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MEMS Components and Applications for Industry, Automobiles, Aerospace, and Communication II
Editor(s): Siegfried W. Janson

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Volume Number: 4981
Date Published: 16 January 2003

Table of Contents
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MEMS high-Q tunable capacitor for reconfigurable microwave integrated circuits
Author(s): Christopher D. Nordquist; Arnoldo Muyshondt; Michael V. Pack; Patrick S. Finnegan; Christopher W. Dyck; Isak C. Reines; Garth M. Kraus; George R. Sloan; Charles T. Sullivan
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Emerging leadership of surface-micromachined MEMS for wavelength switching in telecommunication systems
Author(s): Bevan D. Staple; Lilac Muller; David C. Miller
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Robust microvalves for hydraulic actuators
Author(s): Quanfang Chen; Bo Li; Jianwei Gong; Min Hu
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Computational design and analysis of a microtab-based aerodynamic load control system for lifting surfaces
Author(s): Cornelis P. van Dam; Dora Yen Nakafuji; Candice Bauer; Kevin Standish; David Chao
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Microcombustor array and microflame ionization detector for hydrocarbon detection
Author(s): Matthew Moorman; Ronald P. Manginell; Christopher W. Colburn; Deborah L. Mowery-Evans; Paul G. Clem; Nelson S. Bell; Lawrence F. Anderson
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Fabrication of binary photomask by femtosecond laser
Author(s): Paul Stanley; Krishnan Venkatakrishnan; Bryan Kok Ann Ngoi
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Automotive sensors
Author(s): Jiri Marek; Matthias Illing
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Monocrystalline Si membranes for pressure sensors fabricated by a novel surface-micromachining process using porous silicon
Author(s): Hans Artmann; Frank Schaefer; Gerhard Lammel; Simon Armbruster; Hubert Benzel; Christoph Schelling; Heribert Weber; Heinz-Georg Vossenberg; Ronald Gampp; Joerg Muchow; Franz Laermer; Stefan Finkbeiner
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Electrostatic beam actuator for switching applications fabricated by Ni microelectroplating and thermal postprocessing
Author(s): Mike Becker; Wolfgang Benecke; Birgit Hannemann; Thomas Henning
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Microfabricated recurve bimetallic actuator
Author(s): Proyag Datta; Madhulika Sathe; Lakshmi Namburi; Elizabeth J. Podlaha; Sumanta Acharya; Michael C. Murphy
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Micro/nanotechnology for the satellite world
Author(s): Siegfried W. Janson
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Design and fabrication of a large vertical-travel silicon inchworm microactuator for the Advanced Segmented Silicon Space Telescope
Author(s): Eui-Hyeok Yang; Richard G. Dekany; Stephen Padin
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Microshutter arrays for near-infrared applications on the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Mary J. Li; Alex Bier; Rainer K. Fettig; David E. Franz; R. Hu; T. King; Alexander S. Kutyrev; Bernard A. Lynch; Samuel Harvey Moseley; David Brent Mott; David A. Rapchun; Robert F. Silverberg; Wayne Smith; L. Wang; Yun Zheng; C. Zinke
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UV-LIGA microfabrication of a power relay based on electrostatic actuation
Author(s): Ren Yang; Seok Jae Jeong; Wanjun Wang
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Monolithic integration of RF MEMS and semiconductor devices for the K-band
Author(s): Thomas Buck; Mathias Reimann; Markus Ulm; Roland Mueller-Fiedler; Juergen Seidel; Erich Kasper; Claus Schoellhorn; Stefan Haak
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RF MEMS compiler: automatic design synthesizer for passive MEMS wireless components
Author(s): Bachar Affour; Patrick Giroud; Firas Mohamed
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High-Q RF coils on silicon-integrated circuits
Author(s): Christopher L. Chua; David K. Fork; Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh; Jeng-Ping Lu
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Bandstop magnetostatic wave resonators on micromachined silicon membrane
Author(s): Romolo Marcelli; George Sajin; Florea Craciunoiu; Alina Cismaru
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RF MEMS and reconfigurable antennas for communication systems
Author(s): K. J. Vinoy; Hargsoon Yoon; Taeksoo Ji; Vijay K. Varadan
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Wireless microsensors for health monitoring of aircraft structures
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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3D self-aligned microassembled electrical interconnects for heterogeneous integration
Author(s): Trent Huang; Erik Nilsen; Matt Ellis; Kabseog Kim; Ken Tsui; George D. Skidmore; Chuck Goldsmith; Arunkumar Nallani; Jeong-Bong Lee
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Electrostatic actuators and tunable micro capacitors/switches with expanded tuning range due to intrinsic stress gradients
Author(s): Gary D. Gray; Matthew J. Morgan; Paul A. Kohl
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Design and characterization of micro-inertia switches fabricated using low-temperature metal-electroplating technology
Author(s): Wei Ma; Yitshak Zohar; Man Wong
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Nonassembled planar electrostatic microrelay
Author(s): Nikolay Ivanovich Mukhurov; Georgy I. Efremov; Vyacheslav Kovalevsky
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Tapered-width microcantilever for pull-in voltage control
Author(s): Chieh-Hsiao Wang; Robert J. Weber
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Surface-micromachined tunneling-based accelerometer
Author(s): Runzi Chang; Min She
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Compact MMIC-compatible RF MEMS switch
Author(s): Christopher W. Dyck; Thomas A. Plut; Christopher D. Nordquist; Garth M. Kraus; Gary D. Schmidt; Karl L. Gass; Patrick S. Finnegan; Isak C. Reines; Charles T. Sullivan
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