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Smart Materials II
Editor(s): Alan R. Wilson

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Volume Number: 4934
Date Published: 13 November 2002

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Analysis of piezoelectric fiber-reinforced composites as new smart materials for active control of flexible structures
Author(s): Manas Chandra Ray; Nilanjan Mallik
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Series-parallel impedance structure for piezoelectric vibration damping
Author(s): Sam Behrens; Andrew J. Fleming; S. O. Reza Moheimani
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Effect of dopant ion on piezo-response in polyaniline-poly(vinylidine flouride) blends
Author(s): S. Radhakrishnan; Swarendu B. Kar
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Electrical and mechanical properties of PZT thin films prepared by hybrid process of sol-gel technique and laser ablation
Author(s): Lulu Zhang; Masaaki Ichiki; Zhanjie Wang; Ryutaro Maeda
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EB-reinforced glass
Author(s): Yoshitake Nishi; Hayato Irisawa; Naoki Yamaguchi; Kousuke Takahashi; Kunio Yamada; Kazuya Oguri; Akira Tonegawa
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Nonlinear response of metal nanoparticle embedded in insulators by 60-keV negative ion implantation
Author(s): Yoshihiko Takeda; Jing Lu; Naoki Kishimoto
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Excitation of mechanical modes in gold nanorods
Author(s): Gregory V. Hartland; Min Hu; Orla Wilson; Paul Mulvaney
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Chemical sensors based on nanoparticle arrays
Author(s): Paul R. Stoddart; Paul A. White; Alexander Mazzolini
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Mechanism of formation and stabilization of platinum nanoparticles in aqueous solvents
Author(s): Abdulcadir S. Hussein; Pandiyan Murugaraj; Colin Rix; David Mainwaring
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Use of viscoelastic properties of metal alkoxide sols to control the microstructure and quality of spin-coated sol-gel thin films
Author(s): Lam Tich Nguyen; Pandiyan Murugaraj; Colin Rix; David Mainwaring
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Formation of sensitive/active phases in metal and polymer-based structural materials
Author(s): Hiroshi Asanuma
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Australian Defence requirements and initiatives in smart materials and structures
Author(s): Alan R. Wilson; Stephen C. Galea; Christine Scala; Albert Wong
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Adhesive bond degradation sensor
Author(s): Alan R. Wilson; Christina Olsson-Jacques; Richard F. Muscat
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Finite element modeling to determine thermal residual strain distribution of bonded composite repairs for structural health monitoring design
Author(s): Wayne Baker; Rhys Jones; Claire Davis; Stephen C. Galea
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In-situ health monitoring of bonded composite repairs using a novel fiber Bragg grating sensing arrangement
Author(s): Claire Davis; Wayne Baker; Scott D. Moss; Stephen C. Galea; Rhys Jones
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Electrically activated paper actuators
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Yung B. Seo; Sang H. Choi
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High-power actuator film materials prepared by PVD process
Author(s): Hiromasa Yabe; Yoshitake Nishi
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High-responsiveness and high-power Fe-Pd magnetostrictive films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Hiromasa Yabe; Haru-Hisa Uchida; Yoshihito Matsumura; Hirohisa Uchida; Yoshitake Nishi
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Development of a commercial microcorrosion monitoring system
Author(s): Trevor Graham Edward Niblock; Harshal S. Surangalikar; Jeffrey Morse; Bernard C. Laskowski; Mario H. Castro-Cedeno; Alan R. Wilson
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Adaptive radar absorbing structures with active FSS
Author(s): Alan Tennant; Barry Chambers
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Electrochemical and microwave characterization of microwave smart windows based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) composites
Author(s): Rong Zhang; Alan Barnes; Peter Victor Wright; Kenneth Lee Ford; Barry Chambers
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Some factors affecting the properties of sputter-deposited NiTi-based shape memory alloy thin films
Author(s): Xu Huang; Yong Liu
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Magnetron-sputtered TiNiCu shape memory alloy thin films with different Cu contents
Author(s): Yongqing Fu; Hejun Du
