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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing VIII

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Volume Number: 4885
Date Published: 13 March 2003

Table of Contents
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Image registration
Author(s): Maria Petrou; George Lazaridis
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AVHRR rectification using orbital navigation and image matching
Author(s): Andre R.S. Marcal; Janete Borges
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Global earth mapping with NASA's multiangle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR)
Author(s): Veljko M. Jovanovic
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Modulation transfer function measurement using nonspecific views
Author(s): Jean-Marc Delvit; Dominique Leger; Sylvie Roques; Christophe Valorge
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Context modeling for joint spectral and radiometric distortion minimization in pyramid-based fusion of MS and P image data
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Ivan Pippi; Massimo Selva
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Triplet Markov chains in hidden signal restoration
Author(s): Wojciech Pieczynski; Cedric Hulard; Thomas Veit
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Generalized Gaussian model for SAR image restoration
Author(s): Emmanuel Bratsolis; Marc Sigelle
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SAR image segmentation using generalized pairwise Markov chains
Author(s): Stephane Derrode; Wojciech Pieczynski
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Statistical image segmentation using triplet Markov fields
Author(s): Wojciech Pieczynski; Dalila Benboudjema; Pierre Lanchantin
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Evaluation of selected edge detection techniques in remotely sensed images
Author(s): Konstantinos G. Karantzalos; Demetre P. Argialas
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Extraction of object skeletons in multispectral imagery by the orthogonal regression fitting
Author(s): Roman M. Palenichka; Marek B. Zaremba
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Cluster structure evaluation of dyadic k-means algorithm for mining large image archives
Author(s): Herbert Daschiel; Mihai P. Datcu
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Calibration, regression models, and the Web
Author(s): Jan Smid; Brian L. Markham; Petr Svacek; Petr Volf
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Multiple estimator systems for the analysis of water quality parameters
Author(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone; Farid Melgani
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Fuzzy information fusion for the extraction of urban features based on HRSC data
Author(s): Marina Mueller; Karl Segl
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Extraction of tidal channel networks from airborne scanning laser altimetry and aerial photography
Author(s): David C. Mason; Hai-Jing Wang; Bharat Lohani
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Landmine detection using a time-sequence of thermal infrared images
Author(s): Athina Kokonozi; Brian Hosgood; Alois Josef Sieber
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Survey of transform methods in remote sensing information processing
Author(s): Chi Hau Chen
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Application of convex cone analysis to hyperspectral and multispectral scenes
Author(s): John H. Gruninger; Jamine Lee; Robert L. Sundberg
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Performance of a fast iterative algorithm for unsupervised bayesian classification of multispectral and hyperspectral images
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Alessandro Mecocci; Alessandro Paperini
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Partially supervised classification of multisource data
Author(s): Diego Fernandez-Prieto; Olivier Arino
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Extracting information about vegetation seasons in Africa from Pathfinder AVHRR NDVI imagery using temporal filtering and least-squares fits to asymmetric Gaussian functions
Author(s): Lars Eklundh; Per-Georg Jonsson
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SAR image analysis of the sea surface by local fractal dimension estimation
Author(s): Andrea Garzelli
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SAR image classification with a directional-oriented discrete Hermite transform
Author(s): Boris Escalante-Ramirez; Penelope Lopez-Quiroz; Jose Luis Silvan-Cardenas
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SAR along-track interferometry with application to RADARSAT-2 ground moving target indication
Author(s): Shen Chiu
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Estimation and measurement of backscattered signals from pulsed laser radar
Author(s): Boris Jutzi; Bernd Eberle; Uwe Stilla
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Application of Fourier descriptors and neural network to classification underground images
Author(s): Leonid Tolstoy; Hamed Parsiani; Jorge Ortiz
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Clutter and target characterization using Markov chains
Author(s): Vassilis Anastassopoulos; George A. Lampropoulos
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Spectral similarity measures for classification in lossy compression of hyperspectral images
Author(s): Pekka Keranen; Arto Kaarna; Pekka J. Toivanen
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Improvement to an interband version of the linear prediction approach for hyperspectral image compression
Author(s): Jarno S. Mielikainen; Pekka J. Toivanen
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Analysis of compression methods applied to hyperspectral images
Author(s): Joan S. Serra-Sagrista; David Gavilan; Julian Minguillon
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Noise reduction methods for hyperspectral images
Author(s): Pekka J. Toivanen; Arto Kaarna; Jarno S. Mielikainen; Mikko Laukkanen
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Extraction of visible SWIR hyperspectral scene statistics and their use in scene realization
Author(s): Robert L. Sundberg; John H. Gruninger; Raymond Haren
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Space-adaptive spectral analysis of hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Fabrizio Argenti; Michele Dionisio; Luca Facheris
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Unsupervised feature extraction techniques for hyperspectral data and its effects on unsupervised classification
Author(s): Luis O. Jimenez-Rodriguez; Emmanuel Arzuaga-Cruz; Miguel Velez-Reyes
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Pattern recognition in hyperspectral images using feedback
Author(s): Shawn D. Hunt; Diego Rivera
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Comparison of feature reduction techniques for classification of hyperspectral remote-sensing data
Author(s): Sebastiano Bruno Serpico; Massimo D'Inca; Farid Melgani; Gabriele Moser
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Improving classification accuracy of AVIRIS data by means of classifier combination
Author(s): Julian Minguillon; Joan S. Serra-Sagrista
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Classification of hyperspectral imagery using limited training data samples
Author(s): Chris J. Willis
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Automated corresponding point candidate selection for image registration using wavelet transformation, neural network with rotation invariant inputs, and context information about neighboring candidates
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Masashi Suezaki; Hideki Sueyasu; Kohei Arai
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Appropriate training area selection for supervised texture classification by using the genetic algorithms
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Masaru Maeda; Kohei Arai
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Detection of main structures in digital images by expansion of border-containing windows
Author(s): Isabel M. Flores-Parra; Fernando Bienvenido; Massimo Menenti
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High-resolution satellite imagery orthoprojection using dense DEM
Author(s): Andrea Lingua; Enrico Borgogno Mondino
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Automatic registration and mosaicking system for remotely sensed imagery
Author(s): Dmitry V. Fedorov; Leila Maria G. Fonseca; Charles Kenney; Bangalore S. Manjunath
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New background clutter subspace basis selection criterion for clutter cancellation in infrared naval surveillance systems
Author(s): Marco Diani; N. Acito; Giovanni Corsini
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Contrast control for intensity deformation removal in grayscale and color images
Author(s): Jacek Pniewski; Arkadiusz Sagan; Tomasz Szoplik
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Integration of scale-space filtering and neural techniques for high-resolution remote sensing image classification
Author(s): Elisabetta Binaghi; Ignazio Gallo; Monica Pepe
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Superresolution in a multiray vision system with relative correction of rays
Author(s): Evgeni N. Terentiev; Nikolai E. Terentiev; Fedor V. Shugaev
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Adaptive procedure of RS image classification with use of extended feature space
Author(s): Nikolay G. Markov; Alexandr A. Napryushkin; Alexandr V. Zamyatin; Evgenia V. Vertinskaya
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Complementary methods for extracting road centerlines from IKONOS imagery
Author(s): Donna S. Haverkamp; Rick Poulsen
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