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Multispectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Instruments and Applications
Editor(s): Allen M. Larar; Qingxi Tong; Makoto Suzuki

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Volume Number: 4897
Date Published: 16 June 2003

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Advance in marine technique and application research of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing in China
Author(s): Yuzhong Liu; Jie Zhang; Yongqi Xue; Hande Zhang; Yi Ma
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Hyperspectral satellite remote sounding: expectations based on simulation with high-altitude aircraft measurements
Author(s): William L. Smith; Daniel K. Zhou; Henry E. Revercomb; Allen M. Larar; Hung Lung Huang; Stephen A. Mango
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Applications of high spectral resolution FTIR observations demonstrated by the radiometrically accurate ground-based AERI and the scanning HIS aircraft instruments
Author(s): Henry E. Revercomb; Robert O. Knuteson; Fred A. Best; David C. Tobin; William L. Smith; Wayne F. Feltz; Ralph A. Petersen; Paolo Antonelli; Erik R Olson; Daniel Darch LaPorte; Scott D. Ellington; Mark W. Werner; Ralph G. Dedecker; Raymond K. Garcia; Nick N. Ciganovich; H. Benjamin Howell; Kenneth Vinson; Steven A. Ackerman
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Infrared land surface remote sensing using high spectral resolution observations
Author(s): Robert O. Knuteson; Daniel H. Deslover; Allen M. Larar; Brian Osborne; Henry E. Revercomb; John F. Short; William L. Smith; Robin Tanamachi
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Design and preliminary performance evaluation of airborne hyperspectral imaging spectograph Air-OPUS
Author(s): Shin-ichiro Okumura; Makoto Suzuki; Shigeomi Yoshida; Takuki Sano; Masaharu Watanabe; Toshihiro Ogawa
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Ozone retrieval from high-resolution spectrum data observed by IMG/ADEOS sensor
Author(s): Rouichi Imasu; Yoshifumi Ota
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D/H latitudinal distribution in the atmosphere retrieved from IMG spectra
Author(s): Vyacheslav I. Zakharov; Rouichi Imasu; Konstantin G. Gribanov
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Intercomparison of EGA, CGA, and LBL forward model computation schemes for SAGE III water vapor retrieval
Author(s): Er Woon Chiou; William P. Chu; Larry W. Thomason; D. Chris Benner; Anne C. Edwards
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Japanese Advanced Meteorolical Imager: an advanced GEO imager for Japan, East Asia, and the western Pacific
Author(s): Jeffery J. Puschell; Howard A. Lowe; James W. Jeter; Steven M. Kus; David Gilman; David L. Rogers; Roger L. Hoelter; Russ Ravella
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Mission objectives and instrument design concept of EarthCARE FTS
Author(s): Kayoko Kondo; Ryoichi Imasu; Toshiyoshi Kimura; Makoto Suzuki; Akihiko Kuze; Toshihiro Ogawa; Teruyuki Nakajima
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Environmental objectives for the Russian American Observational Satellites (RAMOS)
Author(s): Thomas Humpherys; Robert Anderson; Alvin T. Stair Jr.; Ilya Schiller; Valery Sinelshchikov; V. Abramov; Victor Misnik
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Multispectral imaging Fabry-Perot interferometer for tropospheric trace species detection
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; William B. Cook; Jeffery J. Puschell; Wilbert R. Skinner
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Progress on passive sensor for ultraprecise measurement of carbon dioxide from space
Author(s): William S. Heaps; S. Randolph Kawa
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Far infrared spectroscopy of the troposphere (FIRST): sensor concept
Author(s): Gail E. Bingham; Stanley J. Wellard; Martin G. Mlynczak; David Geoffrey Johnson; Wesley A. Traub; Kenneth W. Jucks
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VIS-NIR and TIR sensors for Stratospheric Platform-II
Author(s): Shigeomi Yoshida; Hiroko Matsuyama; Yoshihiko Okamura; Naoya Tomii; Yoshio Tange; Masao Moriyama; Yutaka Ogata
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Miniature imaging spectrometer based on acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)
Author(s): Ying Dong; Zheng You; Peng Gao; Yuncai Hao
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Space scannable LP-DOAS system
Author(s): Zhenbi Li; Wen Qing Liu; Ya-Ping Wang; Qi Feng; Xinming Zheng
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Compact computed-tomography imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Dongdong Fan; Minxian Wu; Jiangang Wang; Haoyun Wei
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Relationships between chlorophyll, caroteniod content of rice leaves, and hyperspectral variables
Author(s): Qian Cheng; Jingfeng Huang; X. Z. Wang; Renchao Wang
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Simulated rice leaf reflectance and its inversion
Author(s): Yunmei Li; Shaoxiang Ni; Jinfeng Huang
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Estimating wheat biochemical concentration from field reflectance spectra
Author(s): Liangyun Liu; Bing Zhang; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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Estimating foliar nitrogen concentration with hyperspectral remote sensing image
Author(s): Xia Zhang; Bing Zhang; Liangyun Liu; Jihua Wang
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Current status of the Terra/MODIS data utilization in KMA: derivation of SST
Author(s): Chu-yong Chung; Myoung-Hwan Ahn; Ja-Min Koo; Eun-Ha Sohn; Hyo-Sang Chung
