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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology IV
Editor(s): Manfred Owe; Guido D'Urso; Leonidas Toulios

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Volume Number: 4879
Date Published: 17 March 2003

Table of Contents
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Hyperspectral remote sensing for the monitoring of plant parameters of maize (Zea mays)
Author(s): Natascha Oppelt; Wolfram Mauser
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Characteristics of AVIRIS bands measurements in agricultural crops at Blythe area, California: III. Studies on Teff grass
Author(s): Safwat H. Shakir Hanna; Michael D. Rethwisch
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Assessing land-use/land-cover mapping of agricultural area using high-resolution satellite data and GIS techniques
Author(s): Majid Ghiassi Far
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Cereals discrimination based on spectral measurements
Author(s): Leonidas Toulios; Alexia Tournaviti
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Use of ETM+ thermal band to identify irrigation patterns in the Aral Sea basin, Kazakhstan
Author(s): Paraskevi Perdikou; Christopher Clayton; Diofantos Hadjimitsis
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Establishment of man-made forest management system for energy use by using Landsat/TM imagery
Author(s): Hiroki Tanikawa; Atsushi Nakashima; Motoharu Fujigaki; Masafumi Miwa; Tatemasa Hirata
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Optical and fluorescence properties of corn leaves from different nitrogen regimes
Author(s): Elizabeth M. Middleton; James E. McMurtrey III; Petya K. Entcheva Campbell; Lawrence A. Corp; L. Maryn Butcher; Emmett W. Chappelle
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Ground profile sensing by radar for harvesting applications
Author(s): Marcus Bergmair; Hartwig W. Thim; Christian G. Diskus; Erich Kolmhofer; Markus Baldinger
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Crop and range alert system in the U.S. northern Great Plains
Author(s): Santhosh K. Seelan; Ofer Beeri; David Baumgardner; Grant Casady; Soizik Laguette; George Seielstad
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Relative time NDVI mosaics as an indicator of crop growth
Author(s): Igor Yu. Savin; Thierry Negre
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Evaluating agricultural and nonagricultural carbon fixation over India using remote sensing data
Author(s): Ramesh S. Hooda; D. G. Dye; Ryosuke Shibasaki
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Spectral signature and temporal variation in spectral reflectance: keys to identify rubber vegetation
Author(s): D.V.K Nageswara Rao; A. I. Jose; A.V.R. Kesava Rao
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ROCSAT-2 spectral reflectance experiments using local three-end-member spectral mixed model in Taiwan
Author(s): Chih-Li Chang; Chi-Nan Wu; Tzu-Yi Liao; Chiuder Hsiao
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Use of semi-empirical and radiative transfer models to estimate biophysical parameters in a sparse canopy forest
Author(s): Mirco Boschetti; Roberto Colombo; Michele Meroni; Lorenzo Busetto; Cinzia Panigada; Pietro Alessandro Brivio; Carlo Maria Marino; John R. Miller
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Comparisons among normalized vegetation indices for the determination of LAI
Author(s): Luca Bernasconi; Ivan Pippi; Sabrina Raddi
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Fire risk mapping using satellite imagery and ancillary data: toward operationality
Author(s): Hugo Carrao; Sergio Freire; Mario R. Caetano
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ASTER thermal infrared observations over New Mexico
Author(s): Thomas J. Schmugge; Andrew French; Frederic Jacob; Kenta Ogawa; Jerry Ritchie; Mark Chopping; Al Rango
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Multifrequency ground-based radiometer and in-situ measurements of soil moisture at high temporal resolution
Author(s): Katrin Schneeberger; Christian Stamm; Christian Maetzler; Hannes Fluehler; Eberhard Lehmann; Jochen Willneff
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Surface parameter retrieval at global scales by Microwave
Author(s): Manfred Owe; Richard A. M. De Jeu
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Two surface temperature retrieval methods compared over agricultural lands
Author(s): Andrew French; Thomas J. Schmugge; Frederic Jacob; Kenta Ogawa
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Derivation of a global soil moisture and vegetation database from passive microwave signals
Author(s): Richard A. M. De Jeu; Manfred Owe
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Estimating soil hydraulic properties from time series of remotely sensed and in-situ measured topsoil water content
Author(s): Christian Stamm; Katrin Schneeberger; Hannes Fluehler; Christian Maetzler
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Turbulence-induced spatial variation of surface temperature in high-resolution thermal IR satellite imagery
Author(s): Lee K. Balick; Christopher A. Jeffery; Bradley G. Henderson
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Seasonal dynamics and stem volume retrieval in boreal forests using JERS-1 backscatter
Author(s): Maurizio Santoro; Jan Askne; Leif Eriksson; Christiane C. Schmullius; Andreas Wiesmann; Johan Fransson
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Method and device for remote sensing of vegetation
Author(s): Svetlana M. Kochubey; Panos M. Pardalos; Vitaliy A. Yatsenko
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Analysis of forest biomass variation in the Amazon and its influence on the response of P-band SAR polarimetric data
Author(s): Joao Roberto dos Santos; Luciana Spinelli de Araujo; Corina da Costa Freitas; Luciana de Souza Soler; Fabio F. Gama; Luciano Vieira Dutra
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Application of hyperspectral remote sensing in plant classification
Author(s): Fengli Zhang; Fengjie Yang; Yuqing Wan
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Assessment of hyperspectral imaging system for poultry safety inspection
Author(s): Bosoon Park; Kurt C. Lawrence; William R. Windham; Doug P. Smith
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Monitoring thermal status of ecosystems with MODIS land-surface temperature and vegetation index products
Author(s): Zhengming Wan
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Estimating above-ground biomass using lidar remote sensing
Author(s): Kevin S. Lim; Paul Treitz; Ian Morrison; Ken Baldwin
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Spatial and temporal analysis of the physiological state of the Yatir forest with respect to drought years
Author(s): Anat Volcani; Arnon Karnieli
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Linear spectral mixture model as a tool for monitoring deforestation and timber exploitation in the Brazilian Amazon
Author(s): Joao Roberto dos Santos; Yosio E. Shimabukuro; Valdete Duarte; Paulo Mauricio Lima de Alencastro Graea; Patricia Guedes da Silva
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Remote sensing investigation of the Tunguska explosion area
Author(s): Giuseppe Longo; Mario Di Martino
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Relationship between leaf temperature and photosynthetic ratio of cherry tree
Author(s): Atsushi Nakashima; Yasushi Ogura; Motoharu Fujigaki; Hiroki Tanikawa; Masafumi Miwa
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Follow-up and modeling of the land use in an intensive agricultural watershed in France
Author(s): Samuel Corgne; Johann Barbier; Laurence Hubert-Moy; Gregoire Mercier; Basel Solaiman
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Mapping vegetation of a wetland ecosystem by fuzzy classification of optical and microwave satellite images supported by various ancillary data
Author(s): Krystyna Stankiewicz; Katarzyna Dabrowska-Zielinska; Maryla Gruszczynska; Agata Hoscilo
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Reflectance calibration of focal plane array hyperspectral imaging system for agricultural and food safety applications
Author(s): Kurt C. Lawrence; Bosoon Park; William R. Windham; Chengye Mao; Gavin H. Poole
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Landsat/IKONOS applied to water quality monitoring in the south of Portugal
Author(s): Maria Teresa Folgo A Batista; Alexandra Contreiras Colaeo; Sofia Gouleo Capelo; Jose Manuel Branco de Mascarenhas
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Estimating leaf area index in coniferous and deciduous forests in Sweden using Landsat optical sensor data
Author(s): Lars Eklundh
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Evaluation of change in rice cropping in the marginal zone
Author(s): Katsuo Okamoto; Hiroyuki Kawashima
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Characterization of wheat grow conditions by visible and NIR reflectance
Author(s): Michal Raz; Arnon Karnieli; David Bonfil
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Detecting and monitoring aquacultural patterns through multitemporal SAR imagery analysis
Author(s): Giuliana Profeti; Carlo Travaglia; Roberto Carla
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Analysis of bidirectional reflectance effects on 20 years of AVHRR NDVI data for agricultural regions in Ukraine and Russia
Author(s): James McManus; Menas Kafatos; Gilberto A. Vicente; Long S. Chiu; Jianhe Qu; Ruixin Yang
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Comparison of relative errors in snow maps in North America and Eurasia in 2001-2002
Author(s): James L. Foster; Dorothy K. Hall; R. E. J. Kelly; Alfred T. C. Chang; J. Y. L. Chien
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Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)
Author(s): Thomas J. Schmugge; Michael J. Abrams; Anne B. Kahle; Yasushi Yamaguchi; Hiroyuki Fujisada
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