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Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS II

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Volume Number: 4980
Date Published: 16 January 2003

Table of Contents
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DMD reliability: a MEMS success story
Author(s): Michael Douglass
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Reliability evaluation of thermally actuated micromachined relays for space applications
Author(s): Alexander Teverovsky; A. K. Sharma
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Wear mechanisms in a reliability methodology
Author(s): Danelle M. Tanner; Michael T. Dugger
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MEMS characterization using laser Doppler vibrometry
Author(s): Eric M. Lawrence; Kevin E. Speller; Duli Yu
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Dynamic MEMS devices for multiaxial fatigue and elastic modulus measurement
Author(s): Carolyn D. White; Rui Xu; Xiaotian Sun; Kyriakos Komvopoulos
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Template-based software for accurate MEMS characterization
Author(s): Erik Novak; Michael B. Krell; Trisha Browne
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Anodic oxidation-induced delamination of the SUMMiT poly 0 to silicon nitride interface
Author(s): Richard A. Plass; Jeremy A. Walraven; Danelle M. Tanner; Frederick W. Sexton
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Electrical breakdown and ESD phenomena for devices with nanometer-to-micron gaps
Author(s): Albert J. Wallash; Larry Levit
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Failure analysis of a multi-degree-of-freedom spatial microstage
Author(s): Jeremy A. Walraven; Bernhard Jokiel Jr.
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A new SEM/FIB crossbeam inspection tool for high-resolution materials and device characterization
Author(s): Peter Gnauck; Peter Hoffrogge
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Micro/nanoscale tribology and mechanics of MEMS/NEMS materials and devices
Author(s): Bharat Bhushan
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Surface characterization and adhesion analysis for polysilicon surface micromachined flaps
Author(s): Xiaojie Xue; Leslie M. Phinney
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Degradation of monolayer lubricants for MEMS
Author(s): Michael T. Dugger; Robert J. Hohlfelder; Diane E. Peebles
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Use of thermal cycling to reduce adhesion of OTS-coated MEMS cantilevers
Author(s): Shaikh Mubassar Ali; Leslie M. Phinney
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Reciprocating silicon microtribometer
Author(s): Philippe Dubois; Stephane von Gunten; August Enzler; Urs Lippuner; Alex Dommann; Nicolaas-F. de Rooij
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Fatigue of LIGA nickel
Author(s): Brad L. Boyce
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Fracture toughness study on LIGA fabricated microstructures
Author(s): Catherine Oropeza; Kun Lian; Wanjun Wang
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Temperature effects on microstructural evolution and resulting surface mechanical properties of Ni-based MEMS structures
Author(s): Kun Lian; Jiechao Jiang; Zhong Geng Ling; Efstathios I. Meletis
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Mechanical reliabilty of MEMS fabricated by a special technology using standard silicon wafers
Author(s): Christian Lohmann; Andreas Bertz; Matthias Kuechler; Danny Reuter; Thomas Gessner
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Thermal stability of SU-8 fabricated microstructures as a function of photo initiator and exposure doses
Author(s): Kun Lian; Zhong-geng Ling; Changgeng Liu
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MEMS production and yield improvement using a flux-free/void-free assembly process
Author(s): Gary Pangelina
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Resonant frequency method for monitoring MEMS fabrication
Author(s): Danelle M. Tanner; Albert C. Owen Jr.; Fredd Rodriguez
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Diffusive transport in supercritical CO2 drying of MEMS structures
Author(s): Paul J. Resnick; Matthew G. Hankins
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Vapor deposition of amino-functionalized self-assembled monolayers on MEMS
Author(s): Matthew G. Hankins; Paul J. Resnick; Peggy J. Clews; Thomas M. Mayer; David R. Wheeler; Danelle M. Tanner; Richard A. Plass
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MEMS packaging efforts at Sandia National Laboratories
Author(s): Jonathan S. Custer
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New getter configuration at wafer level for assuring long-term stability of MEMS
Author(s): Marco Moraja; Marco Amiotti; Richard C. Kullberg
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Utilization of Pb-free solders in MEMS packaging
Author(s): Guna S. Selvaduray
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Investigation of NEG thick film for vacuum packaging of MEMS
Author(s): Yufeng Jin; Zhi Ping Wang; L. Zhao; P. C. Lim; J. Wei
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Solder bonding for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications
Author(s): Abhijat Goyal; Srinivas Tadigadapa; Rafiqul Islam
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Novel hermetic packaging methods for MOEMS
Author(s): David Stark
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Dual-function leak detector for MEMS devices
Author(s): Yufeng Jin; Zhiping Wang; Zhen Feng Wang; X. Q. Shi; P. C. Lim; Min Miao; X. C. Shan
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Reliability and qualification of an integrated MEMS attenuator for optical component applications
Author(s): Ryan Hickey; Heiko Fettig; James Wylde; Stephane J Legros; Robert E. Mallard; Heinz Nentwich; Christopher Hart
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Burn-in test reduction for the digital micromirror device (DMD)
Author(s): Timothy J. Hogan; Paul Barker; Michael R. Douglass
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Characterization of MOEMS devices for the instrumentation of the Next-Generation Space Telescope
Author(s): Frederic Zamkotsian; Julien Gautier; Patrick Lanzoni
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Long-term drift measurements in MEMS-based mass flow controllers
Author(s): Elizabeth Lawrence; Albert K. Henning
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