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Color Science and Imaging Technologies
Editor(s): Dazun Zhao; Ming Ronnier Luo; Kiyoharu Aizawa

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Volume Number: 4922
Date Published: 13 September 2002

Table of Contents
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Sensitivity metamerism index digital still camera
Author(s): Po-Chieh Hung
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Spatial sensitive color metric in the virtual-aided recomposition of frescos
Author(s): Floriana Renna; Lea Venturino; Giovanni Attolico; Arcangelo Distante
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Automatic image processing system for beautifying human faces
Author(s): Kevin I. C. Ho; Tung-Shou Chen; Hsing-Yi Su
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Automatic system for detecting pornographic images
Author(s): Kevin I. C. Ho; Tung-Shou Chen; Jun-Der Ho
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Characteristics of modulated white LED and their application to electrically controlled spectroscopy
Author(s): Yasuyuki Okamura; Tatsuo Shiina; Masafumi Ito
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CIE Division 8: a servant for the imaging industry
Author(s): Ming Ronnier Luo
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New method in imaging spectrometry
Author(s): Junyong Fang; Dazun Zhao; Yuejuan Jiang
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Novel color measurement system
Author(s): Jinshan Shi; Chunyan Hu; Huaxiong Jin
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Using improved spectral Neugebauer equations to construct color LUT
Author(s): Haoxue Liu
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Theoretical study of chromatic contrast sensitivity function (CCSF)
Author(s): Jianyong Zhang; Weiqi Jin; Weijie Hu; Xia Wang
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Segmentation techniques for intestinal lumen detection for endoscopic color images
Author(s): Marta Patricia Tjoa; S. M. Krishnan; Shunren Xia
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Conversion of polarity of nanocrystalline tetragonal zirconia coatings irradiated by laser
Author(s): Cunlin Zhang; Yang Liao; Xingming Wang; Shuli He; Defeng Sun
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Object extraction using genetic algorithms and morphological processing
Author(s): Hong Zheng; Li Pan; Saeid Nahavandi
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Conditional comparison for binary fingerprint images based on filtering technology
Author(s): Kwang-Fu Li; Tung-Shou Chen; Yi-Wen Chen
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Computer simulation of photoelectron decay process of silver halide microcrystals
Author(s): Aicong Geng; Xiaowei Li; Guangsheng Fu; Shaopeng Yang; Xiaodong Lu
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Application of color-encoded structure light in 3D vision technology
Author(s): Qi Li; Huajun Feng; Zhi Hai Xu; Hongqiang Huang
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Fast auto-focus approach based on green components analysis
Author(s): Huajun Feng; Qi Li; Zhi Hai Xu
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Fuzzy color image retrieval based on correlation
Author(s): Yanmei Liang; Hongchen Zhai; Guoguang Mu
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Principle of color-encoded technique for 3D measurement and system design
Author(s): Huijuan Yuan; Xiaoyang Yu; Fenlan Li; Jianyin Guo
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Behaviors of free electrons and shallow-trapped electrons in sulfur-sensitized silver halide material
Author(s): Xiaodong Lu; Li Han; Shaopeng Yang; Xiao-Wei Li; Aicong Geng
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Effect of brightness adjustment on the accuracy of color reproduction in CRT display
Author(s): Hong Suk Kim; Seung Ok Park
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New car plate recognition method based on fuzzy entropy
Author(s): Qing-chuan Tao; Xiaohai He; Deyuan Tao
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Gamut boundaries expressed with Zernike polynomials
Author(s): Qingmei Huang; Dazun Zhao
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Improved training-set distribution model for the training of BP neural networks in CRT color conversion
Author(s): Ningfang Liao; Junsheng Shi; Weiping Yang
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Performance testing of CIEDE2000 color-difference formula using CRT colors
Author(s): Haisong Xu; Zhen Xiang; Hirohisa Yaguchi
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New whiteness formula in the CIELUV uniform color space
Author(s): Guoxing He; Zhengyang Zhang
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Method of cross-media color reproduction based on the Munsell system
Author(s): Weiping Yang; Dazun Zhao; Junsheng Shi; Hongfei Yu; Bing Peng; Fengxiang Bai
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Objective method for evaluating the color image reproduction from CRT to printer
Author(s): Junsheng Shi; Shaoquan Jiang; Weiping Yang
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Study for the digital examination of meat color
Author(s): Yongning Zhu
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Wavelength accuracy in spectrophotometer based on linear arrays
Author(s): Weijie Hu; Zhengfang Zhu
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Performance analysis of a portable imaging spectrometer using linear-variable optical filter
Author(s): Xiao xuan Xu; Hai bo Lin; Zhong chen Wu; Guang Yu; Jian Zhu; Cun zhou Zhang; Guang yin Zhang
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Color reproduction and color prediction from scanner image to printer image using back-propagation neutral networks
Author(s): Hongfei Yu; Chaoyou Li; Junsheng Shi
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Uniform color space based on CIECAM97s
Author(s): Kun Xiao; Guihua Cui; Wei Li
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