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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors VII

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Volume Number: 4992
Date Published: 30 May 2003

Table of Contents
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Spin and polarization dynamics in magnetic and nonmagentic semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Michael Schneiber; Jochen Seufert; Herbert Schoemig; Gerd Bacher; Alfred W. B. Forchel
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Quantum gate operation of exciton qubits in semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Hidehiko Kamada; Hideki Gotoh; Hiroaki Ando; Toshihide Takagahara; Jiro Temmyo
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Electron spin flip in III-V semiconductor quantum confined structures
Author(s): Atsushi Tackeuchi
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Role of the carrier-envelope phase in extreme nonlinear optics in ZnO
Author(s): Torsten Tritschler; Oliver D. Muecke; Uwe Morgner; Franz X. Kaertner; Martin Wegener
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Ultrarefractive and extended range one-dimensionsal photonic crystal superprisms
Author(s): David Z.-Y. Ting
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Propagation of ultrashort pulses through transparent dielectrics in nonlinear regime
Author(s): Czeslaw Radzewicz; W. Wasilewski; P. Wasylczyk; Marek Trippenbach; Jerzy S. Krasinski
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Ultrafast processes in metal-insulator and metal-semiconductor nanocomposites
Author(s): Mark I. Stockman
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Photoluminescent properties of ZnO epitaxial thin films and single-crystal nanorods
Author(s): Gyu-Chui Yi; Won Il Park; Sug Woo Jung; Sangsu Hong; Taiha Joo
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Ultrafast carrier dynamics in InGaN MQW laser diode
Author(s): Kian-Giap Gan; Chi-Kuang Sun; John Edward Bowers; Steven P. DenBaars
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Ultrafast applications of uni-traveling-carrier photodiodes from measurement to signal processing
Author(s): Tadao Nagatsuma; Hiroshi Ito
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Realization of ultrafast and low-power all-optical switches using intersubband transitions in a novel InGaAs/AlAs/AlAsSb quantum well structure
Author(s): Teruo Mozume; Jun-ichi Kasai; Nikolai Georgiev; Takasi Simoyama; Achanta Venu Gopal; Haruhiko Yoshida
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Broad-area optical coherence in photonic-crystal distributed-feedback lasers
Author(s): Igor Vurgaftman; William W. Bewley; Chadwick L. Canedy; Chulsoo S. Kim; J. Ryan Lindle; Jerry R. Meyer
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Ultrafast formation of many-particle interactions in a photoexcited electron-hole plasma
Author(s): Rupert Huber; Florian Tauser; Andreas Brodschelm; Max Bichler; Gerhard Abstreiter; Alfred Leitenstorfer
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Dynamical carrier transport and terahertz gain in semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): Kazuhiko Hirakawa; Yozo Shimada; M. Odnoblioudov; K. A. Chao
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Ultrafast spectroscopy of photoactive biomolecules
Author(s): Andrea G. Markelz; J. -Y. Chen; Jason R. Hillebrecht; Robert R. Birge
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Ultrafast coherent and incoherent dynamics of intersubband excitations in semiconductor quantum wells
Author(s): Thomas Elsaesser; Robert A. Kaindl; Felix Eickemeyer; Klaus Reimann; Michael Woerner; R. Hey; Christian Miesner; Karl Brunner; Gerhard Abstreiter
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Ultrafast and large nonlinear optical response of excitons weakly confined in a semiconductor thin film
Author(s): Toshiro Isu; Koichi Akiyama; Nobuyuki Tomita; Yoshinori Nomura; Hajime Ishihara; Kikuo Cho
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Observation of field-induced optical phonon amplification in semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): W. Liang; Kong-Thon F. Tsen; Otto F. Sankey; Sergiy Mikhailovich Komirenko; Ki Wook Kim; Viatcheslav A. Kochelap; Meng-Chyi Wu; Chong-Long Ho; Wen-Jeng Ho; Hadis Morkoc
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Scattering processes and dynamics of exciton-biexciton system in GaN
Author(s): Satoru Adachi; Kouji Hazu; Takayuki Sota; Shigefusa F. Chichibu; Takashi Mukai; Shunichi Muto; Katsuo Suzuki
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Epitaxial growth and time-resolved photoluminescence studies of AIN epilayers
Author(s): Ki-Bum Nam; Jing Li; M. L. Nakarmi; Jing Yu Lin; Hongxing Jiang
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Nonlinear optical dynamics in GaN and related materials
Author(s): Amane Shikanai; Kouji Hazu; Takayuki Sota; Katsuo Suzuki; Yoichi Kawakami; Shigeo Fujita
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Femtosecond optical studies of carrier localization and recombination in III-nitride semiconductors
Author(s): Michael Wraback; G. A. Garrett; A. V. Sampath; C. J. Collins; Hongen Shen
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Generation of coherent acoustic phonons in piezoelectric semiconductor heterostructures
Author(s): Gia-Wei Chern; Chi-Kuang Sun; Yue-Kai Huang; Kung-Hsuan Lin
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Spin-diffracted four-wave mixing measurements of exciton spin relaxation and population transfer to dark states
Author(s): Satoru Adachi; Suguru Maki; Osamu Ikeuchi; Hirotaka Sasakura; Shunichi Muto
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Carrier transport and trapping process in photorefractive CdTe:V
Author(s): Yurij P. Gnatenko; Yuri P. Piryatinski; I. O. Faryna; P. M. Bukivskij; Roman V. Gamernyk; S. Yu. Paranchych; L. D. Paranchych
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Optical nonlinearities of excitons in ZnO single crystal
Author(s): Kouji Hazu; Takayuki Sota; Katsuo Suzuki; Satoru Adachi; Shigefusa F. Chichibu
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Large electric-field-induced electron drift velocity observed in InxGal-xAs-based p-i-n semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): W. Liang; Kong-Thon F. Tsen; Meng-Chyi Wu; Chong-Long Ho; Wen-Jeng Ho
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