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Spectral identification tree (SIT) for mineral extraction using AVIRIS data
Author(s): Fu-ping Gan; Run-sheng Wang; Ai-nai Ma
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Influences of the illumination and viewing geometry on the vegetation indices
Author(s): Liangpei Zhang; Hui Lin; Deren Li
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Simple instrument for measurement of remote sensing reflectance in coastal environment
Author(s): Chuanmin Hu
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Dynamic detection on water quality and water areas of Nanishu Lakes with remote sensing
Author(s): Fengjie Yang; Zhen Han; Fengli Zhang; Gauangzhen Cao; Peng Hou; Zhenqing Tang; Mengsheng Lu; Songwei Shan; Xianshui Li
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Technique of marine hyperspectral remote sensing review
Author(s): Zhen Han; Caixing Yun; Fengjie Yang; Cailan Gong
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Estimation of suspended sediment concentration in rivers utilizing principal components analysis with ETM+ data
Author(s): Jiping Liu; Keqing Zhang; Jiangtao Tian
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Multispectral back-scattering spectrometer for total suspended solids measurement
Author(s): Mohammad Zubir Mat Jafri; Khiruddin Abdullah; Stephen Marshall; Hwe San Lim
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Optimum band to predict soil content in water
Author(s): Yuqing Wan; Fengli Zhang; Yongzhong Yan
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Application of RS, GIS, and GPS in the environmental investigation of Minjiang Upriver
Author(s): Guoliang Pu; Wunian Yang; Peixin Yuan; Juli Qin; Peihao Peng; Lijun You; Youming Wang; Xinnan Wan; Fang Miao
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Landsat-7 in evaluation of oilfield exploitation impacts on the south Evenkiya larch dominant communities
Author(s): Viacheslav I. Kharuk; Kenneth Jon Ranson; Sergey T. Im
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Spectral unmixing and image classification supported by spatial knowledge
Author(s): Bing Zhang; Xia Zhang; Liangyun Liu; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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Hyperspectral data compression study: defining the roadmap for data downlink and redistribution
Author(s): Hung-Lung Huang; Bormin Huang; Timothy J. Schmit; Roger Heymann
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Fractal characterization of Ikonos imagery
Author(s): Huaguo Zhang; Weigen Huang; Changbao Zhou
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Appraisement of CBERS-1 image quality with image information capacity and power spectrum
Author(s): Yingge Qu; Shenggen Zeng; Deshen Xia
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The red edge parameters as indicators of rice nitrogen levels
Author(s): Jingfeng Huang; Xiuzhen Wang; Renchao Wang
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Large-aperture static imaging spectroscopy (LASIS)
Author(s): Jianfeng Yang; Ping Ruan; Xiangli Bin; Baochang Zhao
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Classification methods of the hyperspectral image based on the continuum-removed
Author(s): Jiwei Bai; Xing Li; Xingtang Hu; Xiongfei Zhang; Yongchao Zhao; Bing Zhang; Qingxi Tong; Lanfen Zheng
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Temperature environment of cameras on Hangtian-Tsinghua-1 microsatellite
Author(s): Luming Li; Jun Wu; Long Hu
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Band selection for multispectral system using spectrometer data and airborne PHI data
Author(s): Tuanjie Liu; Yongchao Zhao; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong; Baoyu Xie
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Validation site and estimates of natural conditions obtained from a meteorological mast in Obninsk
Author(s): Vladimir N. Ivanov; Michael I. Allenov
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Relationship between rice LAI, CH.D and hyperspectral data
Author(s): Weidong Liu; Yueqin Xiang; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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BP fusion model for the detection of oil spills on the sea by remote sensing
Author(s): Weiwei Chen; Jubai An; Hande Zhang; Bin Lin
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Convex geometry analysis method of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Yanjun Gong; XiChang Wang; Hongxing Qi; BingXi Yu
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Noise estimating and filtering of hyperspectral infrared radiance
Author(s): Yanni Qu; Mitchell D. Goldberg
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Application research on the investigation of geological hazards using remote sensing technique in Zhangjiakou territory
Author(s): Yanxiao Qiao; Ge Zhang
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New data processing method of differential optical absorption spectrum for measuring atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): Yujun Zhang; Young Joon Kim; Jeong-Soon Lee; Bong Jae Kuk
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Fractional vegetation cover estimation based on satellite-sensed land classification
Author(s): Yunhao Chen; Xiaobing Li; Xia Li; Peijun Shi
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Remote sensing applied to the detection of heavy metals in potable water sources
Author(s): Aimee Singh
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Mathematical modeling of atmospheric processes and observations of the Earth's surface from space
Author(s): Anatolii Anufriev; Vladimir Ivanov; Vladimir Yatzyk; Gennadiy Yaskevich
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