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Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences III

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Volume Number: 4963
Date Published: 10 July 2003

Table of Contents
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Investigating two-photon photophysics with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Keith M. Berland; Guoqing Shen
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In vivo mobility of proteins involved in nuclear transport studied by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Cecile Fradin; Michael Elbaum
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Following protein association in vivo with fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Author(s): Joachim D. Muller
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Characterization of the second harmonic signal from collagen
Author(s): Guy C. Cox; Paul Xu; Colin J. R. Sheppard; John A. Ramshaw
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Effect of structural modification on second harmonic generation in collagen
Author(s): Patrick Christian Stoller; Karen M. Reiser; Peter M. Celliers; Alexander M. Rubenchik
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Second harmonic generation imaging of endogenous structural proteins
Author(s): Paul J. Campagnola; William H. Mohler; Sergey Plotnikov; Andrew C. Millard
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Photo-induced flip-flop of amphiphilic membrane markers
Author(s): Thomas Pons; Jerome Mertz
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New implementation of second harmonic generation microscopy for three-dimensional resolution
Author(s): Changhuei Yang; Jerome Mertz
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Real-time SHG imaging technique based on a 2-GHz repetition rate femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser
Author(s): Shi-Wei Chu; Tzu-Ming Liu; I-Hsiu Chen; Chi-Kuang Sun; Cheng-Yung Lin; Hsui-Jen Tsai
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Optical gene transfer by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Karsten Konig; Iris Riemann; Uday K. Tirlapur
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Novel diode-pumped tunable system for multi-photon microscopy
Author(s): Nelly Deguil; Eric Mottay; Francois Salin; Daniel Choquet
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Utilization of two-photon FRET to monitor SREBP homodimer and heterodimer formation in living cells
Author(s): Vickie J. LaMorte; Aikaterini Zoumi; Shrimati Datta; Cristen J. Wu; Timothy Osborne
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Multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) using a streak camera
Author(s): Ramanujan Venkata Krishnan; Haruhisa Saitoh; Hirotoshi Terada; Victoria Frohlich Centonze; Brian Herman
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High resolution TCSPC lifetime imaging
Author(s): Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Christoph Biskup; Laimonas Kelbauskas; Thomas Zimmer; Nikolaj Klocker; Klaus Benndorf
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Comparing different FRET techniques to measure clustering of receptor-ligand complexes in endocytic membranes
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Ammasi Periasamy; Almut Burchard; Margarida Barroso
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Cellular organization and spectral diversity of GFP-like proteins in live coral cells studied by single and multiphoton imaging and microspectroscopy
Author(s): Anya Salih; Guy C. Cox; Anthony W. Larkum
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Fluorescence decay profile measured with spread spectrum excitations
Author(s): Nan Guang Chen; Quing Zhu
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Effects of index-mismatch-induced spherical aberration on two-photon imaging in skin and tissue-like constructs
Author(s): Chih-kuan Tung; Tsung-Kai Chiu; Wen Lo; Po-Hsiang Wang; Sun-Jan Lin; Shiou-Hwa Jee; Chen-Yuan Dong
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Measuring calcium levels in Saprolegnia ferax using the two-photon laser scanning microscope
Author(s): Osu Lilje
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Multiphoton imaging: a view to understanding sulfur mustard lesions
Author(s): Robert J. S. Werrlein; Janna S. Madren-Whalley
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New methods in femtosecond multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Yaron Silberberg; Dvir Yelin; Dan Oron; Nirit Dudovich; Stephan Thiberge
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Raman microscopy of cells: chemical imaging of apoptosis
Author(s): Natallia Uzunbajakava; Jan Greve; Cees Otto
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Hyper-Rayleigh scattering (HRS) as a mechanism for biphotonic fluorescence excitation in microscopy
Author(s): Melville R. V. Sahyun; Matthew Goertz
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Effects of femtosecond pulse dispersion precompensation on average power damage thresholds for live cell imaging: implications for relative roles of linear and nonlinear absorption in live cell imaging
Author(s): Karl Garsha
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Theoretical model of two-photon fluorescence microscopy in a layered turbid medium
Author(s): Ekaterina A. Sergeeva; Lev S. Dolin; Alexey I. Korytin
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Automated in vivo change analysis of tumor vasculature from two-photon confocal image time series
Author(s): Muhammad-Amri Abdul-Karim; Omar Al-Kofahi; Edward B. Brown III; Rakesh K. Jain; Khalid Al-Kofahi; Badrinath Roysam
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Multiphoton microspectroscopy in living plant cells
Author(s): Jan-Willem Borst; Mark A. Hink; Arie van Hoek; A. J. W. G. Visser
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Fiber-coupled non-descanned 4Pi detection with a commercial confocal microscope modified for multiphoton imaging
Author(s): Adam M. Larson; Vijay Iyer; Tycho Hoogland; Peter Saggau
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Thermal bleaching in single fluorescent molecules under two-photon excitation regime
Author(s): Giuseppe Chirico; Fabio Cannone; Giancarlo Baldini; Alberto Diaspro
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