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Optical Switching and Optical Interconnection II

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Volume Number: 4907
Date Published: 3 September 2002

Table of Contents
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Analysis and testing of an optical add/drop multiplexer based on MEMS micro-actuators
Author(s): Dong Yan; Seth Madison; Bai Xu; James Castracane
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Hybrid reconfigurable OADM using MEMS switch and FBG
Author(s): Jing Li; Ai Qun Liu; Q.X Zhang; N. Balasubramanian; C. Lu
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Technologies for large-scale optical switching: recent advances and future prospects
Author(s): Chuan Pu; Chris Wu
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Three-dimensional MEMS optical switch for fiber optic communication applications
Author(s): Khanh C. Nguyen
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Electromechanical and optical properties of torsion-mirror actuators for optical switching applications
Author(s): Wen-Gang Wu; Dachao Li; Yilong Hao; Guizhen Yan; Shijiu Jin
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WSXC/WIXC hybrid optical OXC design using MEMS elements
Author(s): Hyunho Yun; Sang-Wha Lee; Byoung-Whi Kim; Minho Kang
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Understanding wavelength cross-connects and their benefits throughout the network
Author(s): Henry Yang
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Generic model and analysis of Spanke optical switch configuration
Author(s): Rangaswany Nakkeeran; T. G. Palanivelu; M. Thatchayani
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Circuit modeling approach for quantum-structured total internal reflection electro-optic switch and fabric
Author(s): Rangaswany Nakkeeran; T. G. Palanivelu; Pantony Gnanaraj
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Evolution of ultrafast all-optical free-space switches
Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky; Gal Shabtay; David Mendlovic; Amir Shemer; Vardit Eckhouse; Roy Appelman; Uriel Levy
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Transparent ultralong-haul optical networks enabled by broadcast and select OADMs
Author(s): Ioannis Tomkos; Michael Vasiliev; June-Koo Rhee; Manish N. Sharma; Mark J. Soulliere
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Ultrahigh-bandwidth DWDM transmission for short, medium-haul, and metro using low bit rates
Author(s): Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos
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Revenue-maximization-based adaptive WFQ
Author(s): Jyrki Joutsensalo; Timo Hamalainen; Jian Zhang
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Effect of the traffic shaping function of the EF class in a DiffServ queue architecture
Author(s): Akio Kawabata; Takeshi Sakaguchi; Susumu Yamamoto; Shigeki Shimizu; Jun Nishikido; Hisashi Komura
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Statistical bandwidth allocation for multiservice networks
Author(s): Timo Hamalainen; Jyrki Joutsensalo
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Novel optical packet switching mechanism
Author(s): Zhiguo Gao; Minghua Chen; Jiangang Jin; Shizhong Xie
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Optical packet switching using an out-of-band optical label
Author(s): Akira Okada
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Realization technology of multiwavelength label optical packet switching
Author(s): Shilin Xiao; QingJi Zeng; Jianxin Wang; Ming Jiang; Huandong Zhao; Hao Chi; Pengcheng Xiao; Jun Huang
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Fair scheduling algorithms for supporting QoS in optical burst switching networks
Author(s): Keping Long; Rodney S. Tucker; Se-yoon Oh
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DWDM label-based lookups and forwarding scheme using multiwavelength optical packet processing
Author(s): Peng Yin Choo; Wenji Wu; Ralph Martinez
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Transfer function matrix synthesis of lightwave circuits
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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MEMS widely tunable lasers for WDM system applications
Author(s): Ai Qun Liu; Xu Ming Zhang; Ding Yuan Tang
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Optical-I/O packaging technologies for chip- and board-level optical interconnects
Author(s): Yuzo Ishii
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Approach and analysis of contention resolution in optical switching network
Author(s): Xiaolong Yang; Mingrui Dang; Youju Mao; Min Zhang; Lemin Li
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DWDM multiple-channel power equalizer using MEMS technology
Author(s): Xu Ming Zhang; Ai Qun Liu; Yue Chuan Lu; F. Wang; C. Lu
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Beam steering using CGHs in spatial multiplexing method
Author(s): Jin-Seon Yoon; Nam Kim
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Fabrication of planar blazed grating using laser LIGA
Author(s): Chi-Feng Chen; Rui-Ting Zheng; Bor-Hong Yao
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Nonlinear pulse switching of fiber coupler with two nonidentical cores
Author(s): Liu Min; Ping Shum; Nam Quoc Ngo
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New method of obtaining image edges by optical nonlinear-material-based switching operation
Author(s): Shantanu Kr Dhar; Sourangshu Mukhopadhay
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Scalable switching fabric for Internet routers
Author(s): Xudong Zhu; Lemin Li; Huan Song
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Algorithm for realizing two-stage multiplexing in WDM network
Author(s): Yue Wang; WeiSheng Hu; Chun Jiang
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Novel architecture for contention resolution of optical packet switching
Author(s): Jun Huang; Hua Liu; QingJi Zeng; Hao Chi; Pengcheng Xiao; Jimin Liu; Huandong Zhao; Jian Liu
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Sharing resources for contention resolution in optical packet switching
Author(s): Yi Li; Hooshang Ghafouri-Shiraz
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Algorithm of offset time in IP-over-WDM optical network
Author(s): Jian Liu; QingJi Zeng; Jianxin Wang; Jun Huang
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Switch control strategies for optical burst switch with optical buffers
Author(s): Hao Chi; QingJi Zeng; Huandong Zhao; Jiangtao Luo; Shilin Xiao
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New scheme of variable optical buffer for IP packets used in access control of HORNET
Author(s): Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang
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Label processing technology in optical label switching networks
Author(s): Jianxin Wang; QingJi Zeng; Shilin Xiao; Jian Liu
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Dispersion-insensitive frequency-doubled SCM signal processing technique for optical label swapping
Author(s): Tae-il Chae; Hark Yoo; Yong Hyub Won
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New technique for developing spatially coded input variables of any numbers for all-optical digital processing
Author(s): Sourangshu Mukhopadhay; Archan Kumar Das; Partha Pratima Das
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Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (R-OADMs): a key network element for the all-optical network
Author(s): David Wang; Yan Bin Shao; Qing Shao
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Multi-pipeline optical interconnection network for distributed computing
Author(s): Wencai Jing; Yimo Zhang; Ge Zhou; Haifeng Li; Zhaohui Li; Hongxia Zhang; Xiaoming Man
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Temperature characteristics of volume phase holographic wavelength division demultiplexers
Author(s): Pinghe Wang; Li Zhan; Qinghao Ye; S. Y. Luo; YuXing Xia
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Simulation study of optical burst switching nodes
Author(s): Shanhong You; Xinwan Li; Zongmin Yin; Wenping Ge; Ailun Ye
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Characterization of a free-space polarization-independent bidirectional optical switch
Author(s): Hu Xie; Fengguang Luo; Wenkui Li; Zhujun Wan; Mingcui Cao
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Heater of polymetric thermo-optic switch based on analysis of the thermal field
Author(s): Wei Lei; Daqing Zhu; Dongsheng Lu; Zhene Xu; Aiqing Zhang
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Research and fabrication of 4x4 LiNbO3 optical waveguide switch matrix
Author(s): Bo Wu; Caihe Chen; Guilan Ding; Yuming Cui
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All-optical fabric for header reading and rewriting in optical label switching nodes
Author(s): Jun Huang; Hua Liu; QingJi Zeng; Pengcheng Xiao; Jimin Liu; Hao Chi; Huandong Zhao
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Research and development of optical fiber interconnection network
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Wencai Jing; Ge Zhou
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