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Camera calibration technique with planar scenes
Author(s): Yongjun Zhang; Zuxun Zhang; Jianqing Zhang
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Automated visual inspection for polished stone manufacture
Author(s): Melvyn L. Smith; Lyndon N. Smith
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Stereo vision technology for object measurement
Author(s): Lyndon N. Smith; Melvyn L. Smith
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Eigenspace technique for object characterization in a disaster field
Author(s): Falguni Biswas; M. Ashrafuzzaman; Hideo Nagase
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