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Issues concerning the measurement of transformation temperatures in NiTi alloys
Author(s): Hongyan Luo; Eric Abel; Jim Hewit; Mark Pridham; Bob Steele; Zhigang Wang; Alan Slade
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Single-shot selective laser micromachining of filtered-arc-deposited TiN films from chromium underlayer
Author(s): Andrew John Dowling; Muralidhar K. Ghantasala; Peter E. Evans; Jason P. Hayes; Erol C. Harvey; E. Derry Doyle
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Self-healing of damage in heat-resisting steel
Author(s): Norio Shinya; Junro Kyono
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Processing study of next-generation substrate
Author(s): Yung-Ming Chang; Chih-Hao Chou; Hung-Yi Lin; Tung-Chuan Wu; Thomas Hsieh
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Property prediction of new semiconductors by computer modeling and simulation
Author(s): Ping Wu; Guo Qing Lin; Yingzhi Zeng
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Dynamic characteristics of layered metal-fiber composites including transverse shear deformation
Author(s): Ramesh Kolar
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Observation under the gradually increasing cyclic loading of yielding region of the circular hole vicinity
Author(s): Kensuke Ichinose; Yuji Funamoto; Kenji Gomi; Kiyoshi Taniuchi; Katsumi Fukuda
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Observation of crack tip vicinity by a high-speed camera and research on dynamic fracture toughness
Author(s): Kensuke Ichinose; Fumitaka Moriwaki; Kenji Gomi
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Magnetostrictive characteristics of Tb-Fe-Si thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Mitsuaki Takeuchi; Yoshihito Matsumura; Hirohisa Uchida; Toshiro Kuji
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Characterization of giant magnetostrictive composite materials prepared under a magnetic field
Author(s): Mitsuaki Takeuchi; Yoshihito Matsumura; Hirohisa Uchida; Masakazu Fujita; Toshiro Kuji
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Magnetic properties of Tb-Fe giant magnetostrictive thin films by oblique deposition
Author(s): Tomoko O. Yamaki; Hirohisa Uchida; Yoshihito Matsumura
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Unidirectional solidification of Tb-Fe giant magnetostrictive alloys under microgravity conditions
Author(s): Kazuyoshi Ishida; Takeshi Haraki; Hirohisa Uchida; Yoshihito Matsumura; Toshiro Kuji; Hideki Minagawa; Takeshi Okutani; Keiji Kamada
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Characteristics of braking devices using ERF
Author(s): Hitoshi Nishida; Kunio Shimada
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Nanostructured materials produced by self-organized media
Author(s): Yong J. Yuan; Hans-Peter Hentze; W. Mike Arnold; Barry K. Marlow; Markus Antonietti
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Deposition of Pb(ZrTi)O3 thin films by pulsed laser ablation for MEMS application
Author(s): Zhan Jie Wang; Ryutaro Maeda; Hiroyuki Kokawa
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Nonlinear optical properties of polyaniline-based conjugated polymers
Author(s): Sudhir Kumar Sharma; S. C. K. Misra; K. N. Tripathi
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Characterizations of interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels composed of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)
Author(s): Seon Jeong Kim; Sang Jun Park; Seoung Gil Yoon; Ki Jung Lee; Young Moo Lee; Si Bog Park; Sun I. Kim
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Characterization of cuticular nanostructures on surfaces of insects by atomic force microscopy: mining evolution for smart structures
Author(s): Gregory S. Watson; Jolanta A. Blach
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Nanoscale spatially resolved simultaneous measurement of in-plane and out-of-plane force components on surfaces: a novel operational mode in atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Gregory S. Watson; Bradley P. Dinte; Jolanta A. Blach; Sverre Myhra
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Shape-memory alloy overload protection device for osseointegrated transfemoral implant prosthetic limb attachment system
Author(s): Wei Xu; Fei Shao; Steven Hughes
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Thermal compensation of Bragg grating for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Rupali Suresh; Swee Chuan Tjin; Pilate Moyo; James M. W. Brownjohn
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BaTiO3-coated polyaniline core-shell nanocomposite particles for electrorheological fluids
Author(s): Jian-Guo Guan; Jian-Hong Wei; Su-Ling Zhao; Run-Zhang Ruan
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Transport properties of amorphous Se80-xTE20Pbx (0
Maninder Singh Kamboj; R. Thangaraj
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