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Laser Diodes, Optoelectronic Devices, and Heterogenous Integration

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Volume Number: 4947
Date Published: 11 March 2003

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InP-membrane photonic devices
Author(s): Pierre Viktorovitch; Michel Garrigues; Jean Louis Leclercq; Xavier Letartre; Pedro Rojo-Romeo; Christian Seassa
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Monolithically integrated 20-channel optical add/drop multiplexer subsystem with hybrid-integrated 40-channel photo detector array
Author(s): Andreas B. Schumacher; Detlef Krabe; Jens Dieckroeger; Thorsten Spott; Tobias Kraeker; Evely Martins; Miha Zavrsnik; Hartmut W. Schneider; Ingo Baumann
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Grating-assisted resonant-cavity LEDs: toward thin film devices for heterogeneous integration
Author(s): Karuna Ghawana; Danae Delbeke; Ilse Christiaens; Steven Verstuyft; Roel G. Baets
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Simple-to-fabricate and highly efficient spot-size converters using antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides
Author(s): Marko Galarza; Kurt De Mesel; Steven Verstuyft; Candido Aramburu; Ingrid Moerman; Peter Van Daele; Roel G. Baets; Manuel Lopez-Amo
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III-V microsystems for infrared imaging and spectroscopic applications
Author(s): Jan P. Vermeiren
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Optical immersion of mid-infrared LEDs and photodiodes for gas-sensing applications
Author(s): Harvey R. Hardaway; C. T. Elliot; Neil T. Gordon; J. Graham Crowder
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Wide-aperture GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Qin Wang; Stephane Junique; Daniel Agren; Bertrand Noharet; Hedda Malm; Jan Borglind; Jan Y. Andersson; Lars Sjoqvist; Johan Ohgren
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Silicon-based optoelectronic filters based on a Bragg grating and P-i-N diode for DWDM optical networks
Author(s): Andrea Irace; Giovanni Breglio
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Design, fabrication, and testing of an integrated Si-based light modulator
Author(s): Antonella Sciuto; Sebania Libertino; Salvatore Coffa
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Passband-flattened periodic multi/demultiplexer using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with ring resonator fabricated in SiON waveguide technology
Author(s): Chris G. H. Roeloffzen; Rene M. de Ridder; Gabriel Sengo; Kerstin Worhoff; Alfred Driessen
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Hybrid optical waveguide devices based on polymers and silica
Author(s): Mart B. J. Diemeer
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Assembly of optical fibers for the connection of polymer-based waveguides
Author(s): Yannick Ansel; Daniel Grau; Markus Holzki; Silvio Kraus; Frank Neumann; Carsten Reinhard; Felix Schmitz
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Hybrid integration technologies for a single-mode array transceiver, including the use of polymer waveguides of benzocyclobutene
Author(s): Gunnar Arvidsson; Lennart Backlin; Magnus Olson; Andrew P. Scholes; Joacim Haglund; Magnus Svensson; Goran F. Palmskog; Torsten Augustsson; Paul Eriksen; Mats Granberg; Jacob Larsson; Pontus Lundstrom
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Experimental results of a three-terminal optical modulator based on a BMFET device
Author(s): Andrea Irace; Giovanni Breglio; Maurizio Tordi; Giuseppe Coppola; Charles R. de Boer; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Feasibility of an all-optical switch based on cylindrical microresonators and liquid crystals
Author(s): Luigi Sirleto; J. W. Klunder; Alfred Driessen; Ivo Rendina; Giancarlo Abbate
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Development of an advanced uncooled 10-Gb DFB laser for volume manufacture
Author(s): Gordon Burns; Paul M. Charles
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Optimization of InGaAsP/InP buried heterostructure DFB lasers for 10-Gbit/s operation up to 100 C
Author(s): Paul M. Charles; Michele Agresti; Gordon Burns; Graham M. Berry; D. Bertone; A. Davies; R. Y. Fang; P. Gotta; Constantine Kompocholis; Gloria Magnetti; J. Massa; Giancarlo Meneghini; Roberto Paoletti; Giammarco Rossi; A. Taylor; P. Valenti; Marina Meliga
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ADS equivalent circuit of direct-modulated high-speed DFB lasers
Author(s): Michele Agresti; Roberto Paoletti; Giammarco Rossi
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Accelerated life testing in photonics packaging: its objectives, role, attributes, challenges, pitfalls, predictive models, and interaction with other accelerated stress categories
Author(s): Ephraim Suhir
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Potential of micromachined photonics: miniaturization, scaling, and applications in continuously tunable vertical air-cavity filters
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; Juergen Daleiden; Soeren Irmer; Friedhard Roemer; Cornelia Prott; Amer Tarraf; Martin Strassner; Edwin Ataro; Thorsten Scholz
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Active ring resonators based on GaInAsP/InP
Author(s): Michael Hamacher; Ute Troppenz; Helmut Heidrich; Dominik Gerhard Rabus
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Fabrication and testing of Bragg gratings for 1060-nm alpha-DFB lasers
Author(s): Joerg Fricke; Mathias Matalla; Katrin Paschke; Reiner Guether; Arne Knauer; Frank Bugge; Hans Wenzel; Goetz Erbert
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Optical feedback dependence of laser diode relative intensity noise
Author(s): Yanhau Hong; Sujit Bandyopadhyay; Siva Sivaprakasam; Paul S. Spencer; Keith Alan Shore
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High brightness 980 nm pump lasers ased on the Novalux extended cavity surface-emitting laser (NECSEL) concept
Author(s): John Gerard McInerney; Aram Mooradian; Alan Lewis; Andrei V. Shchegrov; Eva M. Strzelecka; Dicky Lee; Jason P. Watson; Michael K. Liebman; Glen P. Carey; Arvydas Umbrasas; Charles A. Amsden; Brad D. Cantos; William R. Hitchens; David L. Heald; Vincent V. Doan; J. L. Cannon; Kevin L. Lear
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High-brightness 1040-nm tapered diode lasers
Author(s): Marc T. Kelemen; Juergen Weber; Franz Rinner; Joseph Rogg; Michael Mikulla; Guenter Weimann
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Improved beam quality due to current profiling in a broad-area semiconductor laser
Author(s): John A. Houlihan; Vincent Voignier; James R. O'Callaghan; Guanhong Wu; Guillaume Huyet; John Gerard McInerney; Brian Corbett
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New heat exchanger concept for high-power diode laser systems
Author(s): Guido Bonati; Petra Hennig; Dirk Lorenzen; Ullrich Roellig; Juergen Schulz-Harder; K. Exel; Karsten Schmidt; A. Meier
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Electric-field-assisted gain control in a high-power picosecond laser diode
Author(s): Sergey N. Vainshtein; Valentin Yuferev; Juha Tapio Kostamovaara
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