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Manipulation and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues

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Volume Number: 4962
Date Published: 19 June 2003

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Stepwise rotation of the γ-subunit of EF0F1-ATP synthase during ATP synthesis: a single-molecule FRET approach
Author(s): Michael Borsch; Manuel Diez; Boris Zimmermann; Matthias Trost; Stefan Steigmiller; Peter Graber
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Development of a molecular photonic wire by means of multiparameter single-molecule spectroscopy
Author(s): Mike Heilemann; Volker Buschmann; Oliver Piestert; Philip Tinnefeld; Kenneth D. Weston; Markus Sauer
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Spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (SFLIM) and coincidence analysis: new tools to study the organization of biomolecular machines
Author(s): Thomas Heinlein; Mike Heilemann; Dirk P. Herten; Christian Muller; Philip Tinnefeld; Kenneth D. Weston; Markus Sauer
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Detection of low abundant mutations in DNA using single-molecule FRET and ligase detection reactions
Author(s): Musundi B. Wabuyele; Hannah Farquar; Wieslaw J. Stryjewski; Robert P. Hammer; Steven A. Soper; Yu-Wei Cheng; Francis Barany
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Ab initio modeling of fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Author(s): Joerg Enderlein; Martin Bohmer
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Nanosurface enhanced Raman scattering fluctuation dynamics
Author(s): Leyun Zhu; Gregory K. Schenter; Miodrag Micic; Yung Doug Suh; Nicholas Klymyshyn; H. Peter Lu
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Cavity-enhanced frequency modulation absorption spectroscopy of the sixth overtone band of nitric oxide
Author(s): Joakim Bood; Andrew McIlroy; David L. Osborn
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Exploring novel methods of interferometric detection of ultrasmall phase shifts
Author(s): Jaesuk Hwang; Martin M. Fejer; William E. Moerner
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Confocal fluorescence techniques in industrial application
Author(s): Christian Eggeling; Karsten Gall; Kaupo Palo; Peet Kask; Leif Brand
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AFM analysis of the extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) released during bacterial attachment on polymeric surfaces
Author(s): Duy K. Pham; Elena P. Ivanova; Jonathan P. Wright; Dan V. Nicolau
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Multimodal miniature microscope (4M Device): novel methodology for multimodality tissue imaging in vivo
Author(s): Junwon Lee; Jeremy D. Rogers; Dawn L. Nida; Jesse S. Aaron; Konstantin V. Sokolov; Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum; Michael R. Descour
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Detectability of contrast agents for video-rate confocal reflectance microscopy of skin and microcirculation in vivo
Author(s): Milind M. Rajadhyaksha; Salvador Gonzalez
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Exploiting apoptosis in photodynamic therapy: Is it possible?
Author(s): Cesar A. Rendon; Lothar D. Lilge
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Genomic signals for whole chromosomes
Author(s): Paul Dan Cristea
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Optical manipulation of silicon microparticles in biological environments
Author(s): Amy L. Oldenburg; Se-Jung Moon; Karthy M. Kasi; Taekyung Kim; Chuen Ho; Rolf Timp; Hyungsoo Choi; Vladimir I. Gelfand; Joseph T. E. Roland; Kyekyoon Kim; Stephen A. Boppart; Gregory L. Timp
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Time-resolved spectroscopic and microscopic measurements of membrane dynamics in living cells
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Martina Kretzschmar; Michael Wagner; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Reinhard Sailer
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Dynamic measurements of forces between thrombus-inducing proteins using optical tweezers
Author(s): Maneesh Arya; Gabriel M. Romo; Jose A. Lopez; Bahman Anvari
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Optical measurements of dynamic adhesive forces between bacteria and protein-coated surfaces
Author(s): Kathryn H. Simpson; Gabriela Bowden; Magnus Hook; Bahman Anvari
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Trapping-force calibration in biological applications of optical tweezers
Author(s): Sergey A. Ermilov; Bahman Anvari
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Response of living cells to nanostructured polyelectrolyte matrices studied by means of 1-, 2-photon excitation microscopy
Author(s): Alberto Diaspro; Silke Krol; Daniela Silvano; Paola Fronte; Ornella Cavalleri; Giuseppe Chirico; Francesco Beltrame; Paola Ramoino; Alessandra Gliozzi
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Detectors for biotechnology
Author(s): Earl Hergert
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Fourier and fractal analysis of cytoskeletal morphology altered by xenobiotics
Author(s): Giovanni F. Crosta; Chiara Urani; Laura Fumarola
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Kinetic study of the initial stages of agglutination process with scanning flow cytometer
Author(s): Ivan V. Surovtsev; Maxim A. Yurkin; Alexander N. Shvalov; Galina F. Sivolobova
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Six and more color immunophenotyping on the slide by laser scanning cytometry (LSC)
Author(s): Dominik Lenz; Andreas O.H. Gerstner M.D.; Wiebke Laffers; Michae Steinbrecher; Friedrich Bootz; Attila Tarnok
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Use of DNA stains in immunophenotyping by slide-based cytometry
Author(s): Andreas O. H. Gerstner M.D.; Wiebke Laffers; Friedrich Bootz; Attila Tarnok
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Detection of endothelial progenitor cells by flow and laser-scanning cytometry
Author(s): Dominik Lenz; Karstem Lenk; Volker Adams; Andreas Boldt; Rainer Hambrecht; Attila Tarnok
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Laser-induced breakdown spectrometer for nondestructive diagnostics
Author(s): Jan Owsik; Jacek Janucki
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Using POPOP's viscosity-dependent lifetime as a picosecond resolution standard in near-UV fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy
Author(s): Mary-Ann Mycek; Paul Urayama; Katherine Heyman; Megan Bussey
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Location proteomics: building subcellular location trees from high-resolution 3D fluorescence microscope images of randomly tagged proteins
Author(s): Xiang Chen; Meel Velliste; Shmuel Weinstein; Jonathan W. Jarvik; Robert F. Murphy
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Feature reduction for improved recognition of subcellular location patterns in fluorescence microscope images
Author(s): Kai Huang; Meel Velliste; Robert F. Murphy
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Imaging single metal-nanoparticles in cells by photothermal interference contrast
Author(s): David Boyer; Philippe Tamarat; Laurent Cognet; Michel Orrit; Brahim Lounis
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Confocal TIRF microscopy of single molecules
Author(s): Thomas Ruckstuhl; Michael Rankl; Stefan Seeger
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) using ps-pulsed diode lasers in laser scanning microscopes
Author(s): Angelika C. Ruck; Frank Dolp; Claudia Happ; Rudolf Steiner; Michael Beil
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Photothermal monitoring of interaction of carcinoma cells with cytostatic drugs in vitro
Author(s): Dmitri Lapotko; Ehab Hanna; Martin Cannon
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CytometryML: a markup language for analytical cytology
Author(s): Robert C. Leif; Stephanie H. Leif; Suzanne B. Leif
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Progress in the use of Quantum Dye Eu(III)-macrocycles
Author(s): Robert C. Leif; Margie C. Becker; Lidia M. Vallarino; John W. Williams; Sean Yang
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Multiparameter single-molecule fluorescence measurements of DNA intercalating fluorophores
Author(s): Benjamin P. Bowen; Jorg Enderlein; Neal W. T. Woodbury
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Excited state processes in individual multichromophoric systems
Author(s): Johan Hofkens; Tom Vosch; Mircea Cotlet; Satoshi Habuchi; Koen Van Der Biest; Klaus Mullen; Gunter Dirix; Jan Michiels; Jos Vanderleyden; Markus Sauer; Frans C. De Schryver
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Quantitative analysis of specific nucleic acid sequences by two-color single-molecule fluorescence detection
Author(s): Peter M. Goodwin; Rhiannon L. Nolan; Hong Cai
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Development of a novel Raman tweezers setup for single-cell studies
Author(s): Kerstin K. Ramser; Katarina I. Logg; Mattias Goksor; Jonas Enger; Mikael Kall; Dag Hanstorp
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Back-illuminated electron multiplying technology: the world’s most sensitive CCD for ultralow-light microscopy
Author(s): Colin G. Coates; Donal J. Denvir; Emer Conroy; Noel G McHale; Keith Thornbury; Mark Hollywood
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Optical tweezers for the measurement of binding forces: system description and application for the study of E. coli adhesion
Author(s): Erik G. Fallman; Staffan Schedin; Magnus J. Andersson; Jana Jass; Ove Axner
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