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Transducing Materials and Devices
Editor(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen

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Volume Number: 4946
Date Published: 11 March 2003

Table of Contents
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Consumer mechatronics: a challenging playground for transducing materials and devices
Author(s): Carl Erik Skjolstrup; Asbjorn Leth Vonsild
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Enabling novel space and terrestrial applications using transducing materials at JPL
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Stewart Sherrit; Xiaoqi Bao; Zensheu Chang
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Optical fiber sensors based on nanoscale self-assembly
Author(s): Francisco J. Arregui; Ignacio R. Matias; Richard O. Claus
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Magnetoelastic vibration damping properties of TbDy alloys
Author(s): Jennifer A. Dooley; Nathan R. Good; Christopher V. White; Robert S Leland
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Fabrication technique of SMA/CFRP smart composites
Author(s): Ya Xu; Kazuhiro Otsuka; Nobuyuki Toyama; Hitoshi Yoshida; Hideki Nagai; Ryutaro Oishi; Yoshihiro Kikushima; Kaori Yuse; Yoshio Akimune; Teruo Kishi
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Characterization of rapid-solidified shape memory TiNiCu alloy as an actuator/sensor material element
Author(s): Shizuka Tamoto; Takeshi Yamahira; Yasubumi Furuya; Takehiko Segawa
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Recent progress in ferroic high-strain actuator materials
Author(s): Leslie Eric Cross
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Novel electrode concept for spatial filtering with piezoelectric films: experimental validation
Author(s): Andre J. Preumont; Arnaud Francois; Pierre De Man; Nicolas Loix
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Fabrication and vibration suppression behavior of metal core-piezoelectric fibers in CFRP composite
Author(s): Hiroshi Sato; Yoshiro Shimojo; Tadashi Sekiya
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Texture control of lead zirconate titanate films for actuator applications
Author(s): Takashi Iijima; Sachiko Ito; Hirofumi Matsuda; Masanao Tani; Masahiro Akamatsu; Yoshiaki Yasuda
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Colloidal phase transitions in muscles: analogy to actuators
Author(s): Vaclav Bouda; Lea Boudova; Denisa Haluzikova
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Ferroelectric-like behavior in nonpolar cellular electrets
Author(s): Michael Lindner; Simona Bauer-Gogonea; Siegfried Bauer
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Macrobending in a fiber optic interferometric sensor for displacement and weight measurement
Author(s): S. Thomas Lee; V. P. N. Nampoori; C. P. G. Vallabhan; Periasamy Radhakrishnan
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Design of an optical tri-axial force sensor
Author(s): Joeri Clijnen; Dominiek Reynaerts; Hendrik Van Brussel
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Adaptive feedforward control of beam structure using PVDF modal sensor and SMA/CFRP hybrid actuator
Author(s): Kaori Yuse; Yoshihiro Kikushima; Ya Xu
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Some technical characteristics of magnetic fluids transducers for aerodynamic measurements
Author(s): Nicolae Calin Popa; Ali Siblini; Luc Jorat
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Optimization of MMI optical structures for temperature sensing applications
Author(s): Andrea Irace
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LED-based fiber optic evanescent wave ammonia sensor
Author(s): P. Suresh Kumar; C. P. G. Vallabhan; V. P. N. Nampoori; Periasamy Radhakrishnan
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Effects of parasitic electrical components on an ultrasound system: measurements and simulations using SPICE models
Author(s): Jonny Johansson; Jerker Delsing
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Thermomechanical behavior of shape memory alloys under non-proportional load
Author(s): Xiangyang Gao; Weiming Huang
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Characterizations of a 2 x 2 optical switch using an acousto-optic cell with phased array transducers
Author(s): Yves Mevel; Veronique Quintard; Andre Perennou; Hongwu Li; Jean Le Bihan
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Porous silicon microcavities for sensing purposes: modeling and experimental results
Author(s): Luca De Stefano; Ivo Rendina; Luigi Moretti; Andrea M. Rossi
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Simple interferometric method for measuring severally the refractive index and the thickness of transparent plates
Author(s): Giuseppe Coppola; Pietro Ferraro; Mario Iodice; Sergio de Nicola
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Photo-induced reaction of polyaniline with viologen in the solid state
Author(s): Luping Zhao; Koon Gee Neoh; Sock Wee Ng; En Tang Kang
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Modal feedback control of tower structure using PVDF modal sensor and SMA/CFRP hybrid moment actuator
Author(s): Yoshihiro Kikushima; Kaori Yuse; Ya Xu; Takehiko Segawa; Nobuo Tanaka
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