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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems V

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Volume Number: 4884
Date Published: 20 March 2003

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Atmospheric effects on hyperspectral data acquired with aerospace imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Donatella Guzzi; Paolo Marcoionni; Ivan Pippi
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Remote sensing support for the target acquisition weapons software (TAWS)
Author(s): Charles P. McGrath
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MATISSE--advanced earth modeling for imaging and scene simulation: first results
Author(s): Pierre Simoneau; Roland Berton; Karine Caillault; Gerard Durand; Thierry Huet; Luc Labarre; Claire Malherbe; Christophe Miesch; Antoine Roblin; Bernard Rosier
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Nonimaging determination of target orientation via steered laser boresight
Author(s): Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh
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Full-order Mueller matrix polarimeter using liquid-crystal phase retarders and active illumination
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; Brian G. Hoover; John D. Gonglewski
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The atmospheric neutral density experiment (ANDE) and modulating retroreflector in space (MODRAS): combined flight experiments for the space test program
Author(s): Andrew C. Nicholas; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Stefan E. Thonnard; R. A. Kessel; Robert Lucke; C. P. Sillman
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Opto-acoustic phenomena accompanying the propagation of high-power pulsed laser radiation in the atmosphere
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova; Lyudmila G. Shamanaeva
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Evironmental characterization of the marine boundary layer for electromagnetic wave propagation
Author(s): Thomas K. Scholz; Joerg Foerster
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Millimeterwave propagation within boundary layers over sea: comparison of modeling and experimental data
Author(s): Helmut Essen; Hans-Hellmuth Fuchs
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IR propagation through the marine boundary layer: comparison of model and experimental data
Author(s): Karin Stein; Ernst Polnau; Dirk Seiffer
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Results of atmospheric compensation using a wavefront curvature-based adaptive optics system
Author(s): Gavin R. G. Erry; Paul Harrison; James G. Burnett; David Benton; Andrew M. Scott; Simon C. Woods
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Bit error rate in a free-space laser communication system with a partially coherent signal beam
Author(s): Jennifer C. Ricklin; Frederic M. Davidson
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Laser sensing of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Gary G. Gimmestad
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Transmission and scintillation measurements for a summertime desert environment
Author(s): Dimitris Tsintikidis; Stephen M. Doss-Hammel
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Probing boundary layer turbulence with models and lidar measurements through data assimilation
Author(s): C.-Y. Jim Kao; D. I. Cooper; J. M. Reisner
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Impact of dynamic solar panels on long exposure Fourier telescopy
Author(s): Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh; Steven M. Long
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Statistical study of EO propagation parameters in coastal areas
Author(s): Jaques Claverie; Yvonick Hurtaud
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The refractive propagation factor and the rough evaporation duct experiment
Author(s): Stephen M. Doss-Hammel; Dimitris Tsintikidis; Kenneth L. Davidson; Paul A. Frederickson
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Near-surface aerosol transmission in the marine environment
Author(s): Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Leo H. Cohen; Laurent J. Navarro; Gerrit de Leeuw
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Use and characterization of very large devices for adaptive optics
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Scott W. Teare; Jonathan R. Andrews; G. Charmaine Gilbreath
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Comparison between a Shack-Hartmann and a distorted grating wavefront sensor
Author(s): Leonard John Otten III; Joshua Lane; Gavin R. G. Erry; Paul Harrison; Lawrence D. Weaver; G. Martin
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MEMS adaptive optics: field demonstration
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; John D. Gonglewski; Stephen L. Browne; Sergio R. Restaino
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Modal corrector integrated in silicon: possibilities for implementation
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Loktev; Gleb V. Vdovin; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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A low-cost large-aperture optical receiver for remote sensing and imaging applications
Author(s): Stephen A. Hanes
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Statistical Shack-Hartmann wavefront analysis through nonisotropic turbulence
Author(s): Laurent Rousset-Rouviere; Christophe Coudrain; Ruy Deron; Francis Mendez
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Object tracking through the atmosphere using adaptive optics
Author(s): Vidal F. Canales; Jose E. Oti; Daniel Munoz de Juana; Manuel Perez Cagigal
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Configurable adaptive optical system for imaging of ground-based targets from space
Author(s): Brian K. McComas; Edward J. Friedman; R. Brian Hooker; Michael A. Cermak
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Comparison of phase reconstruction algorithms when branch points are present
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Andrey V. Falits
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Limitations of adaptive control efficiency due to singular points in the wavefront of a laser beam
Author(s): Feodor Yu Kanev; Vladimir P. Lukin; Nailya Makenova
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Compensation of atmospheric turbulence with the use of two-mirror adaptive system
Author(s): Feodor Yu. Kanev; Nailya Makenova; Vladimir P. Lukin
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Influence of turbulent fluctuations of refractive index on PSF
Author(s): Fedor V. Shugaev; Evgeni N. Terentiev; Ludmilla S. Shtemenko; Elena A. Bratinkova
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Genetic algorithm design of neural network wavefront predictors
Author(s): Peter J. Gallant; George J. M. Aitken
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New elements and schemes for holographic correction in mid-IR
Author(s): Vladimir A. Berenberg; Vladimir Yu Venediktov; Nikolay N. Freygang; Yury Petrushin; Larisa P. Amosova; Nina I. Pletneva; Mark T. Gruneisen
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