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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems

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Volume Number: 4982
Date Published: 17 January 2003

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Microsystem technologies for ophthalmological implants
Author(s): Wilfried Mokwa
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Single-cell manipulation and fluorescence detection in benchtop flow cytometry system with disposable plastic microfluidic chip
Author(s): Jung Kyung Kim; Hyunwoo Bang; Seok Chung; Alexey Dan Chin-Yu; Chanil Chung; Han Sang Jo; Jung Yul Yoo; Jun Keun Chang
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Resonant mass biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of bacterial cells
Author(s): Amit Gupta; Demir Akin; Rashid Bashir
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Single-cell analysis on a microchip platform using optical tweezers and optical scissors
Author(s): Nigel R. Munce; Jianzhao Li; Peter R. Herman; Lothar D. Lilge
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Micro-array development for cell secretion studies
Author(s): Xiaojun Feng; Natalya Tokranova; Bai Xu; Peng Chen; Kevin D. Gillis; James Castracane
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Micromachined conformal electrode array for retinal prosthesis application
Author(s): Murat Okandan; Kurt O. Wessendorf; Todd R. Christenson; Tom Lemp; Randy J. Shul; Michael Baker; Conrad James; Ramona Myers; David Stein
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Polymer-based microfluidic devices for biomedical applications
Author(s): Mateusz L. Hupert; Malgorzata A. Witek; Yun Wang; Michael W. Mitchell; Xuezhu Liu; Yannick Bejat; Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos; Jost Goettert; Michael C. Murphy; Steven A. Soper
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Molded multilevel modular microfluidic devices
Author(s): Flavio Aristone; Proyag Datta; Yohannes M. Desta; Alexey Marques Espindola; Jost Goettert
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Laser-based fabrication of microfluidic components and systems
Author(s): Joohan Kim; Xianfan Xu
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Modeling and validation of a molded polycarbonate continuous-flow polymerase chain reaction device
Author(s): Michael W. Mitchell; Xuezhu Liu; Yannick Bejat; Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos; Steven A. Soper; Michael C. Murphy
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Polymer based microfluidic devices: examples for fluidic interfaces and standardization concepts
Author(s): Claudia Gaertner; Holger Becker; Birgit Anton; Alan P. O'Neill; Oliver Roetting
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The Stanford Nanofabrication Facility and the National Nanofabrication Users' Network: the ultimate sandbox for bioMEMS and bioengineering R&D
Author(s): Mary X. Tang
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Rapid fabrication of hot embossing tools using PDMS
Author(s): Jagannathan Narasimhan; Ian Papautsky
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Investigation of hard magnetic silicone elastomer thin films
Author(s): Zhongmei Yao; Ji Fang; Jackie C. Chen; Weisong Wang
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Shrinkage of polyurethane molecular stamp fixed on epoxy resin modified glass substrate
Author(s): Zhengchun Liu; Quanguo He; Pengfeng Xiao; Jianxin Tang; Nongyue He; Zuhong Lu
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Laser processing of microfluidic components and bioMEMS
Author(s): Elizabeth K. Illy; Graham Rutterford; Andrew I. Bell; Martyn R. H. Knowles
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BioMEMS for multiparameter clinical monitoring
Author(s): Isabella Moser
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Real-time DNA biosensor using passive microfluidic structures
Author(s): Layne D. Williams; Steve Blair
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High-throughput integration of optoelectronics devices for biochip fluorescent detection
Author(s): Evan P. Thrush; Ofer Levi; Ke Wang; James S. Harris Jr.; Stephen J. Smith
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Use of molecular beacons for the detection of bacteria in microfluidic devices
Author(s): Chuanwu Xi; Stephen A. Boppart; Lutgarde Raskin
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Porous-Si-based bioreactors for glucose monitoring and drug production
Author(s): Giuseppe D'Arrigo; Manuela Fichera; Sebania Libertino
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Integrated optical biochemical sensor fabricated using rapid-prototyping techniques
Author(s): David A. Chang-Yen; Bruce K. Gale
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An answer in the palm of your hand: microfluidics for analytical applications
Author(s): Yolanda Fintschenko; Wen-Yee Choi; Eric B. Cummings; Jean M. J. Frechet; Julia A. Fruetel; Emily F. Hilder; Dieudonne A. Mair; Timothy J. Shepodd; Frantisek Svec
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Fabrication of a hybrid plastic-silicon microfluidic device for high-throughput genotyping
Author(s): Isabelle Chartier; J. Sudor; Yves Fouillet; N. Sarrut; C. Bory; A. Gruss
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Microfluidic system incorporating layer-by-layer nanofabricated capsules
Author(s): Michelle Prevot; A. L. Cordeiro; Gleb B. Sukhorukov; Yuri Lvov; Ronald S. Besser; H. Moehwald
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Construction of an integrated biomodule composed of microfluidics and digitally controlled microelectrodes for processing biomolecules
Author(s): Patrick F. Wagler; Uwe Tangen; Thomas Maeke; Harald P. Mathis; John S. McCaskill
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Flat fluidics: a new route toward programmable biochips
Author(s): Achim Wixforth; Christoph Gauer; Juergen Scriba; Matthias Wassermeier; Roland Kirchner
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Ultrasonic temperature control and measurement in microfluidic channels
Author(s): Hemanth Jagannathan; Goeksenin G. Yaralioglu; A. Sanli Ergun; Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
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Novel design and fabrication of a microcentrifuge for biomedical and biochemical applications
Author(s): Dong Yan; Bai Xu; James Castracane
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Design and development of application-specific microfluidic components for flow control
Author(s): Bai Xu; James Castracane; Bruce Altemus; Jeroen Keijmel; Martijn Heuzinkveld
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Electrochemical micropump and its application in a DNA mixing and analysis system
Author(s): Dong Eun Lee; Hang-Ping Chen; Steven A. Soper; Wanjun Wang
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Numerical simulation of free jet formation and breakdown by the volume-of-fluid method
Author(s): Frank Goldschmidtboeing; Peter Woias
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Passive mixing in microchannels by applying geometric variations
Author(s): Hengzi Wang; Pio Iovenitti; Erol C. Harvey; Syed Masood
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Emulsions on demand using microstructured devices
Author(s): Christian Mahe; Jean Francois Tranchant; Melanie Tromeur; Norbert Schwesinger
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Flow regimes and mass transfer characteristics in static micromixers
Author(s): Norbert Kockmann; Claus Föll; Peter Woias
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Flexible microreactor system for chemical research at moderate temperatures
Author(s): Xun Ouyang; Ronald S. Besser
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Magnetically driven assembly of superparamagnetic colloidal particles
Author(s): Benjamin B. Yellen; Gary Friedman; Alan D. Feinerman
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Active silicon support for DNA diagnostics
Author(s): Ari Petteri Hokkanen; Joona Koponen; Kai Kolari; Ingmar Stuns
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Development of a microfluidic drug delivery neural prosthesis using a wide-bandgap semiconductor waveguide structure
Author(s): Mona R. Safadi; Gregory W. Auner; Raymond Iezzi; Pat McAllister; Gary Abrams
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Noninvasive biosensor for hypoglycemia
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Ashwin K. Whitchurch; Karunakaran Sarukesi
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Low-voltage-driven miniaturized pump with high back pressure
Author(s): Chengxun Liu; Min Guo; Xiaofang Chen; Jing Cheng
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