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Photonics Packaging and Integration III

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Volume Number: 4997
Date Published: 30 May 2003

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Integration of active optical components
Author(s): Torsten Wipiejewski; Yuliya A. Akulova; Gregory A. Fish; Clint L. Schow; Ping Koh; Adil Karim; Shigeru Nakagawa; Anders Dahl; Peter Kozodoy; Alex Matson; Bradley W. Short; Chuck M. Turner; Steven Penniman; Michael C. Larson; Christopher W. Coldren; Larry A. Coldren
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Reliability of fiber arrays
Author(s): Frederic Laune; Herve Poujard; Christophe Roux; Stephane Bernabe; Pascal Despinasse; Vincent Larrey; Emmanuel Grassin d'Alphonse; Mickael Miglietti; Luc Kaes
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Integrated 3D micro-optical interconnection system
Author(s): Saurabh Lohokare; Dennis W. Prather; Michael G. Mauk; Jeffrey A. Cox; Oleg V. Sulima
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Effect of welding sequence on laser-welding-induced alignment distortion in butterfly laser diode module packages
Author(s): Yaomin Lin; Frank G. Shi
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Flexible scalable photonic manufacturing method
Author(s): Timothy A. Skunes; Steven K. Case
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High-precision die bonding for photonics packaging
Author(s): Scott Trask; Khushwant Singh; Daniel F. Crowley; Peter Cronin
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Temperature sensitivity characteristics of AWGs
Author(s): Samir Kumar Mondal; Frank G. Shi
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Optical centralized shared bus architecture for high-performance multiprocessing systems
Author(s): Xuliang Han; Ray T. Chen
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New architecture of optical interconnection using 45-deg.-ended connection rods in waveguide-embedded printed circuit boards
Author(s): Byung Sup Rho; Han Seo Cho; Ji-Young Eo; Saekyoung Kang; Hyo-Hoon Park; Young Woo Kim; Young Sang Joe; Dok Jin Yang
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Photonic switching network with VCSEL array packaging for parallel multiprocessor cluster system
Author(s): Fengguang Luo; Mingcui Cao; Xinjun Zhou; Zhixiang Luo; Jun Xu
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Hybrid integrated photonic components based on a polymer platform
Author(s): Louay A. Eldada
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Fabrication of low-loss optical waveguides using a novel photosensitive polyimide
Author(s): Kazunori Mune; Ryusuke Naito; Takashi Fukuoka; Amane Mochizuki; Kenji Matsumoto; Nasuhi Yurt; Gerald R. Meredith; Ghassan E. Jabbour; Nasser Peyghambarian
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Integration of polymeric optical waveguides with SOI MEMS structures
Author(s): Thor Bakke; Charles T. Sullivan
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Applications of CMOS processing to realize functional on-chip optical interconnects for VLSI
Author(s): Terry V. Clapp; Laurence W. Cahill
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Flip-chip bonded optoelectronic integration based on ultrathin silicon (UTSi) CMOS
Author(s): Sunkwang Hong; Tawei Ho; Liping Zhang; Alexander A. Sawchuk
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High-speed short-wavelength silicon photodetectors fabricated in 130-nm CMOS process
Author(s): Sebastian M. Csutak; Jeremy D. Schaub; Bo Yang; Joe C. Campbell
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Recent progress in the design, simulation, and fabrication of small cross-section silicon-on-insulator VOAs
Author(s): Robert R. Whiteman; Andrew P. Knights; David George; Ian E. Day; Adrian Vonsovici; Andrew A. House; G. Fred Hopper; Mehdi Asghari
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Fabrication of silicon-on-insulator adiabatic tapers for low-loss optical interconnection of photonic devices
Author(s): John J. Fijol; Eugene E. Fike; Philip B. Keating; Donald Gilbody; John J. LeBlanc; Stuart A. Jacobson; William J. Kessler; Michael B. Frish
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Coupling optical fibers to thin semiconductor waveguides
Author(s): Goran Z. Masanovic; Vittorio M. N. Passaro; Graham T. Reed
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Birefringence compensation in silicon-on-insulator planar waveguide demultiplexers using a buried oxide layer
Author(s): Pavel Cheben; Dan-Xia Xu; Siegfried Janz; Andre Delage; Dan Dalacu
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Development of small silicon modulators in silicon-on-insulator (SOI)
Author(s): Ching Eng Png; Graham T. Reed; Ragheid M.H. Atta; Graham J. Ensell; Alan G. R. Evans
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Hybrid integration of III-V optoelectronic devices on Si platform using BCB
Author(s): Alexei Katsnelson; Vadim E. Tokranov; Michael Yakimov; Matthew Lamberti; Serge Oktyabrsky
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A review of the various approaches to a silicon laser
Author(s): Lorenzo Pavesi
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Bragg gratings interrogation system using MEMS and optical circuits
Author(s): Martin Tze Wei Ang; Graham T. Reed; Graham J. Ensell; Alan G. R. Evans; Peter D. Foote; Alan P. Pritchard; D. Barber
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Effect of growth conditions on epitaxial lateral overgrowth of InP on InP/Si (001) substrate by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Author(s): Yan-Ting Sun; Sebastian Lourdudoss
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Silicon-on-insulator interferometric strain sensor
Author(s): Graham N. Pearson; Paul E. Jessop
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