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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging VIII

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Volume Number: 5007
Date Published: 17 June 2003

Table of Contents
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General perceptual contrast metric
Author(s): Anna Liberg; David Hasler
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Contrast-discrimination and contrast-appearance require different visual mechanisms
Author(s): Jing Xing
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Measuring images: differences, quality, and appearance
Author(s): Garrett M. Johnson; Mark D. Fairchild
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Forensic analysis of print using digital image analysis
Author(s): Jack Tchan
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Suprathreshold image compression based on contrast allocation and global precedence
Author(s): Damon M. Chandler; Sheila S. Hemami
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Measuring colorfulness in natural images
Author(s): David Hasler; Sabine E. Suesstrunk
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Digital item adaptation for color vision variations
Author(s): Jaeil Song; Seungji Yang; Cheonseog Kim; Jaeho Nam; Jin-Woo Hong; Yong Man Ro
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Video quality evaluation for Internet streaming applications
Author(s): Stefan Winkler; Ruth Campos
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CVQE: a metric for continuous video quality evaluation at low bit rates
Author(s): Mark A. Masry; Sheila S. Hemami
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Some properties of synthetic blocky and blurry artifacts
Author(s): Mylene C. Q. Farias; John M. Foley; Sanjit K. Mitra
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Preprocessing of compressed digital video based on perceptual quality metrics
Author(s): Passant V. Karunaratne; Aggelos K. Katsaggelos; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
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Image appearance modeling
Author(s): Mark D. Fairchild; Garrett M. Johnson
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Mesopic color appearance
Author(s): Youngshin Kwak; Lindsay William MacDonald; M. Ronnier Luo
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Progress on a computational model of achromatic color processing
Author(s): Michael E. Rudd
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Non-von-Kries 3-parameter color prediction
Author(s): Brian V. Funt; Hao Jiang
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Assuring quality of color graphics for aerospace interfaces
Author(s): Lawrence E. Arend
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Visual display characterization using flicker photometry techniques
Author(s): Gustav J. Braun
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Color image semantics for digital libraries
Author(s): Aleksandra Mojsilovic; Bernice E. Rogowitz
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Eye tracking observers during color image evaluation tasks
Author(s): Jason S. Babcock; Jeff B. Pelz; Mark D. Fairchild
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Maintaining perceived quality for interactive tasks
Author(s): Kirsten Cater; Alan Chalmers
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High-level aspects of oculomotor control during viewing of natural-task images
Author(s): Roxanne L. Canosa; Jeff B. Pelz; Neil R. Mennie; Joseph Peak
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Individual predictions of eye-movements with dynamic scenes
Author(s): Erhardt Barth; Jan Drewes; Thomas Martinetz
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Wavelet-based semi-automatic live-wire segmentation
Author(s): Thomas Haenselmann; Wolfgang Effelsberg
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Estimating Gaussian curvatures from 3D meshes
Author(s): Jingliang Peng; Qing Li; C.-C. Jay Kuo; Manli Zhou
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Use of finite element method in 3D structure and motion estimation of nonrigid objects
Author(s): Themis Balomenos; Athanasios Drosopoulos; Amaryllis Raouzaiou; Kostas Karpouzis; Stefanos D. Kollias
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Three varieties of realism in computer graphics
Author(s): James A. Ferwerda
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Color of specular highlights
Author(s): Elli Angelopoulou; Sofya Poger
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Ecological model of glittering texture
Author(s): Matthieu Vallet; Damien Paille; Annie Monot; Andras Kemeny
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Design of a tone mapping operator for high-dynamic range images based upon psychophysical evaluation and preference mapping
Author(s): Frederic Drago; William L. Martens; Karol Myszkowski; Norishige Chiba
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Showing shape with texture: two directions seem better than one
Author(s): Sunghee Kim; Haleh Hagh-Shenas; Victoria Interrante
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Perceptual color and spatial texture features for segmentation
Author(s): Junqing Chen; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; Alexandra Mojsilovic; Bernice E. Rogowitz
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Nonlinear image representation with statistical independent features: efficient implementation and applications
Author(s): Roberto Valerio; Rafael Navarro
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Psychophysical study of image orientation perception
Author(s): Jiebo Luo; David Crandall; Amit Singhal; Robert T. Gray
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Characterizing the high-level content of natural images using lexical basis functions
Author(s): John Arthur Black Jr.; Kanav Kahol; Prem Kuchi; Gamal F. Fahmy; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Navigating mazes in a virtual environment
Author(s): Roger A. Browse; David B. Skillicorn; Darren Middleman
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Effect of force and acoustic feedback on teleoperation work
Author(s): Zhenglie Cui; Katsuya Matsunaga; Kazunori Shidoji
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Failure of stereomotion capture in an object disappearance paradigm
Author(s): Lora T. Likova; Christopher W. Tyler
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Staircase illusion: Does a computer see the staircase as a human sees it?
Author(s): Satoshi Ina; Koichi Tabata
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Sampling of post-Riley visual artists surreptitiously probing perception
Author(s): Scott J. Daly
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Line-display: a system component for indirect viewing
Author(s): Hans Gunnar Biverot
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Faithful presentation of luminance contrast: evaluation of photographic and computational display methods
Author(s): Erich Phillips; Greg Ward; Thomas J. Ayres
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Study of systemic chromatic changes in color space to model color transparency
Author(s): Peggy Gerardin; Sabine E. Suesstrunk; Kenneth Knoblauch
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Contrast measures for predicting text readability
Author(s): Lauren F. V. Scharff; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.
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Registration-tolerant extended visual cryptography
Author(s): Mizuho Nakajima; Yasushi Yamaguchi
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Sequential color breakup measured with induced saccades
Author(s): Xuemei Zhang; Joyce E. Farrell
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Learning to see, seeing to learn: visual aspects of sensemaking
Author(s): Daniel M. Russell
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Visual signal processing, speechreading, and related issues
Author(s): Harry Levitt
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