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Advances in Fiber Lasers
Editor(s): L. N. Durvasula

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Volume Number: 4974
Date Published: 3 July 2003

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8-W coherently phased 4-element fiber array
Author(s): Jesse Anderegg; Stephen John Brosnan; Mark E. Weber; Hiroshi Komine; Michael G. Wickham
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Ribbon fiber with multiple antiguided phase-locked gain cores
Author(s): Raymond J. Beach; Michael D. Feit; Scott C. Mitchell; Kurt P. Cutter; Jay Walter Dawson; Stephen A. Payne; Richard W. Mead; Joseph S. Hayden; David Krashkevich; David A. Alunni
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Mode locking in a fiber laser with a long-period fiber grating
Author(s): Jose Nathan Kutz; Karen Intrachat
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Mode-locked fiber laser using the Sagnac interferometer and nonlinear polarization rotation
Author(s): Baldeamr Ibarra-Escamilla; Evgueni Anatolevich Kuzin; Joseph W. Haus; Olivier Pottiez; Dario E. Gomez-Garcia; Francisco Gutierrez-Zainos; Sergio Mendoza-Vazquez; Ruben Grajales-Coutico
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Dual-wavelength actively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser using FBGs
Author(s): Shiquan Yang; Zhaohui Li; Shuzhong Yuan; Xiaoyi Dong; Guiyun Kai; Qida Zhao
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Monitoring and multiplexing fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer sensors using a linearly tunable Er: fiber laser
Author(s): Xiaoke Wan; Henry F. Taylor
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High-power fiber lasers: new developments
Author(s): Johan Nilsson; Jayanta K. Sahu; Yoochan Jeong; W. A. Clarkson; R. Selvas; Anatoly B. Grudinin; Shaiful Alam
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Rare-earth-doped chalcogenide glass for mid- and long-wave IR fiber lasers
Author(s): L. Brandon Shaw; Peter A. Thielen; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Shyam S. Bayya; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Novel fiber lasers and applications
Author(s): Luis A. Zenteno; Donnell T. Walton
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High-power 938-nm cladding pumped fiber laser
Author(s): Jay Walter Dawson; Alex Drobshoff; Zhi M. Liao; Raymond J. Beach; Deanna Marie Pennington; Stephen A. Payne; Luke Taylor; Wolfgang K. P. Hackenberg; Domenico Bonaccini
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Advances in holey fibers
Author(s): Tanya M. Monro; Kentaro Furusawa; Ju-Han Lee; Jonathan H. V. Price; Zulfadzli Yusoff; Joanne C. Baggett; David J. Richardson
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The nature of the polarization beat frequency as a function of twist for DFB fiber lasers
Author(s): Robert E. Bartolo; Geoffrey A. Cranch; Clay K. Kirkendall
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Optical absorption and emission properties of Nd3-doped fluorophosphates glass for broadband fiber amplifier applications
Author(s): Ju H. Choi; Frank G. Shi; Alfred A. Margaryan; Ashot Margaryan; Wytze E. van der Veer
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Spectroscopic characterization of silica-based fibers using picosecond SRS technique
Author(s): Igor V. Alexandrov; Gaston Melo Melchor
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Spectral properties of Nd3+ ion in new fluorophosphates glasses: Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters
Author(s): Ju H. Choi; Frank G. Shi; Alfred A. Margaryan; Ashot Margaryan
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Low-loss adhesive-free fiber connections for high-power laser transmission
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth E. Meissner; Oliver R. Meissner
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Power and energy scaling of fiber laser systems based on ytterbium-doped large-mode-area fibers
Author(s): Jens Limpert; Andreas Liem; Thomas Schreiber; Holger Zellmer; Andreas Tuennermann
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Applications of pumped-multiplexed Yb-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Volker Reichel; Sonja Unger; Sven Bruckner; Klaus Morl; Hans-Rainer Muller; Johannes Kirchhof; Thomas Sandrock; Alexander Harschack
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Gratings and fibers for high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Corey Paye; Jon Greene; Chris Rose
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Self-contained eye-safe laser radar using an erbium-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Thomas Arthur Driscoll; Dan J. Radecki; Nan E. Tindal; John P. Corriveau; Richard Denman
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New high-power rare-earth-doped fiber laser materials and architectures
Author(s): John D. Myers; Ruikun Wu; TaoLue Chen; Michael J. Myers; Christopher R. Hardy; John K. Driver; Ralf Tate
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Fiber laser for micro-cutting of metals
Author(s): Klaus F. Kleine; Kenneth G. Watkins
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Efficient Yb-doped air-clad fiber laser operating at 980 nm and its frequency doubling
Author(s): V. Prosentsov; Eilon Sherman; Anatoly Patlakh; Yedidya Ariel; David Eger
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State of the art in fiber laser marking
Author(s): Ruediger Hack
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Wavelength characteristics of Yb3+-doped double-cladding fiber laser
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Jun Zhou; Zhijiang Wang
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Incoherent combining of 100-W Yb-fiber laser beams by PTR Bragg grating
Author(s): Igor V. Ciapurin; Leonid B. Glebov; Larissa N. Glebova; Vadim I. Smirnov; Eugeniu V. Rotari
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PM double-clad fibers for high-power lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Kanishka Tankala; Adrian Carter; David P. Machewirth; Julia Farroni; Jaroslaw Abramczyk; Upendra H. Manyam
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Efficient visible and UV generation by frequency conversion of a mode-filtered fiber amplifier
Author(s): Dahv A. V. Kliner; Fabio Di Teodoro; Jeffrey P. Koplow; Sean W. Moore; Arlee V. Smith
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Technique for the combining of double-clad optical fiber lasers
Author(s): Xiaojun Li; Fei Luo; Stephen Bradley Ippolito; Theodore F. Morse
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