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Photonic Integrated Systems
Editor(s): Andrew R. Pirich; Paul L. Repak; Ray T. Chen; Joseph C. Chon; Louay A. Eldada; Andrew R. Pirich; Paul L. Repak; Ray T. Chen; Joseph C. Chon; Louay A. Eldada

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Volume Number: 4998
Date Published: 9 July 2003

Table of Contents
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Recent advances in PLC hybrid integration technology
Author(s): Ikuo Ogawa; Takeshi Kitagawa
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Hybrid integrated metro ring node subsystem on a chip
Author(s): Reinald Gerhardt; Junichiro Fujita; Antonije M. Radojevic; Oleksandr Zhuromskyy; Louay A. Eldada
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Ultrafast optical signal processing with symmetric-Mach-Zehnder-type all-optical switches
Author(s): Shigeru Nakamura; Takemasa Tamanuki; Morio Takahashi; Yoshiyasu Ueno; Kazuhito Tajima
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Optoelectronic integrated circuit's (OEIC's) application in WDM
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Steven Slivken
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Photonic integrated circuits based on sampled-grating distributed-Bragg-reflector lasers
Author(s): Jonathon S. Barton; Erik J. Skogen; Milan L. Masanovic; James Raring; Matt N. Sysak; Leif Johansson; Steven P. DenBaars; Larry A. Coldren
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Electroabsorption modulator-enabled long-haul and ultralong-haul fiber optic transmissions
Author(s): Liyan Zhang; Aaron Bond; Xiang-Dong Cao
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Coupling from optical fibers to fast silicon modulators
Author(s): Goran Masanovic; Ching Eng Jason Png; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Graham T. Reed; Ragheid M.H. Atta; Graham J. Ensell; Alan G. R. Evans
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Electrical parallel-to-serial converter using MSM-PDs for optical communication networks
Author(s): Kiyoto Takahata; Hirokazu Takenouchi; Tatsushi Nakahara; Ryo Takahashi; Hiroyuki Suzuki
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Photonic polymers and their optoelectronic applications
Author(s): James J. Foshee; Suning Tang; Jennifer K. Colegrove; Kevin Jianluo Zhang
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Simulation tools for calculating loss in microstructured optical fibers
Author(s): Michael J. Steel; Hongling Rao; Dan Herrmann; Fabio Pizzuto; Robert Scarmozzino
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TiO2 waveguide with ZnO-ZnO:Al cladding for active optical subsystems
Author(s): Gerrit Schoer; Hans Joachim Heider; Stefan Wiechmann; Joerg Mueller
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Design of 2.5Gb/s CMOS optical transceiver array
Author(s): Kyung-Jik Lee; Hee-Hyun Lee; Sang-Bong Lee; Young-Wan Choi
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Photonic applications for time delay interference cancellation systems
Author(s): Jianhong Cai; Daniel Upp; Rohinton Dehmubed; Heath Opper; Geoff W. Taylor; James J. Foshee
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A low-cost optically controlled phased-array antenna with optical true-time-delay generation
Author(s): Weimin Zhou; Steven Weiss
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Optoelectronic oscillator with improved phase noise and frequency stability
Author(s): Danny Eliyahu; Kouros Sariri; Joseph Taylor; Lute Maleki
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Single-sideband transmission using optical mixing in an electroabsorption modulator
Author(s): Yang Wu; William S. C. Chang; Paul K. L. Yu
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Reflective electroabsorption modulator for compact base station radio-over-fiber systems
Author(s): Yang Wu; Wei-Xi Chang; Paul K. L. Yu
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Wavelength-controlled hologram-waveguide modules for continuous beam scanning in a phased-array antenna system
Author(s): Zhong Shi; Yongqiang Jiang; Brie Howley; Yihong Chen; Ray T. Chen
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Design of superposed fiber Bragg grating for high-resolution time-delay signal processing
Author(s): Mingya Shen; Robert A. Minasian
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Use of asymmetric dual-cavity filters to track small H and L variations as a tool to increase yield of DWDM filters
Author(s): David I. C. Pearson; Paul Luff; Mervyn Davis; Arthur T. Howe
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Multideck structure WDM devices for optical networks
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Jizuo Zou; Ray T. Chen
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High-performance dense wavelength division multiplexer based on blazed grating and ion-exchanged glass wave guide technique
Author(s): Jizuo Zou; Feng Zhao; Ray T. Chen
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