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MEMS/MOEMS: Advances in Photonic Communications, Sensing, Metrology, Packaging and Assembly
Editor(s): Bernard Courtois; Ali M. Khounsary; Uwe F. W. Behringer; Deepak G. Uttamchandani

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Volume Number: 4945
Date Published: 25 March 2003

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Optical MEMS and MOEMS for telecommunications
Author(s): Eric Mounier
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Novel low-cost and simple fabrication technology for tunable dielectric active and passive optical air-gap devices
Author(s): Amer Tarraf; Juergen Daleiden; Soeren Irmer; Ventzeslav Rangelov; Friedhard Roemer; Cornelia Prott; Edwin Ataro; Hartmut Hillmer; Thomas Fuhrmann; Till Spehr; Josef Salbeck
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Continuously tunable InP-based multiple air-gap MOEMS filters with ultrawide tuning range
Author(s): Soeren Irmer; Juergen Daleiden; Ventzeslav Rangelov; Cornelia Prott; Friedhard Roemer; Martin Strassner; Amer Tarraf; Hartmut Hillmer
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Micromachined two-chip, low-cost tunable filters for WDM
Author(s): Hubert Halbritter; Michael Aziz; Frank Riemenschneider; Peter M. Meissner
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Design, manufacture, and reliabilty of 2D MEMS optical switches
Author(s): Peter M. De Dobbelaere; Steffen Gloeckner; Susant K. Patra; Li Fan; Charles King; Ken Falta
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Realization of a spectrometer with micromachined scanning grating
Author(s): Heinrich Grueger; Alexander Wolter; Tobias Schuster; Harald Schenk; Hubert K. Lakner
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Micromachined poly-SiGe bolometer arrays for infrared imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): Vladimir N. Leonov; Natalia A. Perova; Piet De Moor; Bert Du Bois; Claus Goessens; Bob Grietens; Agnes Verbist; Chris A. Van Hoof; Jan P. Vermeiren
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Micro all-optical and optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Mohamad A. Habli
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Characterization of MEMS structures by microscopic digital holography
Author(s): Giuseppe Coppola; Sergio De Nicola; Pietro Ferraro; Andrea Finizio; Simonetta Grilli; Mario Iodice; Carlo Magro; Giovanni Pierattini
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Interferometry system for the mechanical characterization of membranes with silicon oxynitride thin films fabricated by PECVD
Author(s): Michal Jozwik; Patrick Delobelle; Andrei Sabac; Christophe Gorecki
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Gripping tool for MEMS assembly with an absolute distance measurement sensor using a fiber optic WL interferometer with high measuring frequency
Author(s): Tilo Pfeifer; Ubaldo Aleriano; Frank Depiereux
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Assessment of vacuum casting replication technology for refractive and diffractive micro-optomechanical components
Author(s): Patrik Tuteleers; Alex Hermanne; Hugo Thienpont
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Arrays of spherical micromirrors and molded microlenses fabricated with bulk Si micromachining
Author(s): Gleb V. Vdovin; Ourang Akhzar-Mehr; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Davies W. De Lima Monteiro; Mikhail Yu. Loktev
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Variants of LIGA technology for the production of plastic microcomponents
Author(s): Laurence Singleton; Peter Detemple; Holger Loewe
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Lithographic performance of an ASML i-line step-and-repeat system by using photosensitive Durimides
Author(s): Rudy J. M. Pellens; Angelique van Klaveren; Rutger Voets; Jean-Paul van den Heuvel; Sylvain Misat; Pamela J. Waterson; Laurie J. Peterson D.V.M.
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One-step lithography for fabrication of a hybrid microlens array using a coding gray-level mask
Author(s): Jun Yao; Deepak G. Uttamchandani; Yixiao X. Zhang; Yongkang Guo; Zheng Cui
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Thermal strain analysis for flip chip packaging
Author(s): Zhao Wei Zhong; S. G. Lee
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Nonmigration conductive adhesive
Author(s): Kenichi Suzuki; Noritsuka Mizumura; Yukio Shirai; Michinori Komagata
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Calibration of a 2D piezoresistive stress sensor in (100) silicon using a 4PB fixture
Author(s): Zhao Wei Zhong; B. H. Sim; Xiaowu Zhang
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Algorithmic solutions for thermal and electrostatic simulation of MEMS
Author(s): Vladimir Szekely
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Highly thermally conductive substrates with adjustable CTE for diode laser bar packaging
Author(s): Dirk Lorenzen; Petra Hennig
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Experimental study of external heat sinks attached on an optical parallel fiber module
Author(s): Niklas Karpe
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Investigation of interfacial behavior of a Si-epoxy-FR4 structure under thermal testing using moiré interferometry
Author(s): Zhao Wei Zhong; K. W. Wong; X. Q. Shi; Z. P. Wang